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Digital logging of the transfer and return of rental vehicles

Special features:

– Claims management
– Creation of protocols with signature

SIMILAR to C-Cheq App

The App of young drivers who ensure!
WellDRIVE is an Auto “Young Offer” from the Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurances, intended for young drivers.This program supports and rewards them. Thanks to a box present in the car, WellDRIVE analyzes the driving behavior, the rating, and provides advice adapted to improve behavior at the wheel. A good score allows you to be rewarded every 6 months with transfers ranging from € 15 to € 50, in addition to the other benefits of the program to be discovered at the Poitiers Mutual Agency.
Use the app to access all the features of tagCAIXA
Welcome to your new way of making payments!With tagCAIXA you avoid queues at tolls, parking lots, gas stations, car washes and partner drive-thrus. Accepted throughout the network Without Stopping!Use the app to access all of the CAIXA tag features:• Activate your CAIXA tag.• Compare fuel prices at filling stations.• Find all locations and establishments that accept CAIXA tag.• Calculate the cost of tolls and fuel for a trip.• See your expenses in real time• Access invoices and duplicate slips
With Autolog, claiming business miles accurately each month becomes a pleasure.
Autolog Mileage Log is a Plug 'n Drive GPS device is preferred by more than 50.000 users around the globe. Autolog automatically logs all your trips and gives you full access to trip information and reports via a fully secure personal account. Key features of Autolog include: AUTOMATIC LOGGING OF TRIPS• All trips are registered automatically by the Plug'n'Drive GPS device• Reimbursement and local tax rules automatically applied to trips • Ability to manually edit, add or merge trips MILEAGE LOG APP WITH HARDWARENever worry about remembering to record your trips againeverything is recorded 100% automatically by the Autolog Plug'n'Drive GPS device ensuring you record all your trips without decreasing your phone's battery life.TAX COMPLIANT REPORTSAutolog comes fully equipped with ready to print PDF and Excel reports easily sent directly to bookkeeping to claim your reimbursement. We regularly update our system with local tax rules and reimbursement rates.SECURE ONLINE ACCOUNTWe store your trips in a secure personal portal account which you can access to view your trips and track your mileage logs as well having the opportunity to export your..
Get the petrol and diesel prices of various states, districts of India.
Get the petrol and diesel prices of various states, districts of India along with the price historyNo ads. Free App.
Chevrolet New Aveo Sonic Offline Handbook Application
Chevrolet New Aveo Sonic Offline Handbook Application-Photo gallery-Technical Features Table-Donation Table-DTC Codes and Explanations-Code 89 (Error Code)-Periodic Care Products-Color Codes-Usage Guides-Service Maintenance Guide* DtcFix PRO Application developed to view and delete Error Codes in full details!
SchneiderSR supports realtime video playback and control of your Schneider DVR
Control your SchneiderSR in-car Digital Video Recording system from your Phone or Tablet.- Video On Demand: Play and download recorded video to your phone.- Live View: Real-time video playback- Settings for Video GPS, Motion detection, Audio and more.
Be ONE with ALVA A safer, smarter, smoother ride with ALVA Mobile App
Be ONE with ALVA A safer, smarter, smoother ride with ALVA Mobile App, Check bike charging status Unlock your bike remotely with a touch View insights on your riding stats and behaviour Trigger 24/7 emergency roadside assist, Share Bike Access with Your Trusted Family and Friends, Find ALVA Power Stations Near You
Logistics and alarmist satellite integrated
Logistica satellitare con storico ed elenco tragitti, allarmistica satellitare personalizzabile con funzione di centrale operativa su richiesta
This app is designed to work with Volvo DVR via WiFi connection.
The functions include:• View the video on preview or recording mode in real time.• Download the recorded video or photo from Volvo DVR to phone.• Playback recorded video file on phone.• Control and manage Volvo DVR settings via WiFi connection.• Support parking mode recording to provide video/ audio.• Support parking mode trigger message information.• Support snapshot function in recording mode.• Support tire-pressure monitoring system(TPMS) monitor.• Edit & share VOLVO DVR video on iPhone.
Touch control and proximity control of the vehicle are possible, and digital keys can be shared.
Genesis Digital Key is a service that allows you to open and start your car's door using NFC and Bluetooth communication on your smartphone.The Genesis Digital Key App provides features such as door lock / unlock, remote start, emergency alert, and trunk open via the vehicle's Bluetooth proximity control.You can also easily share your car keys with family and friends using the Genesis Digital Key App.[main function]Touch control-You can open the car door and start it without running the digital key app.-You can lock / unlock the door by touching the door handle while the smartphone screen is on.-When the smartphone screen is on, put it on the indoor authentication pad (wireless charger) and press the start button to start the vehicle.-However, if the screen lock is set (pattern, PIN, password, iris, fingerprint, etc.), it can be used after unlocking the screen.Proximity control-The digital key app allows you to control a variety of vehicles. The door can be locked / unlocked, remotely started, emergency alarm and trunk open and closed at a distance of about 10 meters.-Proximity control cannot be..
App for logging of risk transitions
Digital logging of the transfer and return of rental vehiclesSpecial features:- Claims management- Creation of protocols with signature


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