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With the DOCKIN app you can optimize the sound individually!
Note: The app is only compatible with the D FINE EVO (item number 16122) and the D PURE NC (item number 16098)!

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Plays Radio Iniciador - Yonkers, NY
Get listening to Radio Iniciador!Packed with great features:- Send Shoutoutsrecord your own message and send it to us- Get notified when your show is playing- Follow our social feeds in the app, never miss a post- Send in topic suggestions, ideas, birthday wishes and more…- Find new shows in our Program ScheduleRadio Iniciador app means more than just radio! Install now and get listeningThis application is the official, exclusive application for Radio Iniciador under an agreement between Radio Iniciador and Nobex Technologies.
Don't Forget To Listen To Sebene Kali Like This
Mashabiki Wa Mondi Wote Hii Sio Yakukosa
Simple application for easy access and listen to Radio Spiritualist.
Rádio Espírita is headquartered in Atlanta, GAUSA. The initiative of Spiritists who work in the movement to spread Spiritism in the United States arose. The purpose of Rádio Espírita is to promote responsible Spiritism, disseminating quality content such as music, lectures, spiritist messages and studies 24 hours a day. The Spiritist Radio seeks to serve the Brazilian Spiritists who live in the USA, but it reaches anywhere in the world, and everyone is very welcome. The Spiritist Radio also serves as a source of experience for the dissemination work in English and it was from the experience gained in this work that Spiritist Radio, the 100% English channel that also transmits Spiritist content 24 hours in this language, emerges. Everyone who dedicates themselves to the work of Rádio Espírita is a volunteer who believes in the ideal of spreading the consolation and clarification that Spiritism provides us. Thanks to everyone who supports us!NEW APPLICATIONNew look, new audio control and several functionalities.We created this simple application with the objective of facilitating access to listen to Rádio Espírita (formerly Rádio Espírita Atlanta)..
Official Ali jita App for audios and videos songs
Ali Jita is essentially an Hausa music recording studio. The app connects up-and-coming songwriters, composers and producer to professional session musicians, session singers movie maker and producer and audio engineers .CEO & co-founder Ali Jita Musical Studio, a former self-made songwriter and music producer himself, said, “I created this platform to help my songs views and my pans to listing to my music and my videos new albums and old and more easy.”This app is the perfect way to connect me and with other pursuing artists to enjoy my songs and my artists friends.
Panamanian Folk Music using traditional instruments.
Mediante este Apps Ud. podrá disfrutar de la Música Folklórica Panameña utilizando los instrumentos tradicionales. La Música folclórica de Panamá, tiene un desarrollo de mestizaje, con influencia española, africana e indígena. En el canto tradicional panameño es infaltable la saloma, la utilización de maracas y flautas, denominadas en las distintas regiones como "pitos" que son provenientes de los nativos americanos panameños. Una característica de los ritmos de la Musica de Panama, es su celeridad que le da un tono festivo y alegre.La música de Panamá es cantada comúnmente en el siguiente formato:La voz principal (cantalante) entona la melodía y marca el compás cantando un estribillo seguida por el cajero y otros tambores que se suman a la voz; posteriormente entra el coro repitiendo el mismo estribillo cantado por la cantalante principal, posteriormente la cantalante pasa a cantar un frase corta o una estrofa larga y de nuevo vuelve el coro a repetir el estribillo inician mientras una especie de diálogo cantado entre la cantalante.La música de Panama es diferente en cada provincia y está ligado a la influencia foránea.Existen muchos..
Enjoy Syubbanul set sholawat Muslims who complete and updated Offline
The Latest Tunable Muslim Sholawat Sholawat Sholawat is a collection of hundreds of melodious chanting and solemn songs of Islamic religion, qasidah, nasheed, hadroh and the complete Prophet's Sholawat, the best and the latest by Syubbanul Muslimin. The Latest Offline Melodious Muslim Sholawat Syolbanul Offline application contains a collection of Syubbanul Muslim prayer which are well-known among students on the island of Java. Syubbanul Muslimin is an Assembly based in the Nurul Qodim Kalikajar Islamic Boarding School Paiton Probolinggo and cared for by KH. Hafidzul Hakim Noer.Sholawat Syubbanul Muslim Meldu Latest Offline, among others:Love Letter to the ProphetSantri Not an ArtistLove In IstikharohCome on Mondok Version of Gus AzmiCome on Move On Version of Gus AzmiKerrongah AtehAssubhubadaLet Us Write SomethingYes Hayati RuhYes Habibal QolbiAbatasa Reaper VersionAhmad Ya HabibiAjmala DzikroAlfatihah for youAnnabi Shollu AlaihAstagfirullah Indonesian Kelangan VersionAstagfirullah Madura Language Kelangan VersionHeaven's AngelIf you loveCheck Robika Men's SoundWrong Version of Sosmed FeverEcho Takbir Akbar Hadroh VersionHalal Bi Halal Bani Arbina And Bani HasyimHayyul HadiI miss motherInnal Habibal Musthofa Taqwa VersionMy wife you are the queen of my heartWe Come Wishing LoveKhobbiriKunta RohimanCollection.. - Red-whiskered bulbul sound ringtones
Red-whiskered bulbul sound for free, easy to use.App Features:- Play/Stop, random sound- Offline- Favorites- Auto replay- Set as ringtone, notification and alarm clock.
Download Now And Enjoy MJ All Ringtones
MJ All RingtonesThis app contains ringtones of MJ.This app very simple and easy to use.This app can use without internet connection.Download and enjoy this app.Thankyou.
Radio Onda Cero ... I Activa!
Onda Cero Radio LiveSurprises you with the best music and news from your favorite artists. Have fun with our people and competing in the web Activate now!Radio Onda CeroI Activa!
Radio The Power Fm online "a Radio at your level"
RADIO ONLINE, the best music on the best radio on the Web us) +54 260 433-5621
DOCKIN Sound tuning app for D FINE EVO (16122) and D PURE NC (16098)
With the DOCKIN app you can optimize the sound individually!Note: The app is only compatible with the D FINE EVO (item number 16122) and the D PURE NC (item number 16098)!


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Doesn't work with Mi10T, tho works with Mi5S and I find it useful 🙄
Dear Dmitrii! Thank you so much for taking the time to review our app. I'm really sorry that you had issues with it. Please contact here: I'm sure we'll find a solution together :-) Best regards from Berlin, Andree from DOCKIN


Ich habe Bluetooth aktiviert, aber es sagt immer, es muss erst aktiviert werden. So nicht zu verwenden 🤷🏻