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mix dich glücklich App DESCRIPTION

Welcome to the “mix dich happy” app!

Here you will find over 1500 creative recipes for the Thermomix® and there are more every day!

For all recipes, if possible, there is always a vegetarian and vegan version as well as the version for meat eaters.

A new weekly schedule appears every week with recipe suggestions from Monday to Sunday.

Every day there is a “recipe of the day”. This always appears on the home page with the latest recipes, so you never miss anything. The activated push notification also shows you as soon as something new has appeared in the app.

The recipes can be found very clearly in various categories – the main dishes are also subdivided into noodle dishes, potato dishes, rice dishes, soups & stews, all in one dishes, express recipes, Asian recipes, recipes from the oven …. etc., so that you can find exactly what you want!

NEW: You can now save your favorites! These can then be found directly in your favorites list in the respective categories. For example, if you are looking for your favorite main course with pasta, you can find it in the favorites list under Main courses> Pasta.

NEW: From now on you can share the recipe links directly via the menu item “Share page”.

You can use the search function to search for recipes or ingredients, alternatively you can find all recipes in alphabetical order in the A-Z register. There is also a large selection of recipes for non-food recipes (DIY cosmetics & wellness, DIY cleaning agents, etc.) including shopping tips for special ingredients.

You can write comments under the recipes if you have questions about preparation, ingredients, etc. – you will get an answer within 24-48 hours.

NEW: You can print the recipes via the menu item “Open externally”, then the browser opens and you can click on “Print page” in the browser and select and print the desired pages.

NEW: You can open notes on Amazon products directly in the Amazon app using the “Open externally” function

Every recipe begins with a little story that relates to the recipe, so you will always find out a few personal details from the life of Amelie, who is behind “mix dich happily”.

The app does not contain any annoying pop-up advertising, only a consistent banner placement that DOES NOT interfere with cooking with the smartphone or tablet.

The app requires internet access via the mobile data network or WiFi.


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