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German Dictionary App DESCRIPTION

Key features
▸ Over 160,000 German words
▸ Inflection tables with all word forms
▸ Translations, synonyms, meanings and grammar
▸ Example sentenses to show usage
▸ Games for learning grammar with progress
▸ Words are classified in levels A1 to C2+
▸ See:

▸ Search more than 160,000 German words and forms
▸ All words like verbs, nouns, adjectives, articles, adverbs

▸ Get grammar for each word
▸ Search for forms and translations
▸ Highlight steem and endings
▸ Group words into multiple collections
▸ Speech output of forms (normal, slow)
▸ Landscape mode with split screen
▸ Regular and irregular words
▸ Remember recently viewed words
▸ Directly show forms via share function
▸ Dark and light theme

Translations of important words
▸English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Farsi, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Bosnian, Japanese, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Macedonian, Hebrew, Slovenian , Dutch, Norwegian, Catalan, Belarusian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Basque, Urdu

▸ Sentences shows usage of words and forms
▸ Important sententes are translated into many languages

Search lists
▸ Main and basic forms
▸ Grammar
▸ Translations
▸ Example sentences
▸ Usages

Inflection tables
▸ Moods: indicative, subjunctive, imperative
▸ Infinitive, infinitive with ‘zu’, participle
▸ Tenses: present, past, perfect, pluperfect, futur
▸ Case: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative
▸ Numerus: plural, singular
▸ Genus: feminine, masculine, neutral
▸ Comparision: positive, comparative, superlative

▸ Grouped descriptions of the meaning
▸ Templates for usage
▸ Translations
▸ Thesaurus: synonyms and antonyms

App languages
▸ English, Russian, Arabic, French, Turkish, Spanish, Persian, Farsi, Portuguese, Indonesian, Czech


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After the last update. when clicking on the sound icon, the word get highlighted instead.
Danke für Ihren Hinweis. Wir arbeiten bereits an einer Behebung des Problems und liefern in Kürze eine neue Version aus. Viele Grüße, Andreas von Netzverb


Hard to imagine what else need this app. Ziemlich toll


One of the best online german dictionaries out there. Straight to the point and with bountiful information. Danke für deine Hilfe mit meine Ausbildung!


I love this app soo much, Good and easy everything in one place .. I bought the Pro Ver. :)) good job


Great app to look up conjugations quicly with examples and explanations


Very useful app and give meaning of a word in all ways whether in term of verb, noun, adjective etc. But sometimes doesn't able to provide meaning of some words hope this issue will resolve


It has some problems when You try to share words from other apps. It doesn't work always, You have to let the German Dictionary in a determined state (focus in the search field, browser). It is not as good as It could be. I aggre with other review about how horrible It is that You cannot select, share, copy any word within the app. An dictionary is an app that needs above all other apps exchange of words between the dictionary and other apps You use, e. g., between the app and Google Translate.
Danke für diesen Hinweis. Wir haben in den letzten Wochen daran gearbeitet. Die aktuelle Version ermöglicht Kopieren und Teilen an vielen Stellen im Wörterbuch. Auch ist es möglich markierten Text an die konfigurierten Web-Ressourcen zu senden. Viele Grüße, Andreas von Netzverb


This is the best dictionary app ever. I'm in love with it. It's so practical and helpful. I'm grateful that this app is free.


The best one there is! Seems like you have totally nailed it. I've been looking for a dictionary with these exact features and presentation and luckily I've found it. Danke sehr für diese tolle App!


This app is totally good, but there are some weak points in its design. 1. The word collection isn't so strong to be used as a Leitner box to learn the new words. I wish there was a built-in Leitner box system in this app by which any user could make his/her own personal word collection. 2. this app doesn't let to copy/paste the contents. 3. The offline version's vocabulary is limited to B1 level which isn't enough. Because of these reasons I think the Pro version isn't still worthy to buy.


It gives alot of information about the word, type of word, gender of word, sample sentence,...


This is the best German disctionary I've had so far.


Helps me a lot to understand the meaning of a word and when it will be used❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Best German dictionary for Android I've seen. It has all information about a word you might need and has a pretty good UI


There is a bug in the app you cannot hide the translation section completely


It is a good and perfect app to learn and practice. I recommend some changes: 1. Some of the keywords are missing and need to be upgraded. 2. Examples to be in all structures perfect tense, Past, present, future tense and with model verbs


Contains details of grammar which are nicely compressed. Long time I was looking for such thing.


A must to have application for all Deutsch learners. Really nothing can beat this apps in terms of features, interface and almost everything. All nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc with examples are present in it.


The best dictionary ever! It shows the articles of all the nouns, all the verb forms, the prepositions used for each verb, examples for each word, conjugations, and many more! Previously, I had to use several dictionaries to combine the functions, this one contains all that I need!


Nice one. I think this is the only app allow me to pratice, hear the word, see the verb forms in all present, past and past perfekt.
Tausend Dank!!! 🫶