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Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let Phatburn help you along the way. Introducing Phatburn, most comprehensive fitness platform with:

Check class schedules and opening hours
Track your daily fitness activities
Track your weight and other body metrics
Over 2000+ exercises and activities
Clear 3D exercise demonstrations
Preset workouts and the option to create your own
Over 150 badges to earn

Select workouts online and synchronize them with your app to workout at home or in the gym while keeping track of your progress. From strength to weightlifting, this app acts as your own personal trainer guiding and giving you the motivation you need.

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Home workout without equipment for men in English. Full Body, chest workout 💪
Free home workout for men is an amazing new application that allows all men to always keep fit through the best exercises at home with the most effective workouts for men that can be found all over the Internet, you will have access in the same way to the most popular diets that will make you get the best results in the shortest time possible thanks to these free home workouts for men. You will be able to start training with full body workouts, chest workout, legs workout with chest exercises to build muscleMost men nowadays are always looking to keep fit with the exercises at home for men without equipment, they know very well that to have great muscles you must follow a free home workout for men that will allow you to achieve good results with the passing of time and following the routines at home in a strict way while still wasting the days so that the progress is constant.To get the best workout at home for men for free 2020 our application is the best, since..
Personalized and instantaneous health risk mapping | Identify, correct, breathe
Lifextend identifies your health risks to ensure that they never become a problem→ 30 years of scientific documentation→ A multidisciplinary team (doctor, dietitian, nurse and high-level sportsman)→ Securing your personal dataThe only solution that will offer you an immediate mapping of your weaknesses and the means to remedy them !Improve your immunity, liver, nervous system, articulationEach program will relieve your daily life: personalized advice according to your needs.BECOME THE MOTOR OF YOUR HEALTHLifextend offers you the most complete and adapted personalized health prevention:1- Respond to our questionnaires by theme (environment, habits, jobs, stress, food)2- Discover an instant and personalized map of your weaknesses3- Consult the health program adapted to your risks4- Improve your life without effort or medication !5- Your personal data is stored on your phone, confidentiality guaranteed !BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELFAccidents of life, exhaustion, chronic fatigueA large number of daily worries can be avoided by clear and precise information on its weaknesses. Lifextend gives you the means to know your weaknesses and their causalities to be better prepared. Living your daily life to the full with..
Companion app for Samsung TizenOS smart watch face for monitoring glucose levels
Looking for more comfortable way how to monitor your glucose levels? If you have a Samsung TizenOS smart watch then this is the ideal app for you!G-Watch App consists of an Android mobile G-Watch Service application and companion Samsung smart watch face. G-Watch Service collects glucose values provided by 3rd party CGM applications and sends collected data to the watch. G-Watch watchface then displays received values to its user. Currently G-Watch App supports the following CGM mobile and web applications: Glimp, xDrip+, DiaBox, Juggluco, Dexcom app, AndroidAPS, Nightscout and Dexcom ShareThe appearance and behavior of G-Watch App native watch face is configured remotely from the G-Watch Service settings screen. Results are visible immediately after you send new configuration to the watch.The actual glucose range is indicated with glucose value color. You can also configure watch hands to indicate current glucose range. Colors for each range can be customized. Actual glucose range is also indicated on the Ambient watch screen if Ambient / AOD mode is turned on.Glucose levels thresholds for each range can be adjusted. Glucose units can be set..
Experience a personal training gym lesson that celebrities also attend at home! An app that changes the body line from the buttocks
"■美尻サロンはこんな方におすすめ!・人気パーソナルトレーナーのフィットネスレッスンを受けてみたい・1日10分で、理想のヒップラインを手に入れたい・在宅勤務で運動量が減り、体重が増えてきた・自己流で筋トレをしているけど、プロトレーナーに指導してほしい・太もも、お尻まわりなどの下半身を集中的に引き締めたい・トレーニングはしているけど、下半身のボディラインに効果がでない・仕事や家事で忙しくてフィットネスやジムに通う時間が無い・理想のヒップラインを手に入れて、ファッションを楽しみたい・ダイエットを続けるモチベーションが保てない・正しい姿勢でスクワットなどの筋トレにチャレンジして鍛えたい・トレーニング履歴や体重を記録管理して、レコーディングダイエットを始めたい・夏までに健康的なお尻と美脚を手に入れたい・最近、お尻が丸から四角になってきた!?■人気パーソナルトレーナー”岡部友”の完全監修による本格フィットネス動画多くの芸能人を「美尻」に導いたヒップアップのプロ岡部友が出演・監修!すべてのトレーニングは、岡部友本人が出演しポイントを解説する動画つき。【岡部友】ゆりやん・レトリィバァら多くの著名人・芸能人のボディメイク、トレーニングを担当し美尻に導いた「美尻の魔術師」女性らしく美しいボディラインを作るための著書多数、「プロフェッショナル 仕事の流儀」「タモリ倶楽部」「ドSトレーニング」等TV出演多数の美尻のカリスマ・SPICE UP FITNESS代表■美尻サロンなら、ダイエットを続けられる秘訣がいっぱい・1日10分から、ジムでも自宅でも会社でもすきま時間を利用して、いつでもどこでもフィットネス・岡部友流”体も心も鍛えるメッセージ”が毎日届いて、ダイエットのモチベーションアップ・美しい桃尻になるための全9週間トレーニングプログラム。1週目のプログラムは無料で何度でも繰り返し利用可能。■あなたの頑張った成果が目に見える!写真でログ機能「美尻サロン」アプリ内では、毎日のトレーニング履歴、自分の身体のサイズと体重、写真などを記録できるダイエットログ機能があります。数値のグラフ化はもちろん、Before/Afterの記録写真を合成してインスタや友達へシェアも可能!あなたのボディラインの変化にみんな驚くかも?■トレーニングをする時間を毎日お知らせする「リマインダー機能」忙しい人も大丈夫!リマインダー機能でトレーニング時間をしっかりお知らせして管理。岡部友の激励メッセージも一緒に届くから、トレーニングも続けられる。"
Reckeweg Pakistan | Pakistan's First Online Homeopathic Store
Reckeweg.pkPakistan First Online Homeopathic StoreReckeweg Germany is the world leader in homeopathic
BikeComputer Pro is possibly one of the best apps for cycling.
BikeComputer Pro is possibly one of the best apps for cycling. The Pro version contains all the features you need:✓ No login, no account necessary. All data remains on your device unless you decide to upload it. BikeComputer Pro is completely ad-free✓ Quality from Germany with personal email support✓ Support for Ant+/Bluetooth power meters, heart-rate, cadence, speed and temperature sensors✓ Share your activities via Strava, Komoot or other training platforms✓ Import Strava & Komoot routes✓ Easy route setup : create a route in a few steps ✓ Recalculation when you leave the route (BikeComputer Premium necessary)✓ You can use multiple offline map files simultaneously✓ Synchronisationplan a route on your tablet, synchronise and use it on your mobile✓ Turn-by-turn instructions : the app indicates you when to make a turn on your route✓ You can load turn-by-turn instructions also for imported GPX✓ Rotating map : the map follows your direction to have the upcoming area always on top✓ Audio Feedback – BikeComputer Pro informs you about your average speed, the current elevation, the remaining distance on trail, your climbing speed, your..
Happy Pregnancy -A Pregnancy App with baby pics,weights,timers,ovulation & more
Wish you a very Happy Pregnancy! Thanks for your phenomenal support and feedback for Happy Pregnancy Ticker which has made us to upgrade the app with more features, bringing it more closer to youWe sincerely hope that we have covered all your suggestions received through email & comments. For a quick look of the new features, kindly have a look at the screenshots. Expecting your kind support for Happy Pregnancy Ticker. Happy Pregnancy is a pregnancy tracker app designed for women expecting child birth. I have started this app as a hobby, especially for my wife who is pregnant, expecting our second child. Gradually, along with my friends, several features have been added to make it more suitable for the pregnant women. Features include1. Due Date Calculator 2. Statistics include Trimester Info, Fetal Age, Pregnancy Weeks, baby drawings & pregnancy stage info.3. Pregnancy weight gain estimator.4. Contraction Timer / Baby kicks.5. Discussion forum.6. Random facts.7. App Widget for your home screen.8. Schedule you Doctor Visit, Scan, Blood diagnosis, etc and make it appear in the app widget.9. Option to show..
The official app for Hans Christian Andersen Marathon
Den officielle app til H.C. Andersen Marathon
Improve your hand-eye skills easily.
Want to test and improve your memory? This is a memory exercise game for develop your memory. The game aims to improve memory for dementia or alzheimer's patients. * memory games for older adults* exercise your brain for better thinking skills* improve your memory and concentrationObserve and quickly tap the correct button.Improve your hand-eye skills easily.
Welcome to Spark Sport!
PLEASE NOTE: YOU NEED A Spark Sport ACCOUNT TO LOG IN THIS APP.Sports are even more fun with our Spark Sport app. Free to use for all our members! The ideal App for a fit and healthy life. Reach your goals and stay motivated with the new Spark Sport app. Schedule your workouts and let us get you started.With the Spark Sport app you can: View the schedules and plan your workouts Stay in touch with the Spark Sport communityChoose the training that suits you in the park or online via the real-time live stream training.
Welcome to Mariano Club App!
Please note you need a Mariano Club account to access this App. Every successful healthy journey starts with the professional knowledge base, comprehensive platform and right tools, this is it! Access your personalised plans, 3D exercise demonstration, track; your daily fitness activity, burned calories and intake, weight and body measurements and gain access to a health and fitness community. This app acts as one of our 24hr personal trainer guiding you anywhere and anytime while keeping track of your progress. It is active gear compatible, such as Fitbit and Apple Watch. Contact us to find out more also about our activity bands and how to sync them. You can sync this app with Apple Health App too. If you enable this connection, any workout in the Health app will automatically be added to your Activity Calendar.
Welcome to Personal training / fitness Sporty-x.
NOTE: YOU NEED A Sporty-X ACCOUNT TO LOG IN TO THIS APP.Exercise is even more fun with our Sporty-x Fitness app. You can create an account for € 9.99 / m or Free for all our members!The ideal App for a fit and healthy life. Reach your goals and stay motivated with the new Sporty-x app. Track your workouts and progress and let us get you started:With the Sporty-x app you can:* Follow Online Lessons* View the class schedules and opening hours of your club* Track your daily fitness activities* Enter your weight and other statistics and track your progress* View clear 3D demonstrations (contains more than 2000 exercises!)* Use many ready-made workouts* Compile your own workouts* Earn over 150 achievementsChoose the workout that suits you and start your ideal training: in the gym or at home. Keep track of your fitness performance from fitness to strength, from weight loss to group lessons: this App is your own Personal Trainer and gives you the motivation you need!
Welcome to Pro-Fitness Trainingsapp!
PLEASE NOTE: YOU NEED A PRO-FITNESS TRAINING APP ACCOUNT FOR ACCESS TO THE APP. (See mailbox) IF YOU ARE A MEMBER YOU WILL RECEIVE THIS FREE OF CHARGE BY MAIL!Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let Pro-Fitness Trainingsapp help you along the way. Introducing Pro-Fitness Training App, most comprehensive fitness platform with:Your training tailored by Pro-Fitness is included. Track your daily fitness activities Track your weight and other body values Over 2000+ exercises and activities Clear 3D exercise presentations From strength to weightlifting, this app acts as your personal pro-fitness trainer who accompanies and motivates you!
Welcome to training and nutrition system Asdrubal
• This application offers you a personalized service.• Your routine will be elaborated according to your personal objectives.• The eating plan is made based on your personal goals.• In this application your progress will be recorded as: weight, height, fat percentage, muscle mass.• In this application your daily calorie count will be recorded.
De Medisports Broertje app voor alle in & outs!
Handige app voor thuis voor alle in en outs van Medisports Broertje. Je aan- of afmelden voor een training, je persoonlijke voedingsschema bekijken of wat (fysio)oefeningen thuis doen? Het kan allemaal met deze app: - Rooster bekijken - Aan- en afmelden voor de training - Voedingstips - Je persoonlijke voedingsschema inzien - Fitnessoefening voor thuis bekijkenMedisports Broertje biedt begeleiding, training, aandacht en de combinatie van sport, fysiotherapie en voedingsbegeleiding onder één dak. Naast het sporten is er ook een eigen fysiotherapiepraktijk. Om de cirkel helemaal rond te maken zijn er voedingsconsulenten aanwezig die specialist zijn op het gebied van gezonde voeding. Liever alleen met een Personal trainer aan de slag? Ook dat is mogelijk!
Follow your sporting progress thanks to personalized coaching from UCPA Stadium.
Your application changes its name, but also its look!myEspacéo becomes My UCPA Stadium, with a revisited design in the colors of the UCPA Aqua Stadium brand of the UCPA association group.What's new in your app?1. New identity: Discover a brand new logo as well as a modern look, aiming to facilitate navigation and use of features.2. Customization: Make the app your own space by customizing the elements according to your preferences.3. Intuitive interface: The interface has been designed in a user-friendly way so that you can quickly find what you need.4. New feature: With My reservations, access in one click to all the courses in which you have registered.We reassure you, the various functionalities remain unchanged overall, you will find all the usual services of your applicationWe wish you a great discovery of your personalized connected coaching service.
Everything you need from your gym in one application!
Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let Gymnasium help you along the way. Introducing Gymnasium, most comprehensive fitness platform with:Check class schedules and opening hoursTrack your daily fitness activitiesTrack your weight and other body metricsOver 4000+ exercises and activitiesClear 3D exercise videosPersonal coachPreset workouts and the option to create your ownOver 150 badges to earnSelect workouts online and synchronise them with your app to workout at home or in the gym while keeping track of your progress. From strength to weight lifting, this app acts as your own personal trainer guiding and giving you the motivation you need.If you want constant updating, useful advice or motivation, follow us! Don't forget to send us your comments and suggestions to [email protected] to help us meet your requirements!PLEASE NOTE: YOU NEED A GYMASIUM ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THIS APP. IF YOU'RE A MEMBER GET IT FOR FREE AT YOUR GYM!
Welcome to TRENDYone Fitness!
PLEASE NOTE: YOU NEED AN ACCOUNT AT TRENDYONE FITNESS TO USE THIS APP. YOU GET ONE FOR FREE, IF YOU ARE A MEMBER. Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let TRENDYone Fitness help you along the way. Introducing the TRENDYone Fitness App, a most comprehensive fitness platform with: Many 3D-animated Workout Plans for every Goal Activity Tracking incl. Reports Progress Tracking (Weight, BMI, etc.) incl. Apple Health und Google Fit Wearables Club Infos and Community Chats Challenges and Benefits Nutrition Plans and Tracking (only for PREMIUM-Members) Course Schedule (only for PREMIUM-Members) Virtual Personal Coaching (only for PREMIUM-Members)
Download the Pilates Functional Gym Online app start your training plan.
Pilates Functional Gym Online is a training program of our Sports Medical Center, which aims to obtain the results you have always wanted in a short time. Live a healthier, fitter lifestyle and raise your daily energy level. This is the opportunity to start your plan.It is part of the Pilates Functional Gym Online movement. Achieve your personal goals, at your own pace and according to your physical shape. Let yourself be motivated by other affiliates, in groups, challenges, ranking. Your progress and results are guaranteed.Downloading and using Pilates Functional Gym Online is free. Get your training plan and more features with the Virtual plan, which is available by subscribing through the application. You can choose between subscriptions from 1 to 12 months.Pilates Functional Gym Online includes an extensive database of exercises, currently with more than 4,000 different exercises and many predefined workouts that you can perform on the street, work, home, gym or in our Sports Medical Centercharacteristics* Schedule your classes at our centers (venues)* Complete workouts for street, home, work and the gym* We create custom training routines*..

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