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Dinosaur games for kids over 3 years old is a collection of exciting educational games for toddlers, with which you can both develop memory, logical thinking and fine motor skills, as well as just have fun.
Dive into the world full of adventures! Educational games for kids offline is an opportunity to solve interesting puzzles, complete logic quests, participate in races and learn interesting things about the life of dinosaurs right on the screen of your smartphone without the Internet!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Features ⭐️⭐️⭐️

👶 8 entertaining mini-games for girls and boys 👦
Dinosaurs are already waiting for you! We present a big collection of mini-games for kids of 1,2,3,4,5+ yr to develop logic, color perception, shapes and numbers. In each game you are to play with different winged and tailed friends. Help them solve all the puzzles and complete the quests!

🐢 Pet care 🐍
Before you start playing educational games for kids with cute dinosaurs and animals, you need to put them in proper trim. Pat the dinosaur with a brush and feed it with fresh meat or juicy grass. Then your pet will be full of energy for fun!

🌠 Magic stars 💫
In each kid’s mini-game you have to fill the scale and earn stars. Collect them as much as possible and set records!

✨ Learn to solve colorful puzzles 🎨
Time to practice logical thinking! This educational kid’s game in which you will be able to try to put pictures of different dinosaurs together from small and large parts. Don’t confuse the head and tail! Put all the puzzle pieces in their places and see what will happen then!

🔸 Sort items by size 🔶
Help dinosaurs sort fruits into baskets. Develop fine motor skills by dragging the pictures of apples, pears and other fruits in the right direction, but remember: only large items fit in a large basket, and only small items in a small one!

🌺 Development of memory 🌻
Play a learning mini game for kids where dinosaurs will help train memory. You have to find pairs of identical pictures. Look for a few seconds at their correct placement on the stones, and then click to turn them over and see the image. Find all the pairs, remove all the stones from the field and collect the stars.

🎮 Simple interface and gameplay 👍
Our app is easy to use and you can play our educational games for kids independently as offline as online.

👀 Complete lack of ads 📺
Do not divert your attention to watching commercials.

Learning kid’s games about dinosaurs for the little ones will not let your babies get bored! We have prepared for your little ones an unforgettable fun activity that they will no have any desire to refuse.
Our dinosaur app is suitable for both toodlers and preschoolers. Already at 2-3 years olds, your baby will be able to train memory, logic and fine motor skills, as well as start learning fruit names, dinosaur names and numbers. Little kids will love playing cool educational games with colorful Jurassic dinosaurs!

Also, in-app purchases are available in the application, which are made only with the consent of the user.

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Even when you get all stars you can't advance in the game not good for kids as it's only one concept that doesn't allow children to explore
Hello! We see that you gave a low rating to the game. Are you having any difficulties in the game? Please write in more detail, we will try to help you.