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Practice Speaking English App DESCRIPTION

Introducing Talk Fluent’s 60-Day English Speaking Crash Course alongside our classic features! Dive into engaging real-world scenarios and master conversational English faster than ever. Become conversation-ready and confidently handle any speaking situation.

🌍 Key Features:

1️⃣ 60-Day Speaking Crash Course: Embark on a step-by-step journey to enhance your English speaking skills. From daily routines to philosophical discussions, practice and perfect your fluency through diverse scenarios.

2️⃣ Immersive AI Conversations: Engage in realistic conversations with AI-powered native speakers. Practice speaking in various contexts, from ordering at a restaurant to casual chit-chat, making your experience superior to Duolingo.

3️⃣ Listen & Learn: Sharpen your listening skills. Familiarize yourself with different accents, dialects, and speech patterns, setting you up for genuine conversations.

4️⃣ Grammar Guru: Grasp grammar rules, expand your vocabulary, and refine sentence structures with real-time feedback. With Talk Fluent, you’re not just learning; you’re living the language.

Discover the Talk Fluent advantage and soar in your language learning quest, providing a richer experience than Duolingo with our unparalleled conversational practice!


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I have encountered several technical issues that have impacted my experience. The history of my conversations doesn't always appear and can't continue the conversation, and neither does the evalution of the conversation or the evaluation of the chat. Additionally, there is no pause button, which makes it challenging to stop and review parts of the conversation while it's happening Also no Arabic translation. I'm frustrated and I cancelled my subscribtion.


A very very good app for language learners like us. I like it so much 🥰


I just installed the app and I saw that you couldn't get any where without paying. Edit: Sorry about that, I guess I mistaken it for something else. I'll give this app another chance.
With all due respect, this is not true. You can use all the features without paying, although in limited amounts. You can also try the Premium membership with a 3-day trial.


Very bad. The speakers have no American accent option, so the app is useless.
We had no requests for American accent yet, but we put it in the app just for you.


I love the design and the bot talking to us


I wish that you guys increase the number of free chats


This is one of the best apps I've ever tried I highly recommend it.


Hey,its not good to want money in educational apps


Excellent English learning apps


I love this app!Now I can practice my speaking with it.


Its the best English learning AI, I am impressed


It has necessary functions what I need. And I can practice a lot of different languages. And the subscription fee is super cheaper than other apps.
Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at if you have any ideas.


The best totally free app for conversation with IA


Thank you for making the app work again. Now I will be able to practice and improve my speaking thanks to this wonderful app
Thanks for the kind words, unfortunately we ran out of money, thats way we had to stop. Please consider donating inside the app, so the app can run normally again. Thanks for your understanding Kristof - co-funder


Great experience not only for English speaking practice you can ask any kind of questions and it will give correct answer, I have learned a lot of things.
Thank you for your appreciative words.


Thanks man who built this app . I was trying to find a app which could assist me to upgrade my english. And now i can learn more advance english. So thanks to you
We are very happy you like the app, please consider giving some ideas and feedback for us inside the app.


Wow! Very useful app. I was looking for such a nice app for a long time. Clean ui. But very slow response. Talking too fast.
Hi Azadur, Thanks for your honest feedback! Can you elaborate on the 'Slow response'? Does the AI take a long time to respond to your answer? When you say talking too fast, do you mean talking faster than a human? Would you like a feature where you can set the talking speed to a slower speed?


For years I was looking for such kind of app, thank God I found it.
Wow, that is really good to hear. It means a lot :) Please make sure to provide feedback in the app. It makes it easier for us to improve the app for you.


Overall Great but It would be appreciated if you add other login methods like Email.
Hi Rahul, we are glad you like our application. Thanks for the honest feedback :) We are currently working on the email login, as well as the Facebook login. We are open to other suggestions!


Satisfying yet. No adds, no subscription notifications, no unpleasant surprises and no learning boundaries.
We are very happy you like the application.