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Catálogos y ofertas de Ecuador App DESCRIPTION

Our application “Catalogs, discounts and offers of Ecuador” shows you all the current catalogs of small and large chain stores in Ecuador, and not only supermarkets and construction stores, but also electronic, fashion, toy, computer stores , pharmacies and much more. We have even included most of the local stores. Do you want to select a store as a favorite? You can do it easily by clicking on the heart. In this way, you will always be the first to find out about current promotions in your favorite stores, and you will be able to create a practical compilation of all your favorite catalogs.

Are you looking for promotions on a specific item or product? You can find it quickly by selecting it in the menu of our application. In this way, you will see in a simple way, where the item can be found in the catalog, at what price and for how long the offer is still valid. Usually, it is possible to select the item from the catalog with a single click, after which you can easily place your order from the virtual store. Of course, you can also save special offers using our save function at the bottom of the browser. This way you will find them again quickly to consult them in the future or you can also compare them with other special offers.

Why choose the application “Catalogs, discounts and offers of Ecuador”?
– The largest selection of catalogs in Ecuador, including all catalogs!
– THE catalog app for cell phone or tablet
– Always the latest catalogs, the first to be available online
– National and regional catalogs
– Option to select new catalogs, popular catalogs, catalog tips or expiring catalogs.
– View catalogs by category or store, or choose a theme
– All your favorite catalogs together in one clear overview
– Also view magazines, brochures, catalogs or lookbooks
– Save promotions and make your own shopping list
– Access to the addresses of the stores available near you, which are open AT THIS MOMENT.

The 5 best stores:
– the offers of the recent Akí catalogs
– Supermaxi – Catalogs, Offers and Promotions
– Offers from recent Artefacta catalogs
– TVentas – Catalogs, Offers and Promotions
– Offers from the recent Supermercados Ferrisariato catalogs

Black Friday: Blackfriday promotions with special Black Friday flyers with Black Friday offers.
Halloween: You can also find in our category of
Christmas: In our Christmas category you will find an overview of all the stores that pay attention to this topic and have special Christmas offers or publish a Christmas brochure or magazine. Think supermarkets with a Christmas magazine full of Christmas recipes or DIY stores and garden centers with Christmas accessories.

Since we are independent, we can offer you all the catalogs, both nationally and locally, without restrictions. Our motivated team is online daily, aiming to be the first to post the latest catalogs for you. And since we don’t distribute any catalogs on paper, we are also the best for the environment! That means an advantage for the environment and an advantage for you.

Would you help us improve? Send us your comments, suggestions and questions to: Of course your review would also make us very happy.

The application is brought to you by; the most complete catalog site in Ecuador for a year. With all the catalogs, promotions, discounts and special offers, from A to Z, and many advantages and discounts for you


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