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【图】截图 0)【图】截图 1)【图】截图 2) App DESCRIPTION reduces food surplus in Romania, connecting food suppliers with consumers (currently only in 📍 Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca).

Through the mobile application, you have access to great offers from a multitude of partners. This way you manage not only to reduce food waste, but also the cost of food!


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So, very good idea but, for whatever reason, is seems harder to use that is should. My location cannot be saved so I enter the app every time and need to use the filter. Apparently is hard to search for places in it.


When I try to buy something, it doesn't let me introduce my card details, so I can't pay, thus I can't buy anything.
Bună, Ștefania! Ne poți scrie la care este adresa de mail asociată contului, pentru a putea investiga despre ce e vorba?


It lacks the possibility of viewing just the favorite places and what they offer. The filters aren't much help. Too few offers. It is not worth the trip, money and gas to go get the food.
Bună, Raluca! Ofertele locațiilor favorite nu sunt vizibile decât atunci când sunt active, fiindcă acestea nu au un meniu specific sau un stoc constant în Asigură-te că ai notificările activate. Ne poți da mai multe detalii despre zona în care ai vrea să ai mai multe oferte? Ne poți scrie la Mulțumim!


Useful app, great initiative. I mainly use it to try out fancy food at a decent price and reduce waste. I bookmarked places nearby I am interested in and it also helps a lot that I see the schedule of each place so I can assess if I can make it there in time. The only suggestion I have is for "surprise packs" to mention if the content is vegan/vegetarian or not. Some stores really keep it 100% a secret (Starbucks) and you might end up with a chicken salad.
Bună, Alex! Comercianții au la dispoziție eticheta ”Vegetarian” sau opțiunea semnalizării în titlu cu emoticonul ”🌱” în cazul celor vegane. Produsele vegetariene/vegane sunt întotdeauna marcate special, dacă nu este nimic menționat în acest sens, produsele NU sunt vegetariene/vegane. Din păcate, ponderea lor este mai mică în prezent.


Excelent work, intuitive interface, easy to use, nice accuracy for location
Mulțumim tare mult!


I am not an IT peep; but found this app very simple to use! Downloaded n made 1st purchase today. Will check the local offers on a regular basis.


The initiative is great, and the app works very well. I had a hiccup that I couldn't use the Up Dejun card, but it was fixed in the meantime. Overall a very nice experience, and the collaborators seem to give really good offers.
Mulțumim pentru feedback, Cătălin!


Edit #2: App now works, allowed Facebook login. Seems fast, intuitive, easy to use. Could use more filter & sort options. Original: App does not work. Facebook did not allow login for security reasons (which raised some red flags already) and using email + password the app got stuck. Edit #1: Android 11, Oxygen OS
Bună, Cristian! Ne pare rău că ai avut această experiență și am vrea să nu se repete cu niciun utilizator pe viitor. Ne poți spune, te rugăm, ce versiune de Android ai? Este foarte important să identificăm și soluționăm problema. Mulțumim pentru feedback!


Amazing app fighting against food waste and helping with your budget.
Mulțumim, Ina!


Awesome experience! Very intuitive, easy to use and quite awesome places to choose from. I like the concept and the food and the sweets are really good! Thank you a lot and keep it up, guys! XD
Uhu! Mulțumim, Gabriel!


The app won t let me sing up. After i m writing my email and password, it says i already have an account, but i don t. And if i go to forget password it says that is a problem and try again later. I installed 3 times the app, restarted the phone. So the problem is not from me.
Bună, Anca! Ne pare rău că ai această problemă. Am luat legătura cu dezvoltatorii și vor investiga cazul. Te anunțăm de-ndată ce avem informații.


Very happy that this app exists! I ordered something today just to see what's the process and support this cause, and i have a very important suggestion - the sellers should specify if the packs are vegetarian/vegan. The pack I got included meat which would probably benefit someone else more than it benefits me
Hello, Roxana! Thanks a lot for your support, we are happy to be of service. The sellers do have tags to categorize the products and the freedom to specify that in the product description. So, if not highlighted, it generally isn't the case that the product is vegan or vegetarian. However, there are partners who offer Vegan/Vegetarian meals.


Cannot signup as a purchaser, NOT A FOOD SUPPLIER...APP DOES NOT HAVE A PURCHASER SIGNUP PLACE...VERY FRUSTRATING, AS IT IS A GOOD IDEA, BUT IT DON'T WORK!!! This occurred today jan 14 friday at 9:40am
Hello, Jor! It's necessary to type in an email address and password and you will be registered as a purchaser. The app is for purchasers only. Food suppliers/restaurants have a separate onboarding process and a slightly different interface. If you're still experiencing issues, send us an email at with more details (screenshots).


This is an app only for Bucharest. The app is used by supermarkets to sell all sort of "surprise" packs. Surprises are not always pleasent. So is this app
Hello, Edy! Yes, the app is only for Bucharest at the moment. We will be expanding in other Romanian cities in 2022. Some of the partners do have generic packages in the app (particularly supermarkets), as it is the easiest and fastest way for them to list these items. There are other businesses that post more detailed offers, however. Thanks!


Great idea and the app works well, there are enough offers and I see more being added.
Thanks for the support, Vlad! More to come! 💪


The app works well ever since I have installed last week (nov 2021). I highly recommend it since it brings great value to the Romanian sociaty. I have used abroad apps like Too Good To Go. Looking forward to more companies joining!
Mulțumim, Alina! Lucrăm la asta necontenit. Verifică din când în când dacă sunt noutăți în aplicație sau adaugă locațiile de interes la Favorite, ca să fii notificată de fiecare dată când acestea postează ceva.


I wanted to use it but it doesnt work. I cannot register or navigate through the app. Bad app. Idk why they promote it at the TV. My Android version is 9. Galaxy S8
Hey, Andy! It was a mean little bug we managed to fix in under 20 min... we are not a bad app, promise! Do give us another chance! We have been up and running since last night just fine. Thank you!


Great to finally see this in Romania too! May it bloom! :) Unfortunately it does not work for me. I've tried to create an account and it appears at continuously loading. (Android version 10)
Mulțumim, Andreea! Din păcate am avut o problemă tehnică în intervalul orar 19:35 - 20:43 (16.11.2021). Am identificat-o instant și rezolvat-o cât de repede a fost cu putință, însă. Am fi recunoscători dacă mai dai aplicației o șansă. Mulțumim încă o dată!


Great to see an initiative like this in Romania. Big up ! The app is really user friendly!
Thanks a lot for the support! Let's do it, Romania!


Good reductions, great addresses. Recommand it!!!
Mulțumim! La cât mai multe!