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With the help of Celeon devices it is possible to remotely control electrical devices such as air heat pump, radiator, boiler, etc. With the help of Celeon, it is possible to save on electricity bills, as the equipment can be cleverly controlled based on electricity exchange prices.

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The new app for financing consultant with notifications of new leads.
received funding requests in real time and respond quickly to, anywhere, anytime with the BaufiManager app ImmobilienScout24. Personal requests and store requests are clearly displayed. More information on the financing request and communication features are available in the request details.The features include:- Use your usual access data for your BaufiManager- You can set alerts individually- Incoming requests are in your request list immediately visible- The request details will give you all the relevant information- Communicate quickly and easily with the requester by mail or telephone- Just put the status of the request- Just send assessment requirements to the requesterIf you have questions or comments about our app? Write directly to [email protected] are working intensively on other features of our residential mortgage app and look forward to your suggestions and ideas! What features would you like to have in the next version? Write your suggestions to: [email protected]
Application for finding real estate in Serbia predstavlja inovatini projekat na tržištu nekretnina u Srbiji, podjednako namenjen svim njegovim učesnicima. Osnovni cilj ovog sajta jeste da se uspostavi laka i sigurna komunikacija između prodavaca/stanodavca i potencijalnih kupaca/zakupaca nekretnina, bazirana na obostranom poverenju.Naša ideja je da se promoviše rad agencija i agenata kroz njihovo lično predstavljanje, oglašavanje, savetovanje i druge vrste promotivnih akcija. Na ovaj način se ostvaruje prisnija veza između prodavaca/stanodavca i potencijalnih kupaca/zakupaca i povećava šansa za uspešan dogovor. Takođe, ovaj koncept pomaže vlasniku da odabere odgovarajućeg agenta za prodaju svoje nije samo u vezi prodaje i izdavanja nekretnina! Ako želite da pronađete odgovarajući kraj grada za svoju porodicu ili novi posao, ako želite da saznate koje su prednosti i mane pojedinih krajeva, ili jednostavno želite da vidite šta se novo i zanimljivo dešava u Vašem krajumi smo tu za Vas!
Dien Quang Smart — Smart home control solution, safe and economical
Dien Quang Smart – Smart, safe and economical home control solution with outstanding features such as:· Intelligent control of electrical appliances such as lighting devices, switches, air conditioners, curtains, etc· Integrated safety incident alerts via cameras and wireless sensors: water, gas leak sensors, smoke detectors, etc.· Integrated control via Vietnamese voice with Maika smart speaker, Google virtual assistant, etcUse 2 layers of security with End-to-End encryption technology· Works even without an Internet connection· Simple control, easy installation and installation operation.If you need to delete your registered account, follow the instructions at:
LED lighting control your pool easily and quickly.
Controle la iluminación led de su piscina de una manera fácil y rápida.Complaq lite es una aplicación básica para poder controlar iluminarias led compatibles con los productos de la empresa COM-PLAQ.Adapte su proyecto con COMPLAQ lite a sus proyectos basados en microcontroladores Microchip(envíe consulta al correo publicado ).Mantenga presionado(5 seg) el botón ON/OFF para apagar o encender el dispositivo,presione el botón para cambiar las secuencias.
Control your Ecoforest pellet stoves easily
MyEco es la aplicación que te permite controlar los productos de pellets de la marca Ecoforest de una forma sencilla.
Universal TV remote is fast android TV remote used as all smart TV Remote
Welcome to the Free and Fast Universal TV RemoteTV Remote App Want to get such an android TV remote that helps to provide you free TV remote full feature in all countries and that are also able to control your TV with the help of IR and Wifi?Universal TV remote control helps you to use any android phone as a TV remote to control smart TV. The ease with smart TV Remote provides its users has been acknowledged and valued. TV Remote which is used as a controller for all smart TV is one of the best android TV remote used as a universal TV remote. I hope you have never ever seen such a fast TV remote 2022, and the features as well that are used in the TV remote. Android TV Remote control for all TVs If your smartphone contains IR (infrared), and Wi-fi Supported then just Simply synchronize thedevices over Bluetooth or link both TV and android phones with the same data network and get access. Are you still worried about most of the TV remotes that..
Ottomate Smarthome Application
Ottomate app is used to control & manage Ottomate's home appliances
Have your home in hand at anytime, anywhere for maximum comfort.
Wiser by SE App is your smart home assistant. It allows you to control and monitor your home at anytime from anywhere! Features:Device settings & control:The Wiser by SE App links with Schneider Wiser Hub and merges lighting, curtain, AC, TV/AV control devices with switches, sensors and alarms, into ONE App. You will have control of all devices in your home from the device control page on your Wiser by SE App. Other device settings can be changed from the App, like back light brightness and controlling the dimmer range. Moment setting & control:• Moment: You can select all devices and assign a preset status. With a single click, all selected devices will go to the preset status. Example: When you leave home, select the preset “Away” moment button to turn off all devices, when you get home select ‘Welcome’ to turn on devices, such a lights and AC. • Automation: Other than moment, you can use Wiser App to set hands-free automation. Example: when you open a door, lighting will automatically turn on, curtain will open and AC will..
Tekpaş Building and Facility Management Ltd. Şti. is a mobile application.
Tekpaş Building and Facility Management Ltd. Şti. is a mobile application.
Use the PSG Meesterplan App to request roadside assistance and windscreen claims
With the PSG Meesterplan App you can request roadside and towing from and initiate a windscreen claim from your phone. Contact PSG Meesterplan to get a policy with us today or for other policy enquiries
An app for controlling Celeon devices
With the help of Celeon devices it is possible to remotely control electrical devices such as air heat pump, radiator, boiler, etc. With the help of Celeon, it is possible to save on electricity bills, as the equipment can be cleverly controlled based on electricity exchange prices.


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