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Sesame Wall is the simplest signing device on the market. Enable signing points in your company without investing in expensive time control systems. Easy maintenance and installation that will save you many headaches.

Sesame is more than a workday registration system, it is a new concept. It is the HR suite that your company needs to take people management to another level. Therefore, it offers you all the facilities for the control of the work done by the people of your organization adapting to compliance with current legislation.

Thanks to Sesame Wall you can create all the signing points you want in your company. You just need a tablet or iPad where you can install it. You will have the possibility to place it on a stand stand or fixed on a wall. It is ideal to place at the entrance of the office, where everyone can sign when entering and leaving work. But you also have the possibility to install several in the different departments or areas of your office to improve the convenience of signings.

With Sesame Wall, employees will be able to register their entries and exits at work at the established signing points. In addition, they will also have the possibility to record the breaks made during the working day. To do this, employees should only enter their user code and password each time they enter or leave work. When they do Sesame Wall will inform them of the time they need to finish the day, or the hours they have been over. All this will allow them to know at all times the status of their workday.

For the proper functioning of Sesame Wall you only need a Wi-Fi connection with which to update signings. It does not require servers, since it stores the information in the cloud. In case of running out of connection it will continue to work in the same way. This application saves signings when it does not find a connection and registers them when it is available again. Do not worry if your office’s Internet is gone, you can do your signing equally and later they will be automatically saved.

Sesame Wall is the office version of Sesame Time, whose information is integrated with the app and the desktop version. You should know that all signings registered on the tablet by workers can be seen later through the Sesame mobile App and through the panel on the computer. Both those responsible for Human Resources, as the employees themselves, may have in detail each and every one of the records made through the tablet, in addition to other functionalities such as vacation, shift or task management.

What does Sesame Wall offer us?

Among the different functionalities that Sesame Wall offers we find:

Registration of inputs and outputs
Registration of breaks during the working day
Calculation of daily and weekly hours
Adaptation to the regulation of hourly control
Easy implementation without initial investment

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