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Etimsocial App DESCRIPTION

This app allows you to chat and post on Etimsocial

Connect with all your friends from Etimsocial in real time for video,audio and group chats. Get rewarded for making friends

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Five stars, because I have received my payout, but pls correct this two things first let ads which has exhaust it number of views for the day disappear from those that have not been exauted so that there will less interruptions when trying to view those that have not been view already and secondly pls work on your user interface it can be better than it is 👍
5 mins to 24hours


I just downloaded and registered on this App and it worked well, only for me to attempt logging in the following day it demanded i update the App which i immediately did but the App never opened again. It just keep quitting and refuse to open.
Please uninstall it and install will work


The app is full of ads, in fact, it's really boring and too slow to operate


It will take forever to earn money in this app, in the pictures it tell 100pts for followers but in the app it show lesser pts 2pts I guess and also I can't post on the app, no option to do that I can't even post videos


App is so slow in response,pls try and upgrade for better experience!


I cannot even sign up because of adds after I have provided all required details for signed up,the press bottom is sized by bolt adds how do i sign up?


Very idiotic app, ads all the time, each click multiple ads nonsense.


You find it difficult to register, I don't know whether it intentional or not so improve the app it's disgusting


I am trying to register but the ads kept on popping up. I have tried signing up 5 times and the Google add review won't allow me enter my date of birth it's so tiring. Pls work on it but for now I think i'll have to delete the app


A new subscriber but I love the features plus it has night mode. I started earning points already tho 2000points for a dollar seems far but I remember I don't get a dime for Instagram and Facebook!


The app is okay, and it has so many ways of earning, but I'll really love it if you move some of the options to another apps, like making more apps, cause putting everything together makes the app confusing and difficult to understand, the app is not easy to understand, and most people won't love stressing themselves in getting to understand it, they'll delete it, I do feel tired logining to the app, it's very stressful, it's a big red flag, make your products easy to understand, with more apps


This application is actually very much amazing and great especially the income/profit ig gives from completing any project


It's a nice app, too many ads and the points are too low to earn a single dollar it takes time


I love the app though I haven't withdraw yet,but it has been a lovely experience so far,I would have given the app more than 5stars if twas possible, the app is great, and am hoping to withdraw as soon as possible,I will advise you to join,after joining,add David Johnson or Dav Joe , thanks


This was once working well for me but I forgot my password, since then I haven't been able to access the app again and when I use forgotten password, it will tell me that they have messaged my email with resetting code but if visit my email I will see nothing. Please wish the developer could answer from here🤲


Waste of time and data. It takes a long time to post for about 5 hours now I have posted no picture except writing.


The app would have been awesome. The ads are too much, you can't do anything without having to watch an ad plus that oops error something. If you fix the ads stuff I'll certainly give this app a 4 or 5 star
We are sorry for this, but to continue work on this app we need revenue from Ads to support our budget and the ads only show when you are moving to another screen, not when you are posting or commenting. . Thanks for your understanding!


i have always wanted a platform like this with amazing features, am glad i found one..Etimsocial...this is a platform where your time is valued.each time you spent in the platform is never a waste....


I'm giving it a 2 star, because of the ads, it's also slow and one of the problem is always the blank page saying opps something went wrong. So with time if the app run smoothly I will change it to a 5 star


Guys this app is the best, anything you do in this app earns you points especially the ads. It's lovely, I love it.