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Download for exclusive access to events and content from the Congress for the New Urbanism. View the event agenda, speakers, sponsors and more. Connect with other attendees to share insights and experiences and brainstorm how to create places people love.

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Synthesis of speech in Serbian
Sintetizator govora za srpski jezik. Registruje se na nivou Android operativnog sistema, tako da se lako može koristiti iz bilo koje aplikacije. Samo odaberite AlfanumTTS u podešavanjima. Podržana su dva govornika, muški i ženski.Odgovore na često postavljena pitanja u vezi sa korišćenjem aplikacije možete provjeriti na sljedećem linkuštovani korisnici, ukoliko želite da probate punu verziju sa vremenskim ograničenjem od 10 dana molim vas da nas kontaktirate na mejl [email protected]
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Designed with the philosophy of delivering a simple interface for textual communication with design customization, Deaf Note is perfect for everyday use. Features include:Large, easy to read text that resizes itself to screenMake it big! Display your text in fullscreen modeSpeech to text for the hearing to speak to the appText to Speech for the visually impairedColor and font customization to suit your styleSave Messages for Easy AccessAds-Free!Love the app? Want more features? Leave a review in the comment section. Your review is my only source of motivation to update this app with new features :)
Geolocation system
Système de géolocalisation avancé avec des capacités de gestion qui offre beaucoup plus qu’un système standard.
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Official BHHS Events App
BHHS Events is the official mobile app for the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sales Convention and Summit ConferencesThis mobile app allows you to:View schedules, explore sessions, and find networking eventsCurate your own personal schedule for easy conference attendanceAccess location and speaker information at your fingertipsPost updates to sessions, keynotes, and exhibitor boothsInteract with a real-time feed of all event activity, that showcases which sessions are trending, most popular photos, and popular discussion topics.
SME Event Apps in One Place
Your Connection to Success. We've created one app for all of our SME Events, so you have easy access to everything you need for a great show experience.An SME event draws out the biggest thinkers and doers in the industry – from innovators to key decision-makers. The collective brainpower is palpable. The opportunity to grow is unparalleled. Either as an attendee or as an exhibitor, there is no better place to advance your business.This app features the following SME Events:- RAPIDTCT- Smart Manufacturing Experience- WMTS- HOUSTEX- CMTS- EASTEC- SOUTHTEC- WESTEC & AeroDef
Live event agenda & networking
Welcome to the Defence Leaders app!Our app is your personal assistant for our portfolio of industry-leading conferences, allowing you to plan your personal schedule, to discover our star-studded speaker line up, to find out which industry partners will be exhibiting at the event and to network with your fellow event participants pre-event, onsite and post-show.Serving the industry since 2009, Defence Leaders work with national Armed Forces and international Alliances to provide opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, networking and solution discovery.Via a portfolio of large scale events, digital platforms and intimate engagements, Defence Leaders help Senior-Ranking Officers, Government representatives and strategic advisors to address the challenges and evolving threats in the ever-changing international arena.
Computershare Event Mobile App
NOTE: This app is for Computershare Marketing events ONLY. This is in no way related to Shareholder meetings. Only registered attendees of our conferences can access and download the app.Computershare hosts a variety of events and some include a mobile app. Access limited to registered attendees. Please download the app and select the conference you have registered for to access the event mobile app.
A HealGrief Program
Download and connect to a national network for the support and empowerment one may need after a death loss. Through this app, you'll be able to connect with others who understand the challenges of grief. Whether young adult, individual or professional supporting them, this is your gateway to the resources, tools, education and connections to help ensure a healthy post bereavement growth.
Events, Meetings, and Conferences
Webex Events, formerly Socio, takes your event experience to the next level. The Webex Events App (formerly Socio) serves as your digital networking portal, event guide, and content hub, giving you easy access to all of the information surrounding the events you attend! Browse the attendee list and add connections to chat and network, add sessions to your personal agenda, and watch live streams from your preferred device. Based on how the organizer has set up the event, you may even be able to take polls, play games, and participate in many other ways.You’ll be networking in two shakes of a smartphone with our Shake to Connect technology. Simply link your email, phone number, and social media accounts to a single profile, and connect with others by shaking your phone. Magic! Want to learn more? Visit us at
ICAO Events
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) mobile events app is the official events guide for key ICAO events. With the events app you will have instant access to features that allow you to: • access the up-to-date event schedule with an option to personalize your own schedule• discover the speakers at the event • check out the exhibitors and pinpoint their location on the interactive floor plan map• engage with other attendees and conference organizers through an exclusive social network• participate in interactive conference sessions with Q&As and live polling• update your social networks on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn• see who is attending and share contact information• get important updates and instant notifications
Use this app to get important convention information (such as travel guide, agenda, resort maps and important notifications). Use it to participate in the Supplier Show game & draws, and to connect with other Operators
The Autism Community in Action
TACA Connect delivers education and support to families affected by autism. The Autism Community in Action (TACA) has been helping families navigate an autism diagnosis for over 20 years. TACA Connect features monthly educational programs and webinars, regular parent support panels, and on-demand content and presentations on a range of autism topics that will help families to act for their children. TACA Connect is also the home of our virtual conference.
The official app for the Vans Leadership Summit


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