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EvGo Smart Charge App DESCRIPTION

Find chargers for electric vehicles in the Romanian network.

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Find chargers for electric vehicles in the Romanian network.
Find chargers for electric vehicles in the Romanian network.

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Baieti apucati-va de vandut branza si lapte nu curent , succes


I can't verify my phone or email because I'm getting the error "Can't find variable: cloneProfile"


It passed one week since I informed(sent email) about an Offline station, the situation is the same and nobody bothered to provide a feedback. If you would like us to rely on your stations, then improve your customer service and resolve faster the malfunctioning stations


Oribil. Nici o treaba cu realitatea


Trebuie adăugată o extra taxa pt cei care nu își iau mașina după ce s-a terminat încărcarea. E frustrant și deobicei sunt șoferii de bolt/uber/alte servicii de genul.


Form three, two chargings with payment erors and other malfunctions


Easy to use app. Great that you can see if a station is free or occupied. Looking forward to see the reservation feature being added!


Daca inchid aplicatia, nu pot sa opresc sesiunea de incarcare. Nu mi se pare normal in pragul anului 2023 sa intampin asa probleme. Pe vechea aplicatie nu am patit asa ceva niciodata. Doresc rezolvarea acestui bug cu un update


O aplicatie total instabila. M-am trezit ca am contul invalid,fara ca macar sa stiu de ce sa intamplat asta! Fff proasta aplicatia


The worst app ever, search function is not working, maps is slower than a tortoise, and when you finally find your station it's not showing, it's blank.


Good user experience!!!