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STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Game DESCRIPTION

Have you heard about the fall guys? Do you like obstacle course games? Try out the Star: Super Tricky Amazing Run fun run game. You will find lots of crazy levels, obstacles and traps and the multiplayer run. The skins for every taste and casual vibe are waiting for you here too! Join the stumble guys fun knockout race and become the champion in this epic Royale Race! Be careful not to fall out, guys!


– Different mini games!
Every round in this race game is a distinct challenge, with each new level upping the ante from the last. Whether running, stumbling, or falling in our obstacle games, you’ll find yourself deeply immersed in these intense run games. STAR is not just a fun run game; it’s a strategic obstacle course game where being a stumble guy or a fall guy means facing an array of challenges.

– Clumsy race!
This obstacle course game within STAR run offers perilous tracks filled with traps where you must avoid being the unlucky fall guy. It’s easy to stumble and fall in the world of fall io and fallguys – where every run game is a test of agility and wit.

– Io game!
STAR, echoing the excitement of i.o games and fall io, pits you against other players who all aim not to be the fall guy in this frantic race game. Being faster than your stumble guys counterparts is key to success. Only the most skilled will survive the fun race games and battle run and avoid falling to emerge as the last run guy standing.

– Many skins!
From run guys to cute hamsters, our hamster run skins ensure you’re the most stylish contender in the race game. These fun characters, reminiscent of the fall guys game and stumbleguys, add an extra layer of enjoyment to your race experience.


– Bright & beautiful 3D graphics
– Tricky levels reminiscent of the fall guys game, full of obstacles and traps, that define obstacle course games
– Multiplayer races that channel the spirit of fun run 3, pocket champs, and battle run
– Simple casual controls & an intuitive interface, perfect for any fall guy or stumble guy
– A game for those who enjoy the atmosphere of fallguys, but with the unique charm of STAR run

Fun race games like STAR, where each race is a mix of excitement and strategy, bring to mind the great moments in fall guys game and other popular platform games. If you’re a fan of obstacle course games, then the combination of falling, stumbling, and smart play in a knockout race will be right up your alley.

So, are you ready to join the fall game and a fun run? Step up to the challenge in STAR, try out the knockout race, download now for free, and dive into the thrilling world of run races!

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STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Game DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



This game is the best offline game in the play store because we can play it by. Keeping our data off also. Over all I love it


Play this all the day I can I can I want that I can't explain that how much this is better game and also I can play all the day and I won't like this more game you have to download this app at Play Store or Apple Store play it now


This game is super cool . I love this game so much . It is so easy to play and win . It has so many benefits also . It keeps you mind fresh. I did not delete this game.


It's is very good game I really love it this game is very awesome such a good graphics beautiful maps and character


THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I've played stumble guys I've played fall guys and even though this might be a copy but this is the best version! No lag and such cute skins I love how we are so tiny and cute and adorable And sometimes insane! AND A FUN GAME! I'M OBSESSED!!


Very nice game.. Especially it's offline.. So it's very niceee.. Btw improve the graphics, and fix some minor issues
Hi! Feel free to let us know what you'd like to see in the game via [email protected]!


I love this game it makes you faster by clicking the ball button but the most hardest map for me is the soccer map the game is just easy but sometimes I get eliminated in the game so it's so easy
We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed our game! Your suggestions for improvement are much appreciated, and we'll be sure to consider them as we work on future updates. Thank you for your support!


You can play on aeroplane mode to avoid ads, because it's not multiplayer it's just an ad money siphon. So play offline 🤪


My daughter really love this game and so good! It's a 100000000000000 out of 10 for me it's so fun and the characters are so cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 it's the best game ever💖💖💖💖💗😍😍😍😍😍


I LOVE IT AND IT DOESN'T HAVE A LOT OF ADS AND IT IS SOOOOOOOOO FUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀✨✨✨✨✨✨🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😃😃😃😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😀😀😀🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


It a very good game but after the update it is a little bit worst the og white player is gone and too many adds there is an add after every game. every thing is too costly even after closing the wifi adds keep on coming
We are glad that you tried out the game and appreciate your constructive criticism. Your feedback helps us to make the game even better. Please stay tuned for updates!


this game is really fun but there are a lot of adds every next round
It's very sad that you think so. We are working hard on improving our game. We are adding new content and different features regularly and minimizing the ads as possible to keep the app free and to have the possibility to work on it. We hope that you'll give another chance to our game. Stay tuned!


I like Star but it has a lot of ads. Overall would not recamend 3/5 not a good game.
Hey there! We're so glad you gave our game a chance. Thank you for giving us feedback on it. We will take into account your opinion and make the game better. Have a nice day!


This game is so fun and I can play when there is no WiFi 😃😁 keep up the good work 😁😁


I love STAR. The games are fun and entertaining, the skins are funny and cute, and the ads are barely noticeable not because there aren't a lot (there are), but because they are right after one of the mini games, and it's actually OK because you get to take a little break in-between challenges. The only thing I noticed that is remotely negative is that the graphics could be just a little better. Overall, I would recommend this game as a little game to pass the time and have a blast!


An amazing game, it's really fun. It would be a little nicer if there were more many games and more controls(A control to catch the ball or crown). I also don't like when you try to rotate your sight it is really hard. I would also be a lot better if you played online and not just with boys. Other than that, this is an amat game I totally recommend!
Hello! We're happy to have your review to our game. Your opinion is important, as it helps us to improve the app. Thank you for the feedback!


This app is amazing. Especially because you don't need to buy fall guys. This app is basically like fall guys except the characters are cuter. The only problem I have with this game is that the controls sucks. When you press the jump button it doesn't make you jump right when you press it. It make dyou jump like 3 seconds after. People always get stuck in your way and you can't even get around them even if you are like 6 feet away. Download this app store your own risk. Thank you for your time.
Hi! We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game! Thank you so much for your feedback. It helps us to create and make better our games. Have a nice day 😊


Game is super fun except for the fact the controls are extremely difficult to use. You can't take your fingers off of the TINY controls otherwise the screen won't recognize you touching it. The controls should be sensed anywhere on each side of the screen to make it easier to control. Also some of the grammar is incorrect. This is clearly a knock off game, but it's still pretty fun to play. The tiny controls are just frustrating.
Thank you! We greatly appreciate your support! We work on the app regularly and will keep in mind your notice. Stay tuned for the updates! :)


Amazing! Basically fall guys , but free and on mobile. Believe it or not, in my opinion it's even better than fall guys. The characters/avatars are way more cuter. I would like more maps and I have faith the developers will make them soon. Also, the game is done after only 3 rounds, which is fine by me, but a lot of people would really like more rounds.
Hi! We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game! Thank you so much for your evaluation and feedback. It will help us to create more interesting games 😊


So cute! I heard people saying that on the soccer ball one the AI of your team puts the ball on your side but my AI play putting the ball on the other team and helping me. Also, the crown one is easy, i beat it like 3 times. Anyways I'm on season 7 and I really like it! I started it yesterday, if anybody reads my comment (i doubt it) please download this game and give it a try! I'm sure it will be tricky but cute and fun! Oh, also please fix that the last game my screen freezes for a while.
Hello👋 We love your review💙 Thanks so much for letting us know how much you like our game 😊