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Go beyond the headlines and hot takes, and dive deeper into the stories that matter to you with the award-winning Flipboard app. Flipboard is made for and by enthusiasts, with content curated on thousands of topics from world renown publishers, local outlets and the community.

Personalize Flipboard to get just the content you care about. Follow business, health, tech, sports, cooking, travel and more to stay up-to-date, dive deeper into the things you love or discover something new. You can even follow local news and events. Just enable location services to get a list of towns and cities near you.

Collect stories you like into your own Flipboard Magazine. Use the + (plus) button on any story in Flipboard to add it to your own Magazine. Make your Magazine public to share ideas and insights with an ever-growing community of enthusiasts curating on Flipboard.


• Keep up on all your interests with the latest stories from leading national publishers including Associate Press, The Washington Post, ESPN, National Geographic, NPR, TIME, The Atlantic, BBC, CBS, NBC and thousands more.
• Follow your city for local updates on COVID-19 as well as other regional news, weather, commute, sports, and dining.
• Curate stories you find informative or inspiring and share with others: Use the + (plus) button on any article to save it to your own Flipboard Magazine.
• Follow other experts and enthusiasts who are curating about topics you love.
• Turn on notifications and use the Flipboard widget to get stories delivered to you everyday.


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The content personalization options seem totally pointless; topics you tell the app you're not interested in seem to get reset at random intervals so you're constantly telling it you don't care about horse embryos, celebrity news, or whatever When it does manage to bring me something I'm actually interested in reading, it's a total crapshoot as to whether the built in browser I'm forced to use actually works or not.


Whilst I can see the summaries of the pages, but when I click on them the page won't open from within the app. The only way to read a story is to click on View on Web. Disappointing a used to be my favourite app.
Hi Chris, we're really sorry about this ongoing issue. Our team is actively working on a fix for this. We hope to have this resolved very soon. Thank you for your patience!


It works great to collect news from a wide variety of sources. Love that part. Unfortunately, it's quite irritating when I'm several dozen flips into articles, it renews, and takes me back to the start. Renewing should only take place when I start the app. I don't bother spending several minutes flipping back to where I was. Addendum: okay the algorithm updates frequently. But it should still update user articles ONLY when the application is restarted so articles aren't lost.
Hi there, we apologize for the auto-refresh. This is something that is currently being worked on and appreciate your patience. Please contact us at for further assistance.


I generally like this app and how it curates news. However, the embedded browser is very poor and there isn't a setting to always open in a full browser. This is so frustrating and leaves a bad taste in my mouth for the entire app. Also not a fan of the storyboards but I generally skip them. Update: 2 years later and the app is worse, not better. The sad slow decline of a good app.
Hi Brad, we're really sorry about this ongoing issue. Our team is actively working on a fix for this. We hope to have this resolved very soon. Thank you for your patience!


Used to love it. Now either reloads while I'm reading an article or crashes. Crashes constantly. Nearly unusable. From these reviews it seems the developers have been aware for quite awhile. They either don't care or are incapable of fixing the problems
Hi J, we're really sorry about this ongoing issue. Our team is actively working on a fix for this. We hope to have this resolved very soon. Thank you for your patience!


Great app. Except for the constant crashes, having to open articles on the web instead of on app and not getting your notifications when you comment on an article. Don't bother with support as they are next to usless. An update. I've given up. I no longer open articles in app. I go straight to view on web. When the app crashes I take it as a sign from flipboard that they and their advertisers are saying you have used the app long enough. The app won't even let me use the help contact us.
Sorry to hear about the issue you are still having. We have some significant feature improvements coming very soon that should eliminate the problems you have seen. Feel free to reach back out to support and we will send you a note when they are released.


I love their news selections, but load times are just horrendous, at least on Android. There is a massive time difference in page load times between Flipboard and the actual site. It's a shame because I really want to use this app. The app performance is becoming worse, failing to load after just a few pages before phone memory and or app cache must be cleaned. I've tried contacting support multiple times to find out what phone settings I could adjust, but have been total ignored. Too bad.
Please contact us from inside the app. Go to your profile, select the gear icon in the upper right, then Help & Contact us from the list and Contact in the upper right. Thanks!


This app (still) sucks. 👎 They fixed the issue with dialogs not being able to be closed. But the app sometimes makes my phone get really hot, and freezes--probably some JavaScript on the article. Then, the reporting options don't always let you choose that the article requires a subscription, so reporting is sometimes useless. Finally, the app crashes and freezes A LOT, like every time I use it. It's just BAD still.
Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! Can you contact our support so we can get some additional details and a screenshot of the issue? If you are in Flipboard, go to Settings » Help & Feedback. Or contact us on the web at


I spent all this time defining what topics I am interested in and then when I click on the home tab I'm presented with a bunch of celebrity and gossip news... it's ridiculous. I have to go to my specific tab to view that area vs having the home tab present a collection of top stories from all my preferences. It is completely and utterly pointless.
Please contact us from inside the app. Go to your profile, select the gear icon in the upper right, then Help & Contact us from the list and Contact in the upper right. Thanks!


Footboard is outstanding, in all aspects of news delivery and user interface; except one, widget layout options. I've precisely designed my home screen on my Android phone to host family photo galleries clusters of apps weather forecast and have carefully and specifically allocated a 4x1 space for News. Ideally, Flipboard would provide a 5x1 option that optimizes story and headlined delivery with a scrolling vertical ticker style presentation. At-a-glance rotating headlines would be great!
Hi Richard, Thank you very much for your feedback! We will make sure to share this with our team.


updates have killed it. I have been using the app for years, and was pretty happy with it for the most part. Recently, it has begun to freeze and the crash after a few minutes. It also takes forever now to open the article. in fact, it is faster to open the article on the website (using the link). Getting really vlise to deleting it unless improvements occur quickly.
Thanks for flagging this to us! We'd like to follow up on this with you. Please send us a message at and we'll get back to you asap.


I have used this app for a couple of years on two different android phones, LG (no longer in use) and Samsung. It's a good concept, but it's a frustrating app. I have had problems since day one on both phones. 1) App freezes while loading an article. Then, I cannot load additional articles. 2) Sometimes, the app closes itself entirely. 3) Sometimes, the app restarts itself while I'm reading an article. Updates have not solved the problems. Running v4.3.9, current version at this writing.
Hi Michael, Thank you for your feedback! The freezing/crashing issue with Android is known and our Android team is working on fixing this issue. If you encounter any other issues, please reach out to our support team at


App intermittently has problems loading articles. Seems to be happening a lot more regularly. Article won't load or freeze. Reinstalled app and problem persists. Developer reached out with suggestions to contact via app "Help and Contact" ironically that option won't load either. Too bad was a good app but will be looking for something different and more reliable.
Hi Evangelos, we're sorry about that. Please contact us from inside the app. Go to your profile, select the gear icon in the upper right, then Help & Contact us from the list and Contact in the upper right. Thanks!


I was really enjoying the app until the latest update. Now it seems you want me to do more work to flip an article! When you should be trying to make the experience easier you make it harder. Adding to the number of clicks is not the way to go to win support. EDIT - I am so fed up with the intrusive ads on this app. I'm now looking for an alternative. I just spent 10 mins trying to read an article that should have taken 1/2 the time, if that. And why you ask? Ads kept getting in the way!!!


It's slowly improving and almost there. My one and only gripe as of now, is when I'm trying to leave a comment, with two or more sentences. In the field in which you type your comment, as you type, it will display several lines of text (4 or more), but as soon as I move the cursor to correct all of autocorrects mistakes, the text/cursor jumps around and reduces the visible text within the field, to just two lines. It makes correcting your text entirely more difficult than it has to be.
Hi Joseph, Thank you for your feedback! The comment issue is a known bug and our Android team is working on fixing it!


Over 7 years, I've used Flipboard,but now, it is more annoying/frustrating. I dislike annotating that I'm not interested in certain topics, yet I'm overloaded with them. I have had to constantly un-install and re-install more times than I can remember since it always freaks out randomly and you lose whatever story you're on. The worst part is that you can't even get back to the story you're actually reading or interested in. I'm on the verge of uninstalling this app to never install again.
Hi Ja'Nae, we're sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. Please contact us from inside the app. Go to your profile, select the gear icon in the upper right, then Help & Contact us from the list and Contact in the upper right. Thanks!


If you like things rebooting while you're actually reading an article, causing the article to disappear and never be found again, this app is for you!!! Update: Installed the app, reinstalled the app. SAME issue (articles randomly closing and the app going to the top page, losing the article I was actively reading) Attempted to locate this "help" of which the developers spoke, cannot contact them. This is beyond ridiculous and archaic for today's technology.
Hi, can you please contact us at We'd like to learn more about the issue you are describing. Thanks!


I've always loved this app but recently it's become so frustrating to use. Articles just close while I'm in the middle of reading them and this causes the feed to refresh, so good luck trying to find it again. The app regularly freezes and crashes for no reason. I have uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can remember. I can't search my saved articles so I may as well not even bother - I'm not going to flip through 300 recipes trying to find the one I need.


After a recent update, a nag screen is injected after saving a post to leave a comment. I can't seem to find a way to shut this off, and revert back to saving the post to a specific magazine, and moving on with my life. I don’t ever want to comment on an article I save. After using this app for 10 years or so, it feels like a significant step back in usability. What is super annoying is the different buttons are spread all over the screen, bottom and top, so it becomes less accessible.
Thank you for this feedback! Can you contact us so we can get a some additional details about the issue?


I am deleting the app because I have all notifications turned off and the app is still pushing pointless notifications at me. I've had this app on my last two phones, it's a decent news app, it never pushed notifications until the other day, only at that point did I feel it necessary to turn off all notifications. But, they are still coming, the one that prompted me to delete the app has zero relevance to me and is just a standard list article that doesn't need to be pushed at all. Delete.
Hi there, please contact us at so we can assist you.