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Welcome to fps gun shooting games. Jima Apps has developed this masterpiece among the shooter games that will give you a unique gun games experience, something that’s never been experienced before in any other free shooting game. If you like offline shooting games, PVP action games, single-player fps, or being a sniper, then these new shooting games are for you. Fps shooter is a first person shooting game for lovers of action games and war games.

Get yourself ready for a realistic commando action in these modern ops action games. Pick up a weapon and start shooting terrorists in this gun shooting game and go to war against terrorism. Let’s dive into this fps shooting battleground and complete all the critical strike missions in shooting offline games. Become a real commando game soldier and lead your squad to success in an abandoned battlefield of these gun shooting games.

You are a well-trained army commando of special forces in offline games. Save yourself from their attack in these fps games and eliminate all terrorists to clear the army base. These terrorists are not ordinary enemies they have occupied the entire base in gun games offline. Now you are the last man standing and surrounded by enemies in free shooting games. Survive till the end to achieve victory in action games. You must have strong guts to take down every enemy soldier in the real commando games 3d. Shoot all the enemies one by one to stop the counter-terrorist attacks and such kinds of activities in these war games. Keep an eye on your health while fighting with fps shooters in this free shooting game. Reload your gun timely and get a health kit to revive yourself in shooting games.

Every critical strike mission has a proper story that will make you feel the realistic army games action in this 3d shooting game. Gun games offline missions that are included in fps shooting games are conducted in different places. Sometimes it can be a clear sunny day or it can be a night, you have to shoot your enemies with precision in fps games. You have to face very dire situations on the battlefield in these offline shooting games. Combat through different maps in well-crafted 3d environment with these gun games 3d. Equip with the best shooting games guns to enjoy the real commando mission games. Use sniper, assault gun, or pistol on the battleground to get a victory against fps shooters in free offline games. You have a variety of modern shooting weapons in this commando shooting game.

Accomplish your duty as a counter-terrorist soldier to become an fps shooter expert in free offline games. Upgrade to modern guns from a huge arsenal of assault rifles to eliminate other squads in different parts of the combat zone in gun games. Choose your favorite shooter games gun from a variety of weapons like AK-47, SMG, HMG, Shotgun, and bull sniper. Play more and earn coins to unlock more powerful guns, each gun has different features in these free shooting games.

Gun shooting games offline have smooth controls, you just have to aim and fire. Play gun games offline to polish your army commando games skills. Master the art of shooter games by competing in intense war games missions, which makes gameplay addictive. Different combat modes are added in these gun games to test your shooting abilities.


High-Quality graphics
Realistic action cam views
Amazing 3D environment in gun strike 3d games
Modern FPS shooting games weapons
Easy and intuitive gun shooting controls
Real commando secret missions & challenging modes
Realistic shooting gun game sound effects
Play offline shooting games anywhere

Download gun shooting games 3d to get non-stop army games action now. Jump into an exciting fps commando strike game and play fps shooting games offline without an internet connection.




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