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Candy Sweet Bee Puzzle Game Game DESCRIPTION

Candy Sweet Bee Puzzle Game – New puzzle game
Pet Dog & Bee Match 3
1. Combine 4 elements to generate a bee.
2. 2 bees can be connected into 3 bees to crush the mission target.
3. The combination of bees and candy bombs can carry bombs to the best position to smash mission targets.
4. The combination of bees and horizontal and vertical skills can be carried to the best position to eliminate the task target.
5. The combination of colored candies and bees can create a large group of bees, which is very decompressing.

More interesting gameplay and levels will be updated in the future, so stay tuned.

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How many levels r there in this game


Pretty easy and stress free


Nice game but bugs which keep from completing many levels. Very addictive game. I'd give it 5 stars but still freezes with just one more move, and have to start over.


Play now, makes a great change from crush.


So far so good only started to play I love it so far.
thank you for liking my game


This game started off ok. After I hit level 100 in doesn't take away all of the objective. I can clear everything I'm supposed to get to claim the board but it will get stuck on stupid & say I have items left to collect when clearly I don't then it causes me to lose rewards. Delete this app.
thank you for liking my game


For me this is been a great game, not too many ads. Can be quite easy at times, but definitely addicting, and fun to play


Something is wrong with this game when you play level 1 2 3 done it refuses to go to level four and i was disappointed because it was a good game then i thought it might be that the phone was glitching and went out of the game and went back in i then saw it moved on to level 4 but when i clicked on level four it showed level 1500 and i couldn't move on and decided to uninstall will you work on that provlem


Would give 5 stars if the game did not constantly glitch, don't t always get rewards promised, have to CONSTANTLY restart.


I can't even play it's saying I'm on level 1 but I'm actually on level 1109 and I can't play it so please fix it!!


I like the ease of play, the rewards. I ignore the ads. The best game I have played in a long time.
thanks you


Still having fun! Even the ads are ignorance, no complaints. Great work and thought went into this game! 😊 Fantastic gaming experience 😉


Quite a good game. Very easy at the moment but only on level 50 so will probably get harder. Recommend it to pass the time


Level 100 cleared the board then stopped! You have got to fix that glitch. There's another glitch on level 279, game states to clear one more bunny however there's no bunny to be found. Sent you an email with screenshot of level 279. Level 338 has froze up. I wish just once I could completely finish a game without GLITCHES! Level 353 froze. These freeze ups happen when you swap candles. I'm frustrated and I'm deleting!


Quietly addicting, relaxing fun Update: Can't see a way to get past level 406 so off my phone it goes...


Take me out to the ball game? That is the music that plays at first when you start the game. Said music completely ruins the mood of a match three title, unless it was baseball themed.


I was at level 297 and it started acting up and would not let me go further within that level. Other then that I was pleased with your game. However I will not buy moves or coins so I've uninstalled it.


23 levels before asking for review thank you on level 26 and loving it so far has great bonuses and rewards smooth gameplay and is cute but the pieces falling after a bomb seem sluggish as if the game wants to freeze would recommend the game hope it keeps up what it has shown me so far usually the rewards amd bonuses deminish after certain levela


I like the game very much its a cute game I like everything about it I give it a 4 but just one problem I have and that is that I have pass some of the stages and when I go to dress up my pet I can't get any of the outfits please fix When problem it's fix then I'll grade it again Thank you


So far it's an easy game to play. I don't see hardly any adds but I just started playing. I'll be playing this for awhile because it's fun and fast paced