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Shows the observed cloud radar images.
사용자의 현재위치 또는 지정한 위치의 위험기상정보를 알려드립니다.이를 위해서 설치시 백그라운드에서 위치를 사용하는 기능을항상 사용으로 설정하여야 합니다.
The WCJB Weather App gives you the latest weather for our viewing region.
The WCJB Weather App includes:• Access to station content specifically for our mobile users• 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available• High resolution satellite cloud imagery• Future radar to see where severe weather is headed• Current weather updated multiple times per hour• Ability to add and save your favorite locations• Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models• A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness• Opt-in push alerts to keep you safe in severe weather • Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service
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“Should I put on the medium or the heavy blanket tonight?!” Find out!
Thanks to the SmartPak Blanketing app, you can finally answer the question on every horse owner’s mind this winter: “Should I put on the medium or the heavy blanket tonight?!”Just tell us about your horses and we’ll provide customized recommendations tailored to each horse and the local weather at your barn. Download today to go forth and conquer the cold!The latest version of SmartBlanket is easier than ever to use and enjoy! - Based on feedback from riders like you we've fine-tuned our recommendation engine to help make sure your horse is dressed just right for all occasions. We've also updated the layout and display of recommendation and weather information, making it easier to read at a glance. - We squished a bug to make sure every adorable pony pic uploaded to SmartBlanket looks as kissably cute as possible! - Is there more than one horse in your herd? Swipe to see each one, or tap to view and edit a single horse's information. In your horse list you can also now select a horse name to view recommendations, edit..
Have a quick overview of the current thunderstorm situation whenever you want.
Simple to use map based application visualizing real time full area lightning data provided by the lightning location network project. The current thunderstorm situation at your fingertips.Feature summary:realtime display of lightning datadisplay of historical lightning data of the last 24 hoursfor regions Europe, North & South America, Asia, Africa and Australia/New Zealandlightning strike time color codedreduced data volume and fast responsecurrent lightning strike time and lightning countoptional user location displayalarm function shows distance/direction of stormsalarm background servicesupport for notifications and vibration alarmsingle stroke display for participantsPlease visit for more information regarding the community based lightning location project. raster display ensures a fast performance of the application even if there is a very high thunderstorm activity. participants can visualize all stroke locations individually.If you would like to contribute to a translation of the software in your language, please do not hesitate to contact the author of the software.Note to Australian/US west coast users: The network is currently concentrated on the eastern part of the continent. If you would like to help to extend the coverage..
| WuAn
Real-time safety tools and info at your fingertips.
Get your family and home ready for a tornado. The American Red Cross tornado app is the complete solution you need to understand and prepare for a tornado and all that comes with it. With interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to be ready!Ahora disponible en español.Features:• Easy to use Spanish language toggle to switch translation directly inside the app.• Audible siren when NOAA issues a Tornado warning for any of your monitored locations letting you know when it’s time to go to your safe room plus an all-clear alert when the warning expires (Note: Alerts' sounds will NOT override if phone is on vibrate or in sleep mode)• Simple step-by-step instructions to help you know what-to-do even if the cell towers and TVs are down. Prioritized actions for before, during, and after requires no mobile connectivity • Help distant friends and family in tornado alley with ability to receive tornado watch and warning alerts based on their location from NOAA • Red Cross location-based open shelters map for when you need it most • Be..
"Rägnets?" - Open the app and be smarter!
In der Schweiz regnet es bekanntlich etwas öfters als anderswo. Damit du trotzdem trocken nach Hause kommt, oder dir wenigstens noch einen Schirm organisieren kannst gibt es diese Wetterradar App.Das aktuelle Niederschlagsradar wird auf die Karte projiziert, eine Zoomfunktion erlaubt dir genau zu sehen ob es bei dir wirklich nächstens regnen dürfte.Inkl. Prognose!Rägnets? ist die beliebteste App auf Windows Phone in der Schweiz! Jetzt auch auf Android, und das GRATIS!Disclaimer:- Den Autor dieser App trifft keine Schuld, solltest du trotzdem nass werden.- Funktioniert auch bei Schnee ;)
Be a brave little kid and beat the Scary Teacher in this Scary Prankster 3D Game
Let’s start playing the thrilling and Adventurous game of Playtime Scary Evil Teacher!You have to trap Scary Evil Teacher. Help your friends make an escape plan from Evil Teacher House.Scary Teacher is back to her home from a high school camping adventure! On this annual camping trip, Scary Teacher Forced all students toward a horror and spooky place where nobody is allowed to be moving around. Everybody is scared and some students get injured in the mysterious camping area.Plan an escape from this haunted place of a scary teacher house. Now you can take your revenge to help friends which the scary teacher will never ever forget!Follow the objects to take revenge from the Evil Teacher. Assemble your pranks for this adventurous mission. You have limited time to complete your object and if you fail to escape, she will find you and punish you. Be careful since the scary teacher hears everything as usual and interacts with house objects.Play as a little kid and Prank with the teacher.Game Features includes:1. Open world style interactive house escape Scary Teacher Game2. More..
For all weather fans and amateur forecasters in the Arab world
For all weather fans and amateur forecasters in the Arab world, the Weather Maps app from ArabiaWeather allows you to monitor latest satellite and clouds images for various locations in the Arab world (from the Arabian Gulf to West Africa). Whether you follow weather events or chase storms, ArabiaWeather Maps app puts you at the center of current weather events, from low pressure systems and rain to dust and fog events.App Features:• Various types of satellite and cloud images (infrared, clouds with lightning, visible, water vapor, air masses, fog, dust, …)• Different locations (Arabian Sea, Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Peninsula, African Horn, Levant, Mediterranean Sea, North and West Africa)• Updated images every 15 minutes, up to 24 hours.• Ability to receive new types of satellite images as they get developed by ArabiaWeather team.
Try our minute-by-minute and street-by-street hyper accurate and local forecast
Be prepared and plan smartly with global minute-by-minute and street-by-street hyper accurate forecasts, rain and snow alerts, air quality maps and wind speeds.Tomorrow's unique forecasts are in use by industries, from aviation to on-demand players, who can’t afford to make a bad call based on weather. You shouldn’t have to either.What people are saying ?The Washington Post“Alerting you when it’s about to rain, down to the minute, all around the world.”Mashable“Bad weather is one thing technology won't let us escape, no matter how hard we try. The new ClimaCell app will at least help you be prepared.”Tomorrow's MicroWeatherbased on data from the connected world, traditional data sources, and new, cutting-edge modelingis hyper accurate, specific and relevant to your life. • By-the-minute, by-the-street forecasts up to three hours ahead• High resolution: weather analysis at 500 meters resolution• Refresh: updated forecast every minute• Stay safe with severe weather alerts and safety tips from the National Weather Service. 
What our users are saying?"Best weather app!I absolutely love this weather app! It alerts me when it’s going to rain, has an easy to view..
Excellent app
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