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A chameleon is a lizard that can modify the color of the body. It belongs to the class of reptiles, the scaly detachment, the family of chameleons. The chameleon is one of the most uncommon and beautiful lizards on the planet. The average length of a chameleon is about 30 cm, growing up to 65-68 cm. The size of the small lizard is no larger than 3-5 cm. The total length of the giant chameleon is 50-68 cm. The elongated body in a chameleon is usually in the form of a high back, with the spine running the entire length. It is decorated with a fan-shaped bulge or placed on the head. This lizard has a distinctive skull shape with a raised neck.

The island of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa, is known for its diversity of tree-dwelling lemurs and chameleons. Three chameleon genera (Brookesia, Calumma, and Furcifer) include the caterpillar-sized dwarf-leaved chameleon, the giant (nearly two-pound) Parson’s chameleon, the brightly colored panther chameleon, and the seriously endangered Tarzan chameleon (not from the Tarzan of the storybooks, but nearby species). It is named after the village of Tarzanville).

The most interesting feature of the chameleon is a change in the color and pattern of the skin. It was originally believed that the chameleon changes color for masking purposes, but recent studies have shown that the change in color is primarily due to communicative communication with relatives. Color metamorphosis depends on a combination of many factors. It differs according to the time of day, the temperature and humidity of the environment, as well as the health and emotional state of a particular individual. Changes in skin color are often associated with a threat, fear, irritation, as well as hunger, and dehydration. During the mating season, males can change color almost instantly. Due to the characteristics of the construction of the skin layers, the color of the light chameleon changes to yellow or green, then purple, red, dark brown, or black. Such a transformation can take place immediately on the whole body as well as parts of the skin by applying various lines and spots of different shapes along with their appearance and disappearance. The chameleon is one of the oldest animals on the planet. Fossils of these lizards are about 26 million years old.

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