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Panther, generally of the big cats belonging to the genus Panthera; especially the name of the Panthera pardus species. In most languages, it can be used for leopard (Panthera pardus), jaguar (Panthera onca), or cougar (Puma concolor). This name often refers to especially melanistic individuals.

Black panthers are leopards and jaguars that still have spots and spots on their skin but appear utterly black due to excess melanin pigment; this color metamorphosis is not indicative of a separate species or subspecies. Among the sibling offspring, individuals with spotted and melanistic skins may coexist.

Panthers are a wild cat species that live in America, Asia, and Africa. They are found in rainforests, swamps, savannas, mountains, and even deserts. The panther looks like a leopard without spots. It has yellow or dark brown fur and emerald green eyes. Panthers are endangered species due to overfishing, loss of natural habitats, environmental pollution, and global warming.

Black panthers are leopards and jaguars that still have spots and spots on their skin but appear utterly black due to excess melanin pigment; this color metamorphosis is not indicative of a separate species or subspecies. Among the sibling offspring, individuals with spotted and melanistic skins may coexist.

Black panthers are so rare in Africa that they have become a legend. Nick Pilfold of the San Diego Zoo Global Institute says, “Everyone has a story about it. Something that has become legendary.” says. The black panther, which was last seen in Ethiopia in 1909, was never caught on camera. But after news of a black panther sighting in Kenya, Pilfold jumped on a plane with his crew and went to east Africa.

Pilfold says the black panther photographed was traveling with a larger, yellow-spotted leopard, and they thought it was the black panther’s mother. When Pilfold published the photograph in the January 2019 issue of the African Journal of Ecology, it was believed that no black panther photographs had been taken in Africa since 1909. However, after the news spread, other scientists working at the Ol Ari Nyiro Conservation Area published photos of the black panther they had taken in 2007. The researchers stated that these photos do not belong to the cat in the images Pilfold took.

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