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-A must-have app for movie & TV fans
-Easily watch movie introductions, trailers
-Communicate with fans
-We will have some movie introductions and trailers, and we will give you some suggestions for viewing

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Excellent app I can find some shows here I can't find in other places it runs smoothly my only complaint is some shows aren't complete also Steven universe has some duplicate episodes so Ik ep 26 or 27 and ep 28 of s5 is missing plus 1ep in season 1 plz fix these also donwloads have some issues


So far I LOVE this app , has a EXCELLENT selection of movies and TV shows , even get to download a very Huge amount of TV & Movies for free , the ads are not too bad because you can X out of them quite quickly but some you have to wait , still I like this app more than ANY OTHER I've found so far , besides Pluto Tv. Best app for movies and non live TV shows yet! Thank you to the Developer and anyone else who has put there time into making this app real! Thank you and may GOD bless you!!! 🤩😇🙏


BEST APP EVER! This app is amazing and I recommend it there is barley any adds and I can watch all the movies I want that have been released! I am very satisfied with this app. Thank you so much!


I installed OHappy on my Alcatel TCL A3 A509DL. I used it for a couple of months. I loved being able to see shows from different networks and currently in the theater movies. I was addicted. Then, I cracked my screen. After another month, the display became unusable. I got a new TCL A3; same manufacturer, make, model and phone company. After restoring from my Google backup of my phone I get nothing but trailers, I think all trailers for all videos. How can I see videos again?


I installed on both my phone and tablet and I can't watch anything. My husband has the same phone carrier and service plan and he can watch all kinds of movies and shows. What am I doing wrong.


So far so good. You get some good ones and then a couple "cam videos" I'm waiting for them to start charging and then I'll delete the app. I would give five stars if the quality of all of the movies was good. I would even pay a subscription fee if the quality was all good and there were no camera recorded videos


This is truly the best movie app on any platform. The subscription fees are outrageously low, and I haven't had any problem with ads at all. I don't know Why anyone would want to have any other streaming service, because this app has anything you want to see. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Definitely recommend it for everyone.


Paid for no ads on your app. Very disappointed that even with contacting customer service I'm STILL watching all programs with ads interrupting everything. I Want a refund! Or an app that is actually AD FREE. Such great promise with every title and newest movies/programs offered. Will change to 5 star when you get thus right.


I got this app because I hate commercials and they offered no commercials and this was great but now I needed a new phone and I don't have the same home screen as what's on my old phone there's no logging out of the account to restart on another device I went as far as deleting the app on my old phone and reloading on the new phone thinking this might work joke it didn't when I can load it on my old phone and it'll come up that I have my account but no other phone will do this no I need help


I couldn't even watch a film, all it has is trailers and descriptions. And quite frankly, the ads for this app said I can watch films free with ads. But I can't even watch a film. It's disorganized and confusing on how to operate through this app.


Lots of movies full of malware. If you do download this make sure you have a premium virus scanner that stays active and make sure it's active before you open the app. I'm watching wolverine so far 3 malware alerts halfway through the movie. They don't care they got to know what's in there. This is a nice lady to the movie I'm watching every movie every movie the advertising full of malware.


Incredible, I have found so many movies that I haven't seen in so long on here and there are so many shows and movies that I have wanted to watch on here and I am getting to watch them now, ohappy does make me happy, it's an awesome app and very enjoyable for me, in my opinion, love ohappy ❤🥰


The app is great, I think it's dope, but I'm frustrated. I was only able to watch one freaking movie, and now all it wants to show is trailers. I don't mind the ads, so I didn't spend my money on it, but do I need to get a subscription to continue to watching movies?? At this point that's what I'm guessing, cuz I tried everything to get it back working and nothing as of yet. If there is any help out there.... I need help!!


I paid for monthly to remove ads yet I'm still seeing ads. Fix it and I will change my view. Still not horrible, I've been able to watch programs from a variety off channels all on one app. Update: after a week or so adds did stop. Now I had to switch phones, new phone is identical to old phone but the app is different. Only getting trailers and info about TV programs. Won't let me watch anything.


A friend showed me this app and I thought it was awesome but so far I've downloaded it on both phone and tablet neither one works only shows trailers for movies definitely dissatisfied and disappointed in this app


Works great on my phone I'm abe to watch movies with some ads not too bad. On my table I'm not able to watch anything only trailers and most of the time the only thing that pops up is movie and actors info .


App won't even let you watch shows. Just gives your the movie details. Then cons you out of buying a so called VIP and still nothing. Just goes back to trying to con you into buying again. Absolute waste of time and stolen money. Don't even waste your time.


I understand the need for ads. But to have an ad right on top of the screen during a movie is so so stupid. It had an x but not to take it off but to enter that ad was so annoying. This app sucks!!!! Uninstalled


Paid for a monthly subscription to remove adds to see how it went before I paid for the yearly and I get ad after ad. Not happy. Will more than likely cancel at the end of the month if can't be fixed. Sorry. I paid for no adds and thats what I want.


I was able to watch one single movie and it says can't connect with a retry button I've tried closing the app and clearing all memory of the app on my phone including uninstalling and reinstalling it still doesn't work otherwise seems like a decent movie streaming app as long as the bugs get fixed