We introduce Alarm Clock Xs!
Our brand-new app for better mornings. Enjoy beautiful alarm music and customizable backgrounds. Set a specific date in the future.
In this version:
- We made minor bug fixes and stability improvements.


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⏰ Simple Alarm Clock:

Alarm clock Xs is a simple yet functional alarm clock app with extreme functions. It is designed to add, edit and delete multiple alarms easily. Wake up in time and setup reminders for your daily tasks.

😊 Compact and Easy-to-use:
Our alarm clock app is lightweight, fast and reliable. Your alarms will go off even in silent mode, in do not disturb mode or flight mode (background support). It automatically sets alarms after phone reboot and adjusts time zone if you are travelling.

📅 Set alarm on a future date:
Our app allows setting alarms on a specific date and offers variety of snooze and repeat options.

🎶 Great music as alarm tones:
Pick your favorite music from our morning melodies, or choose a ringtone or MP3 file on your phone.

🔊Volume Crescendo:
Wake up gently from your deep sleep by setting alarm volume increasing in a peaceful and progressive way (volume fades-in gradually).

🕑 Timely and Flexible:
For every alarm created, you are able to set an exact alarm time or duration as a sleeping goal.

🔢 Solve math problems to stop:
In order to avoid disabling your alarm accidentally, set your alarm clock to ask math problems in order to stop. Kickstart your brain for a successful morning and prevent excessive snoozing.

💤 Are you a heavy sleeper?
Set loud alarm tones to make sure you get out of bed in time and do not oversleep. You can also set vibration to force you out of bed. Enjoy extra large snooze button to avoid accidentally pressing ‘dismiss’.

🐦 Stylish Bedside Clock with Gorgeous Themes:
Display our awesome night clock before you sleep. You will love it!

⏰ Upcoming alarm notifications:
If you have woken up earlier, you can disable or skip next alarm easily.

🌅 Smart alarm clock:
Our smart alarm clock lets you set alarms by using voice commands via Google Assistant (Just say; ‘Hey Google, set alarm at 6 am tomorrow’ and that’s it!).

📱Beautiful Widgets:
Set or disable alarms from home screen, without opening the app. You can also decorate your home screen with beautiful clock widgets in various styles and watch faces.

🎨Colorful Themes and Dark Mode support:
Pick your best color and enjoy dark themes.

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Important note: Your phone must be on for alarms to work.




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Everything i wanted and needed. Especially to be able to control all timers volume independently!


I really like this alarm app, it's easy to use and has great sounds! I only wish it had a count down timer.


Okay, just started to use it. So far I really like this APP! It is so far very Reliable👍 Am giving it 5 stars for now.


Great app! Works well and wakes me up to pleasing music!


BEST alarm app EVER! Unlimited alarms set to repeat or for a specific calendar day. For medical reasons, I must set 2 alarms for each event: 1 to get ready & the 2nd to scoot out the door! I set 40 alarms for meals to fun, & since the VA has looong waits for medical appointments, some of are set 6 or more months in advance. Choose colors, fonts, widget design & more. BEST: the free version's non-intrusive adds are attractively framed & animated below the alarm screen to watch & click or Not!


This app is easy to set, and I am not "tech savvy ". Also, if you have your own sound clips or music, it's easy to set! WOOO HOOO! The one feature I would suggest (or, maybe I haven't found it, yet) is the clock announcing the time; "It's 9:00, time to wake up " or, "It's 12:00, time for your meeting ". Otherwise, this app is great!


This app is epic it has am pm and l really recommended you can pick your own color try it


This clock is concetionly off by 2 min no help from the developers or Google ?? Don't get this app also no timer or anything else other clocks have ?? Now going off 3 to 5 min off ?? I woulden't give this app even one star if I could take it back !!!
Hello. It looks like your phone is stopping the alarm service to save battery. All you need to do is to go to phone settings and disable battery optimization for our app. Please contact us at for further help. Kindly request to rate us again with more stars once the issue is resolved. Thanks!


11/08/22 Only app which would let me choose my ring tones for repeating alarms! All things are very good with this APP but volume is a little low.


I have tried 6 other alarms before this one. This alarm does exactly what it is supposed to do. Yes!!! Finally a reliable ⏰️


I love the aesthetic and the ability to add your own background pictures!


It only has a few alarm sounds. After I uninstalled and reinstalled it, it was perfect. Tank you.
No Steven. You can also select any ringtone on your phone, or music file. We also have radio stations available for wake up. Kindly request to rate our app again with more stars once you are satisfied. Thanks ❤🙏


Great alarm app especially since it still works while phone on silent


I really like this app so far Ive tried others but I really like alarm clock icon when alarm is activated.


This Alarm app helps me actually wake up not just okay pretty music. The app is easy to use.


Failing to consistently alarm, even with Battery Optimizing defeats purpose..but very nice looking app.II particularly like that you can use any picture from your phone as a background with each alarm you set. While it is nice that it lets you set an alarm for a future date,I was disappointed there is not an option to repeat the alarm / reminder on a monthly basis. Also would prefer the option of multiple choice snooze options when alarm goes off as opposed to it being a fixed time.
Hello Thomas. Great feedback. Your Revvl could be blocking alarm service to allocate more resources to OS. We will be implementing advanced repeating options soon. Please contact us at for further help. Thanks!


Just got new phone so had to install alarm clock. Loving this app! Very nice features. Makes me happy to wake up! 🙂


I really enjoy this app. It's very easy to use. And this has a very loud tone that actually wakes me up I am a dead sleeper the regular tones on a Android phone does not go as loud as alarm clock Xs Thank you for the use of the app Developers.


I cant get it to add spotify to stations list.


Love this app- so much better than the alarm clock that came with my phone!