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Line 98 Bản chuẩn Game DESCRIPTION

Line 98 is a simple game based on Lines 98. A 9×9 board game, simple rules. Your task is to move the balls to form a row of balls of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally to get points. The longer the row, the exponentially higher the score. The game has an auto-save function.
Salient features:
· Images, sound effects, gameplay keep the original Lines 98
· Save up to 4 games, convenient to continue
Along with Diamond, Gold Digging or Shooting Ball, Line 98 is a board game that was popular with office workers during the 2000s, when online games were not developed.
Get started with Line98 now.

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Lines 98 - color ball board game.
Line 98 is a simple game based on Lines 98. A 9x9 board game, simple rules. Your task is to move the balls to form a row of balls of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally to get points. The longer the row, the exponentially higher the score. The game has an auto-save function.Salient features:· Images, sound effects, gameplay keep the original Lines 98· Save up to 4 games, convenient to continueAlong with Diamond, Gold Digging or Shooting Ball, Line 98 is a board game that was popular with office workers during the 2000s, when online games were not developed.Get started with Line98 now.

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It is a real fun but extremely addictive.


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