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Komerce is here as a solution for online business people or e-commerce players who are overwhelmed in managing their business team. We provide talent who is competent and has gone through education in the field of e-commerce such as customer service and advertisers.

By using a remote work system, your team is still under surveillance and will provide periodic reports.

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Keep Contacts stores your contact list in a secure place – for free
What is Keep Contacts?Keep Contacts, formerly known as Everdroid, is a service that at its base stores your phones contact lists in a secure placefor free. If your phone is stolen or damaged, you will be able to restore you contact lists to a new phone.How to get startedGetting started is easy – just download the app and sign in to start backing up your contacts. If you already have contacts on Keep these will be sent to your phone. And that's itthe app will synchronize any further changes and notify you if it needs your attention.And, of course, if you change to a new phonejust download the app, sign in and synchronize to get your contact list to the device.You can use several devices with the same accountthese will then share contact list. Additional featuresWe do not only offer a way to synchronize (backup and restore) your contact list. We also want to let your contact list shine. Therefore we have several tools on the Keep web that lets you update your contact list. If you head to
Programmable Scientific Calculator
●16 keys [F0-F15] can be configured to provide extra functionsThis allows the user to define operations that are relevant to them, not what the designer has decidedSome of these keys are programmed at installation but can be re-programmed.●Most in-built features are intuitive●User defined functions can [Again] be exported/imported.● Operates in Portrait and Landscape modes.●A downloadable help file is included.This APP is totally free and AD FREE.ORIGINALLY POSTED 1 Jan 2015
For the dog lovers who miss their furry friends during your long workdays.
Are you a dedicated dog lover who misses your furry friend during your long workdays? Do you ever need a puppy pick-me-up? Then BrownTrout’s new DogDays calendar and puzzle app for Android is perfect for you! DogDays is a fully-functional calendar app featuring the cutest photos of dogs and puppies. Manage your day and your future while enjoying the company of these lovable pooches. Plus, DogDays automatically downloads your appointments from your Google Calendar making your schedule easily accessible and your transition to a new calendar app as easy as barking, ‘wuff wuff.’ Download DogDays for free and enjoy the free default puzzle calendar. Three levels of games and puzzles reward you with adorable pictures of dogs and puppies. Purchase one of 198 image packs featuring your favorite dog breeds to get more photos. A new dog image will be unlocked every month of 2020 straight through December. Save them, share them or set them as your background! It is up to you! DogDays comes bundled with a variety of BrownTrout brand dog breed calendars. Each calendar includes a QR..
Georgian Keyboard for Typing in Georgian Language with Emoji’s & Themes
★How to use Georgian Keyboard? You can scroll down the whole description and at the end you’ll find method of using Georgian Typing Keyboard.Georgian Keyboard: Georgian Language Keyboard is used to write text in Georgian Language with Stylish Themes and New Emoji’s. Georgian Language Keyboard is easy to use for typing of Georgian language and make it simple for all Georgian Typing Keyboard user who want to write English to Georgian and switch Georgian to English at the same time. Georgian Typing Keyboard is designed for those people who love to write messages in Georgian Language. Georgian Keyboard is one of the best mobile Keyboard app for typing in Georgian language. Georgian Typing Keyboard allows the user to write and type message in Georgian language and Georgian text words using colorful themes. Send message, email, and update status in Georgian.Georgian Keyboard: You can give us your mindful reviews to update our Georgian Typing Keyboard. We will read and implement your reviews and make Georgian Keyboard better as you want. We will work on improvement of Georgian Keyboard and make it..
2021 holiday calendar in Colombia, with the option of notes and reminders
Calendar for 2021 in Colombia, with the inclusion of all national holidays (in red), and some other special dates that, without being holidays, may be of interest (in green).The calendar also offers a multitude of additional features:- DAILY NOTES. Write your notes, choosing a background color (among 5 available) for later identification. You can modify or delete them from the calendar as many times as you want.- ANNUAL NOTES. Mark birthdays, anniversariesand with this option they will be repeated automatically every year. As in the case of the daily notes, they are identifiable notes by means of a background color, and you can modify them, delete them, or even transform them into a daily note later.- MULTIDAY NOTES. You can select several days at the same time to include the same daily note in all of them, and identify them as always with the color you choose.- SUMMARY OF NOTES. See a list of all the notes that you have incorporated into the calendar.- NOTIFICATIONS. Schedule a notification about the annotated event, and receive the notification at the time you..
Protect privacy, fast and secure proxy application
Nana Proxy is a lightning-fast app provide free ѴРИ service. Not need any configuration, just simply click one button, you can access the Internet securely and anonymously.Nana Proxy encrypts your Internet connection so that third parties can’t track your online activity, making it more secure than a typical proxy, make your Internet's safety and security, especially when you using public free Wi-Fi.Why choose Nana Proxy?✅ Large number of servers, high-speed bandwidth✅ Choose apps which using ѴРИ (Android 5.0+ required)✅ Works with Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE/4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers✅ Strict no-logging policy✅ Smart choose server✅ Well-designed UI, a few ADs✅ No usage and time limit✅ No registration or configuration required✅ No additional permissions required✅ Tiny size with high performanceѴРИ related introductionA virtual private network (ѴРИ) extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Applications running across the ѴРИ may therefore benefit from the functionality, security, and management of the private network.Individual Internet users may..
The easiest HTML editor & viewer you can imagine.
Create small html projects with HTML, CSS, JavaScript codes and test them on your mobile. Download your project and run on your computer. Use browser and view source html, js, css & much more of any website.With EASY HTML, you can create small html projects with HTML, CSS & JavaScript functionality. You can test your html, html5, css3 & JavaScript code anytime you want. Whats more is, EASY HTML provides you many predefined & commonly used elements, script actions & class properties as one touch action. Just choose them from toolbar to insert them in your file. You can even pick & insert setTimeout & setInterval function from toolbar. It includes a powerful color picker which help you to assigning your favorite color live.Export project whenever you want & run it on your computer or keep it as just a backup.Features:* Easiest html editor for Android* Project Creation* HTML, CSS & JavaScript Views* Live testing* One click elements, script actions & css properties* Powerful color picker* Export project & run on computer* Open your webpage in internal browser* View HTML..
Easy, Safe and Fast File Sharing.
Kolay, Güvenli ve Hızlı Fotoğraf Paylaşımı.Dünyanın her yerinde ve dünyanın her yerine fotoğraflarınızı göndermenin en kolay ve hızlı yoludur. 2007 yılında kurulan ekibimiz, Türkiye merkezlidir.Android için geliştirdiğimiz ücretsiz uygulamalarımız ile filegoes deneyimini her yerden yaşayın.Fotoğraflarınıza istediğiniz yerden ulaşın. filegoes’daki fotoğraflarınıza herhangi bir akıllı telefondan, tabletten veya bilgisayardan erişebilirsiniz. Kısacası nereye giderseniz gidin, fotoğraflarınız elinizin altındadır.
Mail of your domains purchased with on your mobile device.
With this application all customers may use mail services directly from their mobile device. Do not need to use your browser!
MageAI: AI Chatbot with Prompts across multiple categories.
MageAI: AI Chatbot Introducing AI Chat Bot, powered The cutting-edge chatbot solution that leverages AI’s language model technology to provide an unparalleled conversational experience. This app is designed to cater to the needs of individuals across various professions, whether you're a teacher, writer, or anything else. This personal chatbot enables you to engage in chats that feature natural language processing (NLP) and advanced contextual understanding. You can interact with the bot using human-like language, which results in relevant and accurate responses.To further enhance the personalized chatbot experience, AI Chat Bot is fully customizable, allowing you to use user data to create even more meaningful interactions. Whether you want to offer customer support, answer frequently asked questions, or simply have a casual conversation, this assistant has got you covered.Getting started with mage AI Chat Bot is easy and open, as the app includes prompts for various categories, so you can begin chatting in no time. Additionally, our team is here to help you get the most out of the app, ensuring you have the best experience possible.For those looking for an..
Komerce Partner System
Aplikasi Mitra Komerce adalah sebuah aplikasi manajemen pemuda desa dalam hal pendidikan dan pemberdayaan mereka pada bidang teknologi terutama E-commerce.Pemuda desa adalah mitra Komerce untuk bersama-sama membangun desa melalui teknologi dalam rangka membantu pemerintah mengurangi pengangguran dan urbanisasi serta selaras dengan tujuan pembangunan berkelanjutan negara-negara di dunia (Sustainable Development Goals).Melalui aplikasi ini diharapkan semakin besar perputaran ekonomi dari kota ke desa serta menciptakan banyak techno-preneur di desa.
Collaboration in E-Commerce. Komerce makes it easy for you to manage your E-Xommerce Team.
Komerce is here as a solution for online business people or e-commerce players who are overwhelmed in managing their business team. We provide talent who is competent and has gone through education in the field of e-commerce such as customer service and advertisers.By using a remote work system, your team is still under surveillance and will provide periodic reports.

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