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DigiPUFR is a digital ID service facility for employees of the PT Pangansari Utama Food Resource (PUFR) business group network company.


Officer's app for Grievance reporting application Nivedhana
Officer's app for Grievance reporting and re-addressal application Nivedhana. With this app an officer can: 1. Track grievances assigned to him/her2. Take an action3. Track responses from superiors
Use your camera flashlight and screen as torch.
Flash Light Torch is a very simple and useful application to use your phone's flash light as a torch, application is using less battery so that it can work longer.Application also have feature to use phone screen to use as source of light with highest brightness.Application Features- Maximum brightness of LED used as torch- Enough brightness of screen- LED and screen torch both can work at a time.- User can set its preference that can be used as torch as application start.This app also offers tablet-optimized UI and great features for tablet users and android oreo 8.0 and pie 9.0.
Display HTTP JSON Responses from a URL in a widget
JRW is a simple tool to request a URL and parse it's JSON response to display the information in a widget.JSON format should be in Key-Value pairs. Basic HTTP requests, no Option for special POST params or custom Headers, not even http-auth (you will have to implement s GET-based auth if you want, if that can be stolen from you then even a session cookie can)Get JSON over HTTP and display in it a widgetNo Ads, Totally freeGood usage examples:- Quick website statistics- JSON feedsTell me what you used your JSON widget for
LABS is a clinical and diagnostic medicine laboratory, which provides the best and most complete laboratory examination service. We have the highest quality standards in each process.
Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas and more
Simplenote is an easy way to take notes, create to-do lists, capture ideas, and more. Open it, jot down some thoughts, and you're done. As your collection grows, stay organized with tags and pins, and find what you need with instant search. Since Simplenote will sync across your devices for free, your notes are with you at all times.- A simple, note taking experience- Sync everything across all your devices- Collaborate and share- Stay organized with tags- Log in with your email or accountSYNC WITH CONFIDENCE- Automatically sync seamlessly across any computer, phone or tablet.- Back up and sync everything as you take notes, so you never lose your content.COLLABORATE AND SHARE- Collaborate and work togethershare ideas with a colleague, or write a grocery list with your roommate.- Choose whether to publish your content to the web, and share a link with whoever you want.- Publish directly to a WordPress site by connecting your account.- Quickly and easily share with third-party apps.ORGANIZE AND SEARCH- Stay organized with tags, and use them for quick searching and sorting.- Instantly find..
The Driver Inspire Mobile Application
This application is available as a tool for Drivosity drivers at select locations. If your store has access to DrivosityGO, you will have a QR code on your in-store display.Navigate your deliveries faster and easier with DrivosityGO. Get your delivery addresses, have access to a full digital receipt, optimized routes, and review your latest Drivosity safety and productivity data. Get where you need to go efficiently: Find the best route available with live traffic and turn-by-turn directions.Access your safety and efficiency data: Review your DriveScore®, EDGE, and customer feedback data all in one place.
Your home automated and centralized in one easy and intuitive app!
Houseasy is perfect for you who like a modern routine. Control your home whenever you want, wherever you are.Did you go to bed and forgot the light on? With a touch of your cell phone you erase everything effortlessly. Creating and scheduling smart living routines is easier with Houseasy.Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, control everything via the Houseasy app or by voice command, a fun way to optimize your routine.An experience that is more complete because we use our own technology.And for you who are still reading this description, a list of facilities for those who choose an intelligent life:- Say goodbye to the remotes lost around the house! Houseasy will show you that they are no longer needed.- Grant permissions to different users, you can limit who can access your devices, giving more security for everyday actions.- Have a home that knows what you want: schedule routines in the app and prepare your home for every moment of your life.
Book inventory and cataloging application.
Manage your book collection on the go. Book Butler makes it easy to manage your book collection from a single application. Scan or enter books manually into your Library or Wish-list. Enable shelves to manage series or collections separately.
The agenda in your pocket
★★ Cos'è ★★Agenda Insoft consente agli operatori sociali di controllare gli appuntamenti giornalieri e ricevere in tempo reale le modifiche all'agenda. Oltre a registrare gli accessi programmati e segnalare le mancate esecuzioni è possibile generarne di nuovi direttamente attraverso l'App.E' possibile utilizzare la tecnologia NFC per eseguire le timbrature, e le mappe di Google Maps per avere indicazioni precise sugli utenti seguiti.Per ogni intervento è possibile indicare le attività svolte e le conformità rilevate nell'erogazione dei servizi.Più in generale, Agenda permette di svolgere in autonomia e in modo efficiente la propria attività★★ Sempre disponibile ★★I dati visualizzati e modificati sul dispositivo mobile vengono trasferiti all'ambiente Insoft tramite un processo di sincronizzazione sicuro e monitorato, tipicamente per mezzo della rete mobile (GSM/UMTS/LTE). Ciononostante l'applicazione è utilizzabile anche in assenza di connettività.L'elenco degli interventi, le timbrature e tutti i dati utilizzati dall'applicazione Agenda Insoft 3 sono infatti memorizzati all'interno del dispositivo, per permettere agli operatori di lavorare in ogni contesto di connettività anche quando questa è assente.
Want to print or manage document by smartphone? Here is the solution for you!
Print From Anywhere is a FREE android application that allows you to print documents, image and PDF and to modify them taking them from your device so simple fast and with a few simple clicks.Features* Print files using Wi-Fi, IP Address.* PDF Viewer : Provide inbuilt PDF viewer to view PDF files before printing.* Image Viewer : Provide inbuilt Image viewer to view image files before printing.* Added new category for Downloaded files.* Added new category for Generated Cached files.* Added new category for Converted files.* Added new category for PPT files.* Added new category for DOC files.* Added Converter to Convert PPT files to PDF files.* Added Converter to Convert DOC files to PDF files.* File Manager : Use file manager for browse local files and folders.* Page Preview when user select Direct Print Options, using this page preview change page layout and set margin for pages.* Access your document from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.* Support multiple languages(English, Spanish, French and Hindi)We will continue give update for new features. Any query regarding Printer Setup with application or any..
PUFR Official App
DigiPUFR is a digital ID service facility for employees of the PT Pangansari Utama Food Resource (PUFR) business group network company.


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