We're working on better features in our app.

Meanwhile, we freshened up with new content and bug fixes.
Now you can get up to date MWS Customer from Analytics Data.
We also use masking in some feature like Suspect and Prospect Sales,
and also use validation for clock in clock out activity duration.

Some feature even have change appearance.
What to wait? Get update your FDMA now!

Fuso Dealer Mobile App App SCREENSHOT

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Fuso Dealer Mobile App App DESCRIPTION

KTB Fuso Dealer Mobile Application (FDMA) is a mobile application used by sales and service personnel at Mitsubishi Fuso dealers.

FDMA provides information about products and other information regarding sales of Mitsubishi Fuso vehicles that salespeople need to know to assist the sales process. FDMA also provides information on service processes by service personnel

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Runner Telematics to monitoring your TRUCK everywhere and everytime
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KTB DMS adalah aplikasi dari PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors
KTB DMS Mobile adalah aplikasi dari PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors untuk salesman Fuso, yang akan mendukung aktivitas penjualan dan meningkatkan produktivitas salesman.Fiturfitur yang terdapat dalam aplikasi ini antara lain:A. Suspect/Prospect | Kemudahan pendataan calon konsumen dari awal canvassing sampai dengan SPK.B. Contact | Menghubungi calon konsumen maupun konsumen lama semakin mudah melalui data kontak.C. Activity | Mengatur jadwal harian untuk aktivitas follow-up konsumen, yang akan terhubung dengan kalender di smartphone.D. Dashboard | Akses data penjualan secara real time untuk kebutuhan laporan dengan tampilan yang informatif.E. Document | Info terbaru dari KTB untuk salesman Mitsubishi FusoDapatkan kemudahan untuk melakukan aktivitas penjualan ke calon konsumen dalam satu aplikasi.
Runner Dealer is an App from Runner Telematics System dedicated for Dealers.
Runner Dealer is an App from Runner Telematics System dedicated for Dealers. This app helping Dealers manage their vehicle activation.You can visit us on you,KTB-Runner
Fuso Dealer Mobile Application
KTB Fuso Dealer Mobile Application (FDMA) is a mobile application used by sales and service personnel at Mitsubishi Fuso dealers.FDMA provides information about products and other information regarding sales of Mitsubishi Fuso vehicles that salespeople need to know to assist the sales process. FDMA also provides information on service processes by service personnel

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Really useful. Love it❤️


mudah dipakai dan cukup membantu operasional


Setelah update, terdapat fitur baru yang sangat membantu.


Great apps! Really help salesman to achive financial freedom.


Easy to use, memudahkan dalam berjualan


Cukup membantu


Setelah update versi trbaru id yg sdh dignti password tidk bsa login, menggunakan password bawaan juga tidak bisa, mau direset password juga minta id pegawai dan nggk bsa lanjut.