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CBM Mobile Application Substation charging maintenance and Healthy Index calculations

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DPD Manager allows to setup DPD monitoring relay via NFC by phone or tablet
DPD three phase monitor relay are supplied with factory settings for the alarms and the thresholds. If the factory settings are not suitable for own use the DPD Configurators allows to set own parameters and to send them to the relay once finished. Parameters that can be set are: SYSTEM - Grid type - Rated mains value ALARMS - Phase loss threshold - Neutral loss threshold SETPOINTS - Overvoltage - Undervoltage - Overfrequency - Underfrequency - Asymmetry For each one of the setpoints it is possible to set a delay ON and / or a delay OFF, and the hysteresis value. The Setpoint can be associated to the required output among the 2 available either directly or through AND-OR operators. Once the configuration it has been prepared it can be sent to the relay to be configured. DPD Configurator also allows to download the configuration from one device and sending it to another one as it is or modified. The downloaded configurations can be stored on the telephone or tablet. The configuration locking is also possible by introducing a 4..
RGB LED (Universal LED Bulb,Strip) Remote
v4.2New 3+ Remote Profile (Briloner,21 Key,CAR MATE) v4.0New 4+ Remote Profile (BaseTech,HitLight,Lightme,SuperNight Lite) Removed unused storage access rightv3.6New 14/20/25 Keys Remote Profile3x more independet widgetSelector Bug Fixed v3.3New 24 Key Music Remote / Better IR Code for (isunroad & mcl remote profileFix independet widget remote listv3.224P / 44P Keys Remote Profile added Compatible with PaulmanIRC240S Profile Added BackGround Alternative (Dark,Medium,Light)New 1x1 / 3x1 independet widget You can now change remote type via widget with Up & Down Arrow .Fix Dimm Up / Down & Settingsv2.8New Remote Profiles (24D / 24M / 24Z ) added LG G3 & LG G4 enabled for BetaTest .v2.5New GUI,Music Remote Profile added Renamed Widget Colors .Shiftkey Bug Fixed .Delay between commands greatly reduced. Some internal bug fixedv2.244-Key Remote Profile now supports full keys. 40-Key RGBW Remote Profile Added.Puzzle Color Widget Added Puzzle Each Color Keys works standalone.Now you can use your favorit colors with widget mixv2.1Redesigned widgets for compatible other launcher Small Widget Size Now Compatible with Google Now LauncherSimple unoffical RGB LED Bulb IR remote control for phones and tablets with build-in IR blaster(Samsung..
Application to manage the Sonoff device
A great app for managing your connected power device. With this application you will be able to control any equipment that is connected to the electrical power for the on and off functionality. The operation is via WI-FI local network, so for a good operation leave your router always connected, when the router is disconnected or turned off, the equipment connected with Sonoff automatically turns off.Firmware Tasmota
widget with signal level, counters on the status bar, traffic monitor
AeroConn is an easy way to monitor and count your GSM or WIFI current network usage and internet speed meter with indicator on status bar.FEATURES:•home screen widget showing the signal level,•counters on the status bar (current transfer),•traffic monitor,•data transfer scheduler, (IMPORTANT: may don’t work on android 5)•support for the Aero2 Captcha (in Poland)WIDGET:Provides information about the currently used network , whether WiFi or cellular connection.Widget showing: network type, network name, signal strength (dBm)COUNTERS ON THE STATUS BAR:Displays current download or upload speed directly on status bar. This helps you to monitor network connection anytime while using your device. TRAFFIC MONITOR:Main screen. Left screen presents Your IP Address and Hostname. Right screen is network showing:• uptimetime from last reboot device.• amount of download and upload data over WIFI and GSM together,• amount of download and upload data over GSM,• current transfers (on current internet connection),• signal level in dBm.The graph shows the transfers of the last two minutes. DATA TRANSFER SCHEDULER: (need root on android 5 and above)Disables data transmission when the screen is blank. Optionally, can turn every several minutes..
Measuring a pool for a liner or cover? Measure it right the first time!
Are you measuring a swimming pool for a new liner or a safety cover?Do you want to be sure that you get it right the first time and in less time?If so, you need to try Pool Measure Pro!Pool Measure Pro is the innovative new mobile app for measuring pools for replacement pool liners and safety covers – save time and money.* Measure it right the first timeno return visits to the customer site for additional measurements.* Intelligent warning system catches common issues and oversights.* Pool-side data collection and electronic submission allows fabricators to import measurements seamlessly into their CAD systems.Note: Pool Measure Pro uses a pay-per-pool pricing structure. You can measure any number of pools but must purchase an export for each project you wish to send. Additional pool exports can be purchased using in-app purchases from within the app. Sending projects to any of our preferred vendors is free!Please contact Fisherlea Systems at [email protected] if you have any issues with this application.Pool Measure Pro uses these permissions for the following reasons:- Access Storageto store the photos of the..
Identify battery-draining apps! Improve the performance of your smartphone.
Battery Mix provides information about your battery and phone's active apps.As an added bonus, you can choose from a great variety of Battery icon styles.・Graphs your battery usage info in detail・Monitors active apps・Over 15 battery icon styles・Remaining charge bar displayed at the edge of the screen・Widget function・Battery status alarm・Lists historical log data・Estimates the time to fully charge and charge remaining※For security reasons, apps outside of GooglePlay cannot be installed while displaying the battery status bar. (It's locked to prevent installation of unauthorized apps.)
MyAV is a Sony TV/BD/AVR/PS5/Soundbar & universal remote control app
Unofficial WI-Fi & IR remote control for "Sony" Televisions & Blu-ray Players. Sony is a registered trademark of the Sony Corporation. This app is in no way affiliated with Sony, it simply works with some of their products.Your Sony Smart TV, AV Receiver, Soundbar , PS4, PS5 or Blu Ray player must be connected to your router and your phone or tablet must be connected to the same router. Not all Sony TV's and Blu-Ray players can be controlled, please see our website for a list of compatible devices.MyAV can also control a lot of other devices around your home, not just Sony. Set-top boxes: Dish, DirecTV, TiVo and SkyQ/Sky+HD, Xfinity X1AVR receivers: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Rotel, Harman, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer, Arcam, AnthemStreamers: Roku, Western Digital, Kodi, Amazon FireTV, Android TVBlu-Ray: Oppo, Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Pioneer, ArcamTVs: Sony, Samsung,Sharp, Panasonic,LG, Philips, BushProjectors: Sony, JVC, Epson (maually add IP address)Lighting: Philips HueFor the UK, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway & Sweden channel shortcuts are available. These can be renumbered by dragging them to the..
Insurance, Car and Motorcycle Services, Bill Payment, Finance, Postal Services
Access the most complete citizen services with Pishkhan24.This application, as a 24-hour office, has provided you with all the important and practical facilities so that you can access them without the need to use several applications.Advantages of using Pishkhan24🔐 SecurityAll your information is stored in your user account with full security, you can access the records of all your inquiries and payments at any time.☑️ ConveniencePishkhan24 gives you a new experience of convenience in inquiry and payment, so that you no longer need multiple applications and can meet all your needs with just one.⏳SpeedPishkhan24 gets all its information directly from the relevant sites and therefore has a high speed in displaying updated information.⏰ UpdateOne of the most important advantages of the Pishkhan24 application is providing the possibility of querying the most up-to-date information. All the displayed details correspond to the latest updates of the relevant sites, and you no longer need to spend a lot of time visiting the organizations in person to get them.Pishkhan24 services🚗 Car and motorcycle servicesOne of the most important and widely used services of the..
Fast video downloader for downloading videos from 1000+ social & video websites
VIDWATE Downloader🔥 All Video Downloader for video downloadVidwate Downloader is an all video downloader for downloading videos from 1000+ social & video websites. Get our HD video downloader to video download movies, Vmatee dramas, music & songs. Download videos app support all formats such has MP4, MKV, AVI, WEBP, WEBM, MPEG, M4V in HD & 4K Quality using all video downloader. Below are the features of 4k video downloader.With the help of Free Video downloader, you can download them with just one click. The powerful download manager allows you to pause and resume downloads, Use the HD video downloader to preview the video first, fast download and play it offlineFeatures:★1000+ video download websites and social webs supported★ Paste a video playback page link to download video without login★ All Video Downloader supports all video formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, WMV, WMA, AVI, WEBP, WEBM, TS, MOV, XLS, PPT, PDF, DOCX, ODT★ Built in web browser in 4K video downloader★ History and Bookmarks supported video downloader★ Search Suggestions to find related video websites★Auto Detect & video download★ All Video Downloader downloads..
When playing games or YouTube streaming, check time, memo and battery.
This application always displays digital clock, date, memo and battery level on your android device. You can check 1/1000 second, milliseconds.When you play games or watching movies or YouTube streaming, you can check current time, memo and battery level easily.* This application includes a variety of features such as followings. * Synchronization of second option* Memo option* Show or hide time and memo on lock screen* Recognize the full-screen and display time automatically.* Clock on, off by widget* Clock on, off by shaking* Font size, type, color, width, location options* Transparency option* Border (outline), shadow options* Rainbow color change option* Show seconds option* Show milliseconds option* Show battery level option* Auto start after reboot option* Show temperature option* 12 or 24 hour time format option* Permission Information (Location permission)This app uses the location permission for the Wi-Fi name display.There is no disadvantage for using the app even if you do not allow location information.(If you do not grant location permission, the Wi-Fi name is not displayed)
Aplikasi CBM Transmisi Mobile PT PLN (Persero) UIP3B Sumatera
Aplikasi CBM Transmisi Mobile PT PLN (Persero) UIP3B Sumatera pengisian pemeliharaan dan perhitungan Healthy Index
CBM Mobile Application Substation charging maintenance and Healthy Index calculations
CBM Mobile Application Substation charging maintenance and Healthy Index calculations


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