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At fresh burrito our goal is to serve high –quality, great tasting food at an affordable price in our fun and casual atmosphere. We take great pride in making our food from scratch.

At Fresh Burrito we believe in using the highest quality and freshest ingredients in preparing our Mexican favorites. All of our food is prepared on premises Our homemade guacamole is made fresh throughout the day, every day.

Our signature Ground beef meat is made fresh every day; our chicken and steak are hand-trimmed and marinated in our own blend of premium spices rub.

Our Signature Red salsa and salsa Verde (green salsa) are made fresh daily with store-roasted tomatoes and tomatillos, and freshly chopped cilantro and jalapeños.

We make our own burrito sauce with low fat sour cream and mayo with a blend of high quality and best tasting spice’s.


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Worst app ever use, I was supposed to get $5 off on my first order but I didn't receive it.


Terrible. Not easy to navigate & orders have been wrong every single time. The blandest, most anemic thimble of salsa I've ever had. Never ordering from them again.


Meand my girlfriend came in here today and I am pleased food is fresh the people working here where positively pleasing and the food tasted great and most of all not very meny places fill me up but there food has left my tummy very satisfied 😁


Fake app just keeps closing and doesn't allow to pay at the pickup place


The restaurants don't load properly so you can't see anything on the menu. Hard to order when nothing is an option


I started to place an order with the app, but I couldn't proceed past the first thing I was trying to order since the app was programmed to require a sauce on ground beef tacos but the child who was going to eat the tacos didn't want any sauce besides guacamole, which didn't count as a sauce.


The app doesn't work. The restaurants don't appear either the menu after putting my address


Very buggy app - Location service showed I was in Ireland and wouldn't snap to my location in Ontario, even though my location was visible on the map. Tried to make a payment using Google pay but the app froze 3 times, almost threw my phone and lost my appetite. Also, the app automatically added a coupon and wouldn't let me change it. Hoping the bugs will be fixed as the coupons available ate great.


Excellent selection and value


DO NOT use the app. The app charges you more plus slaps on a processing fee. This is even when you are picking it up yourself. And you'll end up waiting longer before it's ready than if you just walk in and order. The app is supposed to benefit both the consumer and the business so that you minus the inefficiencies and COVID risks of people being in a line waiting to order. However it loses those benefits when the one benefiting is not the customer as it costs more and means longer wait. Additionally there you get less options. For example, the supreme fries in store is normally offered with either Sour Cream or Burrito Sauce on top or both. The app however only gives you the option of one or the other. Again remember you are paying more for the item than you would in store and getting less option of sauces being on top. You can manually enter into your order to have both and I haven't had problems getting them both added but it's a bit silly. If the worker decides to enter in the items into the POS and charge you that way you pay less than if they enter the apps receipt total. Ultimately this app is being uninstalled. It's not worth the extra time, money, and inconvenience to use it.