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Sickle Cell is a generic mobile application developed under National Sickle Cell Anaemia Elimination Mission that can run both offline (Without network coverage) and online with real time data capturing features. The Health Facility (HF) Users can access mobile app using their registered mobile numbers. The HF user screens a person, registers her/him by linking her/his ABHA id with registration, creating ABHA ID in this process if required through any mode out of OTP, finger auth, face auth, demo auth or by Q-scan of ABHA QR Code. Once registered, the screening and confirmatory test details of Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassemia or Other Variants done by Solubility/Slide Method, HPLC, Electrophoresis/Gazelle or Point of Care may be added offline or online. Provision to view patient’s details, and the facility to seed ABHA in previously done non-ABHA registration is given. Provision to check un-synced records with syncing facility has been given to sync offline data with server.

SIMILAR to Sickle Cell App

Cancer Treatment Journey Navigator - Cancer OK
Everything a cancer patient needs to know! is a customized ‘cancer information’ platform for patients suffering from cancer, created by medical staff specializing in oncology at Asan Medical Center in Seoul, by stage and treatment journey, and provides reliable ‘cancer treatment information’.Colorectal cancer, lung cancer, anticancer drugs, radiation therapy, targeted anticancer drugs, immune anticancer drugs, clinical trials, cancer rehabilitation, cancer nutrition…There is so much information related to cancer, and I don't know which one is right for me, and the explanation of the medical staff in charge of my disease is too insufficient. is a service that aims to bridge the gap between excessive and insufficient information.In March 2023, a pilot service will be launched with information on ‘colorectal cancer’ and ‘lung cancer’.Other cancer information will be added in the future.We will always help cancer patients and their caregivers with better ‘cancer treatment information’.[Amok menu configuration]ㅇ My customized information‘Cancer OK’ provides customized ‘cancer information’.for lung and colon cancerWe provide customized information by cancer type, stage, and treatment journey.ㅇAI chatbot consultation‘Amok’ provides practically helpful information.Can I have coffee? Can I eat..
Mecare tracks activity, monitors the sleep quality and heart rate etc.
This Mecare can sync the real-time steps, heart rate/blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, sports trail, dangerous heart rate warning, anti-lost reminder etc. The device has the functions of pedometer, calories burnt, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring.
It is the best solution created to guarantee your goals!
It's here!After months of development and testing we release a new update in which we have taken into account the feedback received during this time from you. Enjoy greater autonomy and a better user experience.Take note of the new features, they will not leave you indifferent!- You have at your disposal tutorials so that you know the main functionalities- You can better see the side menu options- The shortcuts on the home screen will allow you to consult 4 functionalities more quickly- Choose from the list of club workouts other workouts you like and assign them to yourself- Visualize and validate the exercises of your training more quickly
Points are awarded for participating in daily walking, medical examinations, and health-related events, and rewards are earned when points are accumulated.
"Tech Toku" is a health support app for those who live and work in Tokushima Prefecture.Points are awarded for participating in daily walking, medical examinations, and health-related events, and rewards are earned when points are accumulated.■ Participate as a teamYou can create and participate in teams between friends, companies and departments. Compete with other team members, or work together to compete in teams.■ Daily health managementBy entering weight, blood pressure, vegetable intake, etc., you can manage daily changes and physical condition in a graph. You can contribute to discovering physical rhythms that you didn't notice and improving your daily health awareness.* Use Google Fit steps data.Note that there is no need to install additional apps to link this app with Google Fit.It works without installing GoogleFit, but installing the GoogleFit app will improve your step count accuracy.* Google Fit uses the number of steps detected on the Android device itself.If you manually change the number of steps in GoogleFit, the number of steps will not be reflected in this application.* If you use your Google account on multiple devices, it..
Stunning Me : Your Personal Trainer at your place. Effective workout
Do you want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs in 28 Days? This weight loss app is perfect to burn belly fat and lose weight at home with effective abs workouts. All workout routines are suitable for all fitness levels from starting to experience level, and you can easily do them at home or anywhere, anytime. Just you have to follow the 28-day exercise plan and spent only 10-20 minutes a day to lose weightEffective Weight Loss Workout with Different LevelsLose Belly Fat, Six Pack Abs and Rock Hard Abs in only 28 daysthese 3 levels of home workout plans help you lose belly fat and build abdominal muscles to shape your body. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can explore various type of workouts that are suitable for you. Different exercises are prepared every day to keep it fresh and exciting.Best Belly Fat Burning WorkoutThis app all workouts are designed by professional fitness trainer to burn belly fat at home with the help of effective exercise. Burn calories with fat burning workouts, and..
Treatment Plans, At-Home Testing, Supplements & Health Tracking
Say hello to Science-backed health journeys, but without the hassle! Valeo makes taking control of your health so easy. With online treatment plans, at-home blood tests, expert health consultations, and top quality supplementsValeo helps you reach your optimal health all at the comfort of your home. What to expect:🏡 Convenient Solutions: No waiting rooms. At-home services with next day delivery.🌍 Licensed Doctors: Personalised medical consultations and ongoing support.🙂 Certified Labs: DHA certified & CAP accredited partners with the highest professional standards.🙋🏻♀️ Great Value Offering: Gold standard expertise & products without paying a premium.💯 Data Confidentiality: Encrypted personal information that is kept safe and confidential at all times.At-Home Blood Tests✅ At home blood sample collection with certified nurses ✅ In-app analysed results explained in simple terms ✅ Personalised diet, lifestyle & recommendations✅ Seamless experience, all in one place! What’s measured: Levels for Hormones, Vitamins, Minerals, Thyroid, Liver, Kidney, Lipid, Blood Sugar, Complete Blood Count, Inflammation, Cholesterol Levels, & Food Intolerances. Treatment Plans✅ Erectile Dysfunction Solutions 100% online. ✅ ED meds & all natural supplements to help manage impotence. ✅ Complete Privacy,..
Free intermittent fasting diet app for weight loss. 16/8 and other modes
Simple and free intermittent fasting (IF) timer for your health and weight loss goals 👍. 16/8 Intermittent Fasting and other modes.Faster is a simple free intermittent fasting tracker app which helps you in keeping track of your fasts. There are numerous health benefits that are related to intermittent fasting:✔ burning body fat as a fuel✔ decreasing inflammation✔ decreasing blood sugar levels and reducing insulin resistance✔ improving brain functions and mental focus✔ helping lose weight by limiting calorie intake and boosting metabolism regardless of whether you are on a carb-based or ketogenic diet✔ increasing growth hormone secretion which improves growth, metabolism, muscle strength✔ delaying aging and increasing longevity.Faster has several features helping you in your intermittent fasting protocol:⚡ Beautiful timer counting down the time from start of your fast till its finish. You can choose 5 fast length to accommodate your intermittent fasting preferences:- a 12 hour fasting window with 12 hours of eating,- a 16 hour fasting window with 8 hours of eating (16/8the most popular intermittent fasting schedule),- a 20 hour fasting window with 4 hours of eating,- a..
Homecare/Home-Visit Digital Marketplace Platform
Home Clinic adalah aplikasi Healthcare Marketplace yang mempertemukan pasien dengan Nakes Home Clinic untuk melakukan jasa layanan medis.Nakes Home Clinic adalah Dokter, Perawat, Bidan dan Fisioterapis yang memiliki kualifikasi sesuai dan sudah lolos proses verifikasi Home Clinic.Layanan medis yang disediakan Home Clinic adalah layanan-layanan yang secara undang-undang boleh dilakukan di rumah pasien, di antaranya: Tindakan Umum seperti buka jahitan, perawatan luka, Layanan Bunda seperti baby spa, senam hamil dan pijat laktasi, cek darah, fisioterapi, perawatan pasca-operasi, pasca-stroke dan perawatan luka dekubitus.Home Clinic untuk sekarang baru beroperasi di Bandung Raya, Indonesia.Kontak:Phone/Whatsapp: +62 811=1252-9000Email: [email protected]: @homeclinicidWebsite:
Download new massage programs for your uInfinity & uInfinity Luxe massage chairs
OSIM uInfinity and uInfinity Luxe, featuring the revolutionary Human-Smart Massage Technology, is the world’s only series of massage chairs that lets you download new massage programs. Leveraging the power of smart devices and mobile app technology, the OSIM uInfinity series of massage chairs has its very own App on Android devices. Works with the most popular Android smartphones, the OSIM uInfinity App collaborates with smart devices and lets you download the latest new massage programs into the uInfinity series of massage chairs, so that you can continuously enjoy the latest massage programs from OSIM, to satisfy your evolving massage needs.With this innovative download technology, you will have the widest choice of the most humanized massage programs ever, in a massage chair. Relax and be massaged like a CEO, be pampered like a Tai Tai, or soothe yourself after a game of golf. Through this same suite of ever-expanding Lifestyle Massage Programs, the uInfinity series of massage chairs fulfils the diverse needs of everyone in the family with endless massage pleasures.Beyond the ground breaking innovation of downloading new massage programs, the..
Tool to get TCX file from Peloton activity on Strava
Send your feedback to [email protected] to get TCX file from Peloton activity on Strava.
check property registered with Revenue Department, Delhi.
Delhi Online Registration Information System has been developed with the object of providing single window service, timely registration, transparent and reliable transactions.Overview –Delhi Online Registration Information System has been developed with objective of providing Single Window Services, Timely Registration, Transparent & reliable transactions. It is a tool to monitor the revenue generated out of registration. DORIS has been designed and developed using user-friendly windows based technologies keeping future trends and requirements in view.DORIS automates all major activities of Sub-Registrar office and covers deeds of Sale, Mortgage, Will, Adoption, SPA, GPA, Exchange, Pattanama/ Lease, Tatima, Cancellation of SPA/GPA/Will total 27 deeds etc. Major features include token issuance, online capturing, storage, printing of photographs on stamp paper, valuation of property, scanning of deed documents online/offline, on the spot registration, pendency check of deeds by SRO, single window service etc. The system is integrated with land record and at present all agriculture transaction in DORIS are reflected through auto mutation in land record. It has been implemented in all 21 SRO offices in Delhi.Daily Registration data from all the 21 locations coming to..
App to contribute to kin of bravehearts who laid down lives in the line of duty
The brave soldiers of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) fight a daily battle to safeguard India’s external and internal security. Protecting the hostile boarders in the west with Pakistan and in the north and east with China; and facing the threats generated by the militants in Jammu and Kashmir, insurgency in the north-east; and Maoist extremists in central and east India, to keep us safe. One soldier loses his/her life every third day and one is permanently incapacitated. Bharat Ke Veer mobile app is an initiative for the citizens to pay homage to the bravehearts in Central Armed Police Forces who laid down their lives in the line of duty. Using this app, individuals can contribute directly into the bank accounts of the braveheart’s kin, or to the “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus.To ensure maximum coverage, a cap of 15 lakhs is envisaged per braveheart and the donor would be alerted if the amount exceeds Rs 15 lakhs, so that they can choose to either decrease their contribution or divert part of the donation to another braveheart's account, or to the..
Special Mobile Application is developed for citizen of jharkhand .
Special Mobile Application is developed for citizen of jharkhand ,Who are poor and needy but they do not have NFSA rationcard. They have to apply online request for rationcard They will get acknowledgement no. This mobile app will be used by block officials or dealers to distribute Ration.
Assessment of deprived households captured under SECC 2011
Ease of Living Survey is a Ministry Of Rural Development initiative for assessment of availability of basic facilities in rural households using this mobile App. Ministry of Rural Development is conducting a nationwide survey on delivery of basic services under the campaign on Constitution and Fundamental Duties & National Event from 26th Nov. 2019 to 14th April 2020 under which an assessment of deprived households captured under SECC 2011 data would be done regarding their ease of living on 16 household parameters on which Government flagship programmes have focused such as PMAY-G, UJJWALA etcThis will capture the change in deprivation status of the household at local bodies level. The survey (Ease of Living) shall be conducted in the Rural India only and all the automatically included and deprived households of SECC 2011 data will be covered under this assessment. The Survey shall be conducted using the android mobile based EOL application where enumerator will do door-to-door canvassing for all such households and collect information on required questions/parameters which will be directly captured in digital form. The base data (automatically included..
Complete solution for the paperless recruitment of candidates
PARIKSHA Product under “Implementation of National e-Gov. AppStore” has been developed & implemented in various recruitment agencies by NIC UP State Unit. PAperless Recruitment for Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Skilled and Highly Able candidates (PARIKSHA) provides complete solution for recruitments against vacant posts laying in the Government Departments/ Commissions/ Other Organizations/ PSUs etc… of PAN India under Direct or Examination mode. Home Screen• After Installation of Mobile Apps Looks as First Screen of Application's Introduction.• Allow Access Permissions for Marshmallow or upper version of application.• Register yourself or Skip the step and enter in the Application Features.DepartmentsThis Product along with its mobile App has been published on National e-Gov. AppStore & is already implemented in the following agencies of Uttar Pradesh.1. Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, Allahabad (UPPSC)2. Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board, Lucknow (UPPRPB)3. Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission, Lucknow (UPSSSC)4. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow (UPAKTU)5. Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Services Selection Board, Allahabad (UPSESSB)6. Uttar Pradesh Home guard Department, Lucknow (UPHG)7. Uttar Pradesh Ordinance Factory, Kanpur (UPOFK)8. Uttar Pradesh Examination Regulatory Authority, Allahabad (UPERA)9...
Bihar Tolla(Settlement) Sampark Yojana
This app is used by Rural Work Department for Identification of Uncovered Settlement in Bihar State By Concern Junior EngineerApp has been Developed by National Informatics Centre,Patna Bihar.
View eService-Book, Apply Leave & tour, Approve/Reject Leave & Tour.
The Manav Sampada App enables the employees of any State Government in India, who are using the Manav Sampada (Personnel MIS) software, to view their eService book (information related to employee, education, family, training, joining, leave, tour, salary service history etc). The employees can also view the balance of various types of leave on the Mobile app and can submit application for leave or tour approval. The employees can also delete leave (till it is pending) & cancel their approved leave. The reporting officers can view the leaves applied by their subordinates and may approve/ reject these leave applications. The tour requests are dealt in a similar manner.
Ele-Traces is for capturing Geo location of every movement of Sector Officer.
Ele-Traces app is for capturing Geo location of every movement of Sector Officer, Flying Squad and Police Officers. The Captured data will be send frequently to the remote server which can be viewed by Chief Election Commissioner Officer.
Telangana State Pharmacy Council
Telangana State Pharmacy Council is a statutory body constituted by the Government of Telangana State under the provisions of the Pharmacy Act of 1948 consisting of 6 members elected by Registered Pharmacists amongst themselves, five members nominated by Government of Telangana State, one member elected by T S Medical Council and three Ex-Officio Members Through G.O.Ms No. 30 dated 06-04-2015At present Government of Telangana State appointed "Dr.Preeti Meena, IAS., as President of Telangana State Pharmacy Council vide G.O.Rt.No.64 of Health, Medical and Family Welfare (C2) Department, dated 06.07.2018 and appointed T.Kailasam, Joint Director, Drugs Control Administration as Registrar of Telangana State Pharmacy Councl.The Council started functioning and providing service to the Pharmacists from 16.07.2018The main objective of the Telangana State pharmacy Council is to regulate the profession and Practice of pharmacy in the state of Telangana. The prime function of the TSPC is to grant registration to the eligible pharmacists possessing requisite qualification as per the provisions of section 32(2) of the Pharmacy Act and to enforce the necessary provisions of the Pharmacy Act 1948 and Telangana State Pharmacy Council..
Citizen can submit online complaints and view FIR status through mobile apps.
The citizens can download the app and access the following six services through their mobile, namely1. Register Online Complaints2. Know the Status of Registered Complaints3. Know the Status of the FIR of their interest4. Know the Status of the CSR (Community Service Register)5. Know the Status of the Vehicles6Know the Details of Arrested PersonsThe citizen can run the application remotely from anywhere, any time using their Android mobile with a working network connectivity (data / wi-fi connection). The Mobile can be used for registering complaints online and also to know the status of the registered complaints at any point of time by providing required information. The status of the FIR and CSR can also be monitored using this Mobile App which is returned from CCTNS Back end system. Citizen can also find out whether the vehicle is a stolen vehicle or involved in any crime.

Sickle Cell App DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle Play



very poor this application


Not more option for Correction and Data DC ownload


LGD data can't be downloaded. This is the reason for unable to enter single data. Pls solve this issue ASAP.


There is no such edit option in the app. If any data wrongly saved how to correct? There is no such line list option to see the data records, only single search option available. Mobile no mandatory but major person attended camps without having mobile, even they can't remember his/her no. It should be optional.


Verygood app all data sync quickly


Most worst app. Whether you search by mobile no or sickle ID, it just doesn't care at all, you will get no response!


Not working properly if u log out it make difficult to login,when u r register for a pt suggest the colum for fullfill information and the colums are not present


there should be option in search by name in view add result.... option because search by mo no in rural areas is very difficult as most people doesn't have mo no... please update


One mobile number only 5 ragistration resolve this issue


These app doesn't work because I am open this app then I entre the phone no. Connection refused problem


Very good app developed by NIC.


In View and Add Result (Online) we are unable to get details of Patient by using the linked Mobile Number. Please Update It so It Can Be helpful to us.


All functions are very slow and totally time wasting app 👎👎


Only CHO use app Error in state block rural Waste of time Delete this app


View / add result (online) module not working. While using this module, app is not responding, home screen become black and app is exited everytime.


We don't take any screenshot or screen recording yet so fix it because if there's wrongly written something we can rectify before final submitting. Make it so that the mobile number is at the first position and as soon as we enter the mobile number, patients name it should show that this number or name has already been entered.


App doesn't work properly,no other options like refresh etc,easily logout


Delete my all data without any notification and why?


Slow and lags. Time consuming and have to put unnecessary details. Some columns should be pre updated such as state, district, block as our id is created for particular block. Father's name column should be below patient's name column. Hope you will make changes accordingly to simplify things.


One thing, if any mistake then how to rectify the data? There is no edit option! It's required.