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Challenge formula car racing adventure & ramp car stunts in formula car games
*Formula Stunt GT Racing Fever: Car Racing Stunts on Impossible Tracks*Welcome to impossible formula car racing games ramp drive. Mega Ramp Car stunts Games is about the extreme formula racing ramp stunts car. You will have multiple cars in mega ramp car stunts driving free gameplay. This car stunts game will make you the best trick master on challenging tracks of formula race. You will race the top speed formula ramp car stunts on car parking games. This formula car games 2020 has the multi stunts drive. You will have real and beautiful formula car racing scenarios. Extreme GT car racing stunts 2019 is the best game for car stunts games lovers. Race your formula car on mega ramp formula racing games 2019. You are given a choice to choose from the best formula1 car. In formula car stunts game, drive your formula car in sea water, sky ramps and impossible tracks. You have to come up to the level of ramp car impossible simulator in formula car racing challenge. Your driving skills will be tested on zigzag tracks with..
Add speech bubbles or unique frames to photo! Texts for many occasions included.
Photo talks detects people's faces on a photo and automatically generates speech bubbles with text for the detected people. You can also manually add, edit, delete or rotate bubbles. If you wish you can enter your own text or place talk clouds with text on any photo, even without faces.Create comics or a meme from your photos!What you'll get♥ Many pre-written texts, dialogs in different languages:English, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Malay, Slovene, German and French♥ Visual effects and fonts for the speech bubbles♥ Picture bubbles♥ Customizable unique photo frames and filters♥ Stickers♥ Rotate speech bubbles in any way♥ Flip the text♥ Enlarge the photo with your fingers to edit the small details
Action, Adventure, in which blood Comics Full color original comics free
專門為手機繪製的彩色長條漫畫單指滑就能追漫,輕鬆到要飛起來天天輕鬆看,不看會後悔哦 (ノ´▽`)ノ包含已推出動畫的Relife重返17歲,劇情強作復仇要冷冷端上、大城市小女子,戀愛系必看的少女心症候群、魔咒之吻、可可亞79%,和可愛到爆錶的小木乃伊到我家,都在comico連載中!【comico主要特色】► 來自台日韓全球超過2700萬下載以週連載方式,由台灣、日本、韓國新人創作的漫畫每天都看的到!► 專為手機繪製的全彩漫畫全部都是彩色,帥哥美女正太蘿莉都更生動啦!長條漫畫只要一指滑就能輕鬆追漫哦~► 酷炫帥的互動漫畫充份運用手機的鈴聲、震動、動畫,看恐怖漫畫的時候請不要嚇到摔手機► 官方Facebook粉絲頁
Boats is an offline comic viewer app for xkcd that's 100% free for Android!
DARK THEMES!NO FISHY PERMISSIONS!Boats is the best comic reader app there is for Android. Download Boats today and start reading xkcd for free with our awesome comic viewer. Enjoy!Features:- Read your favorite online comic, now with offline support too!- Get notified when there are new stripes available!- And much more!Boats is FOSS. You can browse the source at problems? The app is actively maintained with new features and fixes, but if you find something you want to bring attention to, please post your issue here.
Keep track of what you have read and seen in your own list!
Vous ne pouvez pas regarder d'animés, ni lire de mangas sur MangaJapMangaJap est une application GRATUITE qui vous permet de vous organiser entre tous les mangas, animés, bandes dessinées et comics que vous adorez. MangaJap vous aide à :• Organiser tous les mangas, animés, comics, BD que vous lisez et suivez à un seul endroit• Garder une trace des prochains chapitres et tomes à lire mais également des prochains épisodes à regarder• Constituer une liste complète de tous vos mangas, animés, BD, comics que vous adorezEn plus de cela, beaucoup d'améliorations sont à venir…Pour tout :- Proposition de nouvelles fonctionnalités- Signalement de bugsN'hésitez à me contacter à l'adresse [email protected] ou en publiant un avis, je répondrai à votre demande dans les plus brefs délais.Merci beaucoup !
FF Fire Max in Minecraft takes you to arena of battle royale in Pocket Edition
In this launcher, you can download Map ff fire max Minecraft Pocket Edition addon, in which you can play real hunger games with your friends, where you have to find out what a real pvp fight is in survival mode. The application interface is very convenient, for absolutely every user of the Bedrock game. We wish you and your friends a pleasant game with the battle royale Minecraft extension or map ff fire max Minecraft.The battle royale in Minecraft is an arena or a location where you will need to survive among all the players you invite to the game. In some ways, it resembles the hunger games, but here the mechanics are slightly different, you can figure it out by trying to play here. In addition map ff fire max for mcpe to the location, there is also a weapon that is not in the vanilla version of the game, with which you can destroy each other in the Map ff fire max for mcpe Pocket Edition addon.Mods and addons, such as the battle royale Minecraft, will take you..
An app that allows you to enjoy popular comics / popular comics with visual novels
Start now with a fateful story that depends on your choice.◆ UGC service started! Anyone is a new writer!Just looking at it is not enough! You can create and serialize your own visual novel. Use Maby characters and try to make it easily on mobile.◇ What is your choice at the fork of fate?Every story depends on your choiceMay your new story be a happy journey◆ Lots of spin-offs of popular LINE manga comics and web novels!"I request remarriage approval", "I want to rob you all", "I will protect the love of sub-characters", etc.Please enjoy a story different from the original!◇ Works of various genres updated weekly!Genres such as romance, science fiction, fantasy, BL, youth, drama, etc. to choose according to your taste!Experience the weekly story of Maby.◆ You can freely choose the costumes and hairstyles of the main character of the story to your liking!Lovely today! Cool and chic tomorrow!Transform into a different style every day for your own story![Maybe's work]◆ Royal Blood ◆"Would you like to marry a vampire? 』\The day my mother's funeral took place, everything in..
Populate your photos or selfies with zombies
Zombie Comics is the best choice if you want to populate your photos or selfies with zombies. This collage maker will help you to turn to zombies your family and friends as well as give your photos sweet zombie apocalyptic touch
Do your kids love jokes? Then try Knock Knock Jokes for Kids!
Do your kids love jokes? Do they want to learn more and have fun doing it? Would they like to tell their own knock knock jokes too? Then look no further! Knock Knock Jokes for Kids: The Best Good Clean Funny Jokes is the perfect app for kids who love jokes!Knock knock jokes are told by a hilarious owl with no reading requiredWatch the owls funny reactions as he hears corny jokes that kids loveWith great jokes he will laugh, good jokes will get a silly face, and, for the punniest, a good eye rollYour kids will quote these jokes so be prepared for your own silly reactions.Want to tell your own knock knock jokes? No problem! Kids can easily record their own funny jokes to share with friends and family.Features:50 hilarious knock knock jokes!No reading required for young kidsCreate, record, and play your own knock knock jokesCute and fun animated owl!Easy for little and big kids to usePlease note that this is the free version of the app. The free version includes fourteen of the knock knock jokes and..
Read officially manga titles from Japan including Attack on Titan
Mangamo is the official reading manga destination from over 20 top Japanese publishers. Buy chapters of iconic series like A Sign of Affection, Attack On Titan, Tokyo Revengers, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Fire Force, A Silent Voice, and more! Subscribe to Plus to get access to 50+ exclusive titles such as the critically acclaimed My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999, Devil-Chi, Date of Marriage, A Man with A Thousand Skills, Dropkick My Devil!, I Fell in Love So I'm Streaming It, and 400+ great manga titles. FREE READING NOW• Enjoy reading hundreds of free chapters on over 400 series!SUBSCRIBE TO PLUS• One low monthly price, cancel anytime• Access to over 50+ titles only on Mangamo such as My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999, I Fell in Love So I'm Streaming It, Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun, and Reset Game• More new release titles such as Record of Ragnarok, Date of Marriage, Devil Chi, Nanase-san's Crazy Love Obsession, and Kamisama Death Game• New chapters every day• No daily limits on reading• No ads BUY WITH COINS • Buy..
Comic bookstore on blockchain
Platform for discovering, trading, and reading digital graphic novels.Experience new ways of collecting comics digitally!

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A bit buggy, but the team behind it is great and gets stuff sorted out fast!
"A bit buggy" is a nice way to put it! We understand that there are some poor user experience moments on the platform and can't wait for the day when we tackle all of the nuisances down! Looking forward to 2024 when our UX will evolve greatly 🔥 Appreciate the patience.


love reading comics on dReader. High quality content and great collectable experience.


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Resolved! Check your email spam in case you haven't by now. Appreciate the feedback


I wanna see where this app is at in 2 years. I'm very proud with the way it turned out and the main thing missing is - content. Appreciate the team which made it all possible. - Josip, founder of dReader


The combination of digital comics and NFTs is brilliant!