[Common] You can now log in with your account during tutorial
[Merchant Guild] Chats are now available in the Guild
[Common] Various bugs were fixed and UI were improved

Drawshop Kingdom Reverse Game SCREENSHOT

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Drawshop Kingdom Reverse Game DESCRIPTION

Drawshop Kingdom Reverse(DKR) arrives on Mobile!
Drawshop Kingdom Reverse is one of the most advanced blockchain game where players can play for free and earn real profit through blockchain reward!

Be a Drawshop Owner, operate your own business and win JOY as rewards by clearing “Consulting” stages or competing against others in ARENA (PvP) matches!

Join DKR World and socialize with others in DKR Metaverse!

Feeling lucky? Try your luck by drawing Gacha and win several rare items or even NFTs!
Create your own Gacha and make profit by inviting others into your drawshop!

Join guild and collaborate to grow faster, and increase your asset!

Enjoy and Earn JOY with DKR!

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Drawshop Kingdom Reverse(DKR) arrives on Mobile!Drawshop Kingdom Reverse is one of the most advanced blockchain game where players can play for free and earn real profit through blockchain reward!Be a Drawshop Owner, operate your own business and win JOY as rewards by clearing "Consulting" stages or competing against others in ARENA (PvP) matches!Join DKR World and socialize with others in DKR Metaverse!Feeling lucky? Try your luck by drawing Gacha and win several rare items or even NFTs!Create your own Gacha and make profit by inviting others into your drawshop!Join guild and collaborate to grow faster, and increase your asset!Enjoy and Earn JOY with DKR!

Drawshop Kingdom Reverse Game DOWNLOAD

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Its an inconvenient game.


Need to invest


Didn't notice the blockchain when I downloaded. My experience for the game is its alright gameplay wise. I dunno about the story. It's not laggy to the point of unable to play.


Please make the mobile users to be able to connect their metamask account. Thank you


the game is good its more like a game arcade tycoon but the thing that i don’t like about the game is the story mode 1-3 is passable but after going to 4 the story became laggy for some reason it won’t open


By looks of the's entertainable but when I connect my Google account it won't let me enter the game..or even connecting to my Facebook..the same as guest..Why would it not make me play?