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CKW Energie Tracker App DESCRIPTION

Now you can understand and optimize your energy consumption to make your contribution to the energy transition.

On average you can save 5-8% electricity with this app. This not only reduces your costs, but also your CO2 footprint.

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Venco is used by property and facilities managers, real estate developers and residents associations to efficiently manage the processes on their estates, improve engagement with residents and property owners as well as improve collections and reconciliations related to shared costs in these communities. Why do you need Venco? Because, it does the following:* Online Electricity / Utilities Vending: Estate Manager integrates with any STS compliant Utility Vending Server to enable online request and payment for electricity tokens.* Demand Notices Generation and Billing: Generate accurate demand notices for all parties related to a property.* Venco Messenger: Provide a messaging platform where residents, property owners and facilities management staff on your estates can communicate generally or using dedicated groups using the EM Messenger client embedded in the appfor free.* Communications Management: With Estate Manager, you can define message templates, newsletters and SMS communications that allow you to communicate to targeted groups in the estate.* Visitor Management: Manage entry and exit of visitors and contractors on the estate using an automated workflow.* Simple Payments: Simple Payments enables residents to conveniently purchase any item..
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Was my package delivered? Are the kids home from school? Easily monitor live video, manage connected security cameras, answer your video doorbell, and view recorded video footage from anywhere in the world with the free Clare Door Vision+ App. Receive notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected or when there is suspicious activity. Features:

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• Store and manage photo and video snapshots that can be saved to your phone

• Simple setup using “Scan and Configure” technology

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Enphase Enlighten Live, la connaissance en direct de votre utilisation solaire.Grâce à la remontée d'informations instantanées, Enlighten Live vous donne l'assurance que votre installation est utilisée de façon optimale.- Vérifier facilement et en direct les performances de votre système.- Visualiser la production d'énergie avec une temporisation personnalisableLudique, elle permet de façon claire d'apprendre à toute la famille à quel moment la production est à son optimum.Cette application nécessite que vous téléphone soit connecté au même réseau WIFI que votre passerelle.Seule la plateforme METERED est supportée par cette application.
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The program of 100 thousand free housing comes in response from the national government to the reality of thousands of households living in extreme poverty and, therefore, they are unable to access credit for their home by traditional mechanisms offered the market. This program aims to deliver 100 thousand houses within 2 years, and has as its main objective further progress in meeting the government's goals of creating jobs and reducing poverty in Colombia.The program of 100 thousand free housing gives priority to displaced families, which are part of the Red States and the most vulnerable sectors. Also, a percentage of households in each project will be allocated to households affected by natural disasters or who live in areas of high risk can not be mitigated.With free housing program, the Government promotes a partnership between the public sector and the private sector to define a target selection method, agile and transparent designers, builders and inspectors of works.Decree 1921 of 2012: Targeting System free housing.Resolution 0010 of 2013: drawing mechanism for allocating free housing beneficiaries.
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”Mig og Min Bolig” er til dig, der bor i en afdeling i KAB-fællesskabet. Med appen kan du indmelde opgaver til dit ejendomskontor, og følge status på dem. Du kan også modtage push beskeder, når der er driftsforstyrrelser i dit område eller vigtige beskeder fra dit ejendomskontor Fx: ”Vandet er midlertidigt lukket grundet brud på hovedledning”. Desuden kan du se din husorden, råderetsregler og referater.OPRET OPGAVEDu kan oprette en opgave ganske simpelt ud fra en række kategorier. Du kan også vedhæfte fotos af problemet for at synliggøre omfang eller placering, da et foto ofte er mere beskrivende, yderligere kan du også skrive din egen kommentar.FØLG OPGAVENår opgaven er sendt afsted kan du følge sagens gang, og hver gang der er nyt i sagen modtager du en besked herom. Du kan tillige skrive i sagen, hvis du har yderligere kommentarer.BESKEDERDu kan også modtage Push beskeder fra ejendomskontoret, når der er driftsproblemer i et område, f.eks. når strømmen går eller der bliver slukket for vandet. KONTAKTUnder kontakter finder du info på dit ejendomskontor, åbningstider, mail og tlf. Derudover kan der være akut..
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Do you want to learn air conditioning repair?If you want to learn the necessary tips and tricks to get this type of device up and running again, and even be able to understand the internal makeup of it, then this tutorial is for you.The app "Learn about air conditioning" brings you an instruction manual that explains step by step how an air conditioner works, the possible problems it may present and how to solve them. Consider the content of this app a digital book or a reference guide for a syllabus, course material, or project work.You will find various topics of interest:- How to fix an air conditioner- Most common repairs- Leaking evaporator- Water loss through the vent- Gas loss- slow cooling- engine turbine- Fan bearingsYou do not need to have previous experience, just an Internet connection and a great interest in technical repairs of household appliances. All this information and much more, totally free!Air conditioning is an electronic device that can be used to cool down the temperature in an enclosed space, such as a home or office. Due..
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Use electricity when it is cheapestIf you want to save on your electricity costs, you need to know the electricity price hour by hour, so you know when the price of electricity is low and when it is high. With OK Hjem, you can stay up to date on today's electricity price and see electricity prices up to 35 hours ahead.See your total electricity priceIn OK Hjem, you must enter your address, which we use to be able to show you the electricity price for your local area. The electricity price in OK Hjem shows you your total electricity price, i.e. the pure electricity price per hour incl. surcharges, as well as distribution and taxes, but without your fixed payment to your local grid company.Set the electricity price displayIn OK Hjem, you can adapt the electricity price display to suit you. You can choose which electrical product you want to see prices for, if you do not yet have an OK electrical product, you can still follow the price trend. You can choose whether the graph should be single-coloured or..
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Find out details about your electricity consumption and find out where you can save.
Now you can understand and optimize your energy consumption to make your contribution to the energy transition.On average you can save 5-8% electricity with this app. This not only reduces your costs, but also your CO2 footprint.

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