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Eyva is the world’s first non-invasive health & wellness gadget that will measure & monitor 6 key body vitals including Blood glucose, ECG, Heart rate, Blood Pressure, SpO2, and HbA1c in less than 60 seconds just by a touch.
We have created a unique mythical world on our mobile app addressed as the Anthea Realm, it is a world that heals along with you, that has secrets under its blooming flowers and gushing waterfalls. It is our effort to make health and self-care easy, interesting, and fun for you. It is an escape from the typical approach to wellness, with a focus on creating a world that encourages you to explore how you can improve your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Eyva is designed only for non-medical use and general fitness/wellness purpose.

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Your health in your hands in just 60 seconds!
Eyva is the world’s first non-invasive health & wellness gadget that will measure & monitor 6 key body vitals including Blood glucose, ECG, Heart rate, Blood Pressure, SpO2, and HbA1c in less than 60 seconds just by a touch.We have created a unique mythical world on our mobile app addressed as the Anthea Realm, it is a world that heals along with you, that has secrets under its blooming flowers and gushing waterfalls. It is our effort to make health and self-care easy, interesting, and fun for you. It is an escape from the typical approach to wellness, with a focus on creating a world that encourages you to explore how you can improve your lifestyle.Disclaimer: Eyva is designed only for non-medical use and general fitness/wellness purpose.


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Cool app. Just sceptical about the accuracy of glucose readings


Stay away from this and don't waste your time and money., totally unreliable readings. Customer care doesn't respond and there is no way to return.


Even after a 100 tests the readings are far from accurate. Glucometer shows 350 and Eyva shows 150. I am constantly updating the difference in readings on Whatsapp however no solution is provided. Seems like a waste of money.


Fake product. Don't buy. I bought this device for my father and the readings are totally inaccurate. Readings are off by 100-150% which is very scary. Even after taking 100 trials it won't show proper result. It's a scam. And I think reviews are also fake.


Delivered late against their timeline. Initially had an issue, the switch next to charging port is not very smooth. Now started using.


Not accurate, gives an error of 59%, spoke to customer support but absolutely useless, waste of money don't buy the device.


Eyva is first of its kind. It measures body vitals without prick. Thanks to EYVA team for inventing the world's first innovative health gadget. Though not so accurate, but you can view the trend and accordingly adapt to diet and exercise. The app also provides holistic guidance on food, and lifestyle for overall wellness.


Dont fall for there promise and fake reviews in media. There is no such product. Once you pay, there is no way to contact them, the number given and email dont get responded if you do it from the same number/email you placed the order. If you try contacting them via a different number they will ask your order number and stop responding No option to cancel the order once placed. They will test your patience and eventually you will have to give up the hard earned money spent.


I've compared the readings of eyva with professional medical devices and also medical diagnosis, and it consistently provides accurate measurements after around 30+ trials in the beginning , giving me peace of mind. I hope more people use this device and get to know it's true potential.


The gadget's Bluetooth connectivity allows me to sync my health data with this app which is on my smartphone, making it convenient to track and analyze my progress over time. It really does affect my day to day life because It keeps ringing a bell in my head to rethink every choice I make for the better. I cant wait for this app to launch on IOS.


I have been using this eyva for a while now, and I must say, its data accuracy is truly impressive. As someone who values reliable health measurements, this gadget has exceeded my expectations and also a gadget like this paired with a app that syncs and functions precisely. The best part is more than 2 people can use the same device and store their vitals separately.


I am amazed by how this health tech gadget has improved my health metrics. It has empowered me to take control of my well-being and make proactive choices based on accurate and comprehensive information. If you're looking for a device that monitors all six key vitals with precision and convenience, I highly recommend Eyva. The team and the customer support is on point and they will make sure you are not left with any kind of problem with the gadget. Kudos to a better future in the health tech in


The customer support team is incredibly helpful and responsive. They resolved my issues promptly and made sure I understand every little thing about the device and the way it works. Now after several meets and interactions I use my eyva with full confidence because now after spending time with the team and the gadget the results are very accurate and upto the mark.


I love how easy it is to get used to the gadget and access the various health features from the app. It's straightforward even for a non-tech-savvy person like me. It barely takes a minute to give you your vitals if you have proper bluetooth and wifi connection and place your fingers precisely. Yall are really missing out on something this fantastic if you think this is just any other fake gadget. Because looking back, when I heard about this gadget I assumed it is just impossible to make someth


eyva and the app have become an essential part of my daily routine. The results are reliable after a week of trials and its also very fun to use, the best part is we get to know how our body reacts to every little thing we do in every step of our day to day lives.


When I first heard about this device, I just couldn't believe that it was even real. Because I myself am an Diabetic patient and I get diagnosed every month, also I use glucometers every week. Glucometers and my diagnostic reports itself had differences. And I really wanted to try Eyva out. I waited until the flash bookings and finally got my hands on one of them, and I could never be as disappointed as I was when I could completely wrong readings on my first use. I immediately contacted the


I got Eyva and was very excited to use it and first reading itself was very inaccurate, I was frustrated and immediately requested the support team to contact me and they got back to be within few mere hours. they told me to take minimum 30 readings over the week and after that I myself noticied that the accuracy improved a lot - and it is a very sensitive sensor so it matters a lot on how you hold it and how much pressure you put on it without moving your finger even for a bit. It took me time


initally accuracy was off but after readings and when i contacted team they helped me to hold it in the right way and it works very well for me - even my family uses it - i have never seen a company tell do not use it for someone which is for my child who is 12 years they are very honest and a caring team who is willing to solve any issues that comes - thanks team eyva for this innvoation now i do not need to prick anymore to take healthy life choices


Regret buying it. I think I wasted my hard earned money. The readings are inaccurate. The eyva team adviced the readings will be more accurate after 30 readings but even after 60 readings readings are not accurate. Very bad device
Hello George, we are here for you always and our dedicated support team is ready to help. Reach out to us on our official WhatsApp number +91 8073937067 for quick resolutions. Looking forward to hearing from you soon & making your experience with Eyva the best!


Using EYVA frm 21st APR fr BG . Close to 600+ times scanned fr BG till 11 thJune. Also 85 time tested with OneTouch to see EYVA's reliability. Until 20th May EYVA result are false. Frm 21 st may App updation some 10 times EYVA BG reading matches with 10-15% variation to OneTouch out of 200 scans. Now it looks EYVA based on past info it fills the data not doing any scan is my observation . 20 min after eating ice-cream , EYVA BG showed 112 where as OneTouch info 190 . Total waste product .
Hello Viswanathan, we understand your concerns our support & tech team have been actively engaged with you over WhatsApp & calls to address your queries. We genuinely care about your experience with EYVA & are committed to resolving any queries you may have. Please reach out to us on WhatsApp, and we'll ensure that you receive the best assistance.