B&B Mobile APP, Nueva Versión 2.01 -
Panel "Tus Operaciones" optimizado con cambio de diseño en filtros para una mayor amplitud de pantalla, Descarga de PDF SIMIs y Oficializaciones, Indicadores de gestión. Ahora podes ver el historial de 1 Año de Operaciones, Últimos 90 días o buscar por fechas de creación de carpeta, oficialización o liberadas.
Alertas de Oficialización, cambios de estado, liberación con acceso directo a tus operaciones.
Mensajería directa con tu ejecutivo de cuentas.


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Tracking of On-Line Operations of B&B Consultora S.A.
Find your operations, view the detail and download the full customs formalization and Simi.
Alerts of Officializations, SIMI, Digitization.
Push notifications will inform you instantly when a SIMI was approved, an operation was made official, among others. Personalized messages from your account executive. Sector news.

(If you do not know your username and password for the Web tracking that should be used to enter as a customer in the mobile app, ask your account executive for assistance.)

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가장 스마트한 모바일 그룹웨어, BIZBOX mobile이 1.5버전으로 업데이트 되었습니다.더욱 스마트해진 BIZBOX mobile을 지금 확인하세요.BIZBOX mobile Ver 1.5 주요 업데이트 내용쪽지 기능: 그룹 또는 개인 간 대화 형태의 직관적인 UI 적용되었으며, 히스토리 관리가 가능해 커뮤니케이션이 수월해집니다.조직도 기능: 조직 선택 UI가 상단 숨김형태로 변경되었으며, 최근 연락처 탭 추가로 검색의 편의성을 높였습니다.일정 기능: 그룹웨어와 실시간 연동되는 일정기능이 추가되어 외부에서도 쉽게 스케쥴 관리가 가능합니다.*1.5버전 업데이트 시 스마트폰에 저장된 쪽지 및 다운로드 받은 파일은 모두 초기화 됩니다.자세한 업데이트 내용은 ‘새로운 기능’ 탭에서 확인 가능합니다.앱 설치 시 접근권한 고지[ 필수적 접근권한 ]- 전화 권한 : 기기 인증을 위해 로그인시 단말 고유ID 전송 등 기기 정보 접근- 저장공간 권한 : SD카드에 각종 파일 저장 및 다른 사용자에게 전송[ 선택적 접근권한 ]- 마이크 권한 : 다른 사용자에게 음성 메시지 전송- 주소록 권한 : 기기의 연락처 정보를 사용- 카메라 권한 : 사진,동영상 촬영※ 선택적 접근권한의 허용에는 동의하지 않아도 서비스의 이용이 가능합니다. ※ 안드로이드 운영체제는 6.0 버전부터 동의 방식이 크게 달라졌기 때문에 해당 스마트폰 내 소프트웨어 업데이트 기능을 이용하여, 본인 스마트폰 운영체제를 안드로이드 6.0이상으로 업그레이드 할 수 있는지 확인하고 업그레이드 하시기 바랍니다. ※ 스마트폰 운영체제를 안드로이드 6.0 이상으로 업그레이드 하더라도..
Syntax highlighting in a clean and minimalistic design inspired by sublime text
You want to read the source code of your favourite open source applications or libraries or maybe you want to present your own project in a meeting or an interview on your smartphone or tablet?With Source Code Viewer, you get the ability to navigate very fast through large project directories to read all your source code files on the go.Source Code Viewer Highlights:- Syntax highlighting- Automatic language recognition- Clean and minimalistic design inspired by sublime text- Read your source code files in multiple Tabs- Built in file browser to navigate very quickly through your The Pro Version of this app provides additional features:- Fullscreen mode (Android 4.4 required)- Switch between code highlighting themes- Project Search functionality- Change font size and tab width- Show and hide line numbersSupported languages by the Source Reader:C#, C++, CSS, CoffeeScript, HTML, XML, HTTP, JSON, Java, JavaScript, Objective C, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL and many morePlease note that this application is not an editor. Instead, it is is highly optimized for viewing and reading your files very easily and with the intuitive build in file..
Plate Heat Exchangers in civilian and industrial applications
Since 1983 Techno System srl produces high-quality plate heat exchangers, according to European norms (PED, CE marking, ASME, etc.).This App helps the user identifying the right product (exchangers, pre-assembled modules) for standard civilian applications, and contacting our tech support for industrial applications.Furthermore our App allows to find the closest supplier in the chosen zone, and has other interesting features like a conversion unit for technical measurements and a comparison table of similar TS exchangers.
Convierte tu Smartphone en un control remoto avanzado.
Control Remoto Altice es una aplicación fácil de usar y divertida que convierte su Smartphone a un control remoto avanzado.Dondequiera que estés en tu casa, conectarse a su red inalámbrica doméstica y disfrutar de una experiencia de navegación completa con aplicación control Remoto Altice.Aplicación Control Remoto Altice ofrece la posibilidad de abrir fácilmente cambiar de canales, ver el menú, explorar la guía interactiva y disfrutar de todas las teclas del control remoto en una sola aplicación.
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In a common restaurant, you need to patiently wait the waiter serves you. This usually causes dissatisfaction by delays in care.To address this, we created the EasyAssist!It has several features that will facilitate your attendance at restaurants that use the system.Check it out:Through an app installed on your smartphone EasyAssist, follow the steps in the home screen.They are just three steps:1. Turn on the WiFi on your smartphone and connect to the wireless network of the restaurant. Data access of the wireless network are usually fixed in visible places.2Once connected, touch the "Read QRCode". With this, the smartphone's camera is activated.3. Use the camera to frame the picture of the QRCodethat is found in the consumption’s card or on the table of the establishment. NOTE: Once the image is validated by the QRCODE application, you will see a screen with groups and products to make your order.Ready!Now just place your order without to need to call the waiter. Ah, but if you have questions and need help from the waiter, it’s not necessary to look for him to call, simply..
Online Operations Tracking, Monitoring, Notifications, Alerts.
Tracking of On-Line Operations of B&B Consultora S.A.Find your operations, view the detail and download the full customs formalization and Simi.Alerts of Officializations, SIMI, Digitization.Push notifications will inform you instantly when a SIMI was approved, an operation was made official, among others. Personalized messages from your account executive. Sector news.(If you do not know your username and password for the Web tracking that should be used to enter as a customer in the mobile app, ask your account executive for assistance.)


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