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This is a new Random Name Picker with features:

– Offline, neat and easy to use.
– Create unlimited groups with up to 44 members
– An overall 5 levels of randomness
– Auto detect duplicates

In Normal Mode, the app randomly pick a name from a group. Picked names will be rank from First to Last.

Versus Mode lets the app pick randomly from a Two Group alternately. The result will be: 1 person from Team 1 VERSUS 1 person from Team 2.

This is an early version of the app. Your suggestions matter, please drop me a message at [email protected]

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The easiest way to pick a random name from a group!
This is a new Random Name Picker with features:- Offline, neat and easy to use.- Create unlimited groups with up to 44 members- An overall 5 levels of randomness- Auto detect duplicatesNORMAL MODEIn Normal Mode, the app randomly pick a name from a group. Picked names will be rank from First to Last.VERSUS MODEVersus Mode lets the app pick randomly from a Two Group alternately. The result will be: 1 person from Team 1 VERSUS 1 person from Team 2.This is an early version of the app. Your suggestions matter, please drop me a message at [email protected]
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Tabla lang satgas


I love it its the best random name chooser I've ever used because it is totally random and unpredictable
Thank you so much, stay tuned for more improvements!




You cant remove the ads when something showing to youre screen then you cant exit in the ads and i reset my phone but the ads still there this is a nice app but i want you to fix this problem thank you!
Hi there. Thank you for your honest feedback. This ads problem sometimes happen depending on the ad provider. Dont worry, the next update in few days, I will filter this annoying ads as described. Thank you and Happy New Year.


it pop-up checking subscription
Everytime the app start or in main menu. It will check your subscriptuon status. Just restart it if the pop up wont dis appear.


Very nice app, I hope for the next update it will having more than 30 members
Thank you for the review.. I am currently researching for this feature...


Downside, it only holds 30 slots per group. Overall, good!
Thank you for the review. Due to the design of the game, I think the screen can only accomodate up to 30 names, but I will look into it for expansion.


good app for gaming purposes


Thank you :)


This is very good app! Don't think twice before downloading this app, not only is it user friendly, but also faster and more efficient than other apps. And trust me, it's so underrated! This app deserves higher ratings! 👍👍✌️
Thank you so much Dhaani. All recommendations and suggestions are welcome so we can improve the app even better.