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Andro-Q IRC Client is the next generation IRC client for Android, built with design and functionality in mind.

This client has a modern Material design, among many other great features:
– It stays in the background properly even on newer Android versions – More
then keep the chat messages to be displayed after reconnecting to the server
– Radio listening feature
– Nick/channel/command autocomplete
– Ignore list
– mIRC color formatting support
– SSL certificate exception list
– List of commands to run after connecting
– Customization: custom command aliases, notification rules, reconnect interval, chat font, message format, app colors
… and much more!

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Andro-Q IRC Client
Andro-Q IRC Client is the next generation IRC client for Android, built with design and functionality in mind.This client has a modern Material design, among many other great features:- It stays in the background properly even on newer Android versionsMorethen keep the chat messages to be displayed after reconnecting to the server- Radio listening feature- Nick/channel/command autocomplete- Ignore list- mIRC color formatting support- SSL certificate exception list- List of commands to run after connecting- Customization: custom command aliases, notification rules, reconnect interval, chat font, message format, app colorsand much more!


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