- If enabled, Bible now includes NKJV and NVI translations
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


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Welcome to the new & improved official G5 Church App!

We’ve sought out to bring you the best experience as G5ers for an all-in-one place to watch our livestream & past sermons, listen to podcasts, check upcoming events, read the Bible, give, & much more!
We’re seeking to create a community stronger than ever before and we want you to join us 🙂 Let’s become better servant leaders and better followers, TOGETHER.

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The Official G5 Church App - listen to sermons, read the Bible, give, & more!
Welcome to the new & improved official G5 Church App!We've sought out to bring you the best experience as G5ers for an all-in-one place to watch our livestream & past sermons, listen to podcasts, check upcoming events, read the Bible, give, & much more!We're seeking to create a community stronger than ever before and we want you to join us :) Let's become better servant leaders and better followers, TOGETHER.

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G5 Church has radically changed my life by speaking the word of God to me in a way that my soul understands. PT and his wife are amazing leaders. I'm listening and looking forward sermon series for G5 women. I cannot wait to see how the Lord transforms me this year on this journey I'm living! I listen to a sermon every morning when I start my work for the day. The app is updated regularly with the newest sermons too! God bless ya'll and thank you for your ministry, it really has changed my life.


Teaching, Couching and Transparrency. The word and love of Christ by whole team being poured out. How powerful. Thank You Goad Family




It would be nice if the podcasts had an interface, instead of just pause/play.


Huge supporter of the G5 ministry!


The next best thing to being present at G5 church!


Great app...great Church,run by GREAT people. #NothinButLOVE


I love how you can easily access the powerful preachings that you missed through this app


I get to have an app and engage with this amazing church more! Sounds like a blessing to me! The app is great, and very helpful.


Love that our church has an app, it works great and is simple to use. can listen to the services if you happened to miss something or just want a refresher. The podcast is awesome. G5 is amazing and we love you


Life Changing!


Super simple interface Love being able to take this church with me on the go !!


Awesome user friendly social media app!