Introducing Missions!
Embark on exciting missions to save the city! Send your crowds on daring adventures, earn Mission XP, and climb the weekly leaderboard. Compete with players worldwide and prove your strategic skills!
Earn Mission XP to climb the leaderboard and claim your spot among the top players. Weekly rewards await the most skilled and strategic city saviors!
Including some improvements and bug fixes!
Thank you for playing Crowd City!

Crowd City Game SCREENSHOT

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Become the biggest crowd in town!
Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!

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UPDATE: 11/27/23 Since the most recent update, the game will not open It loads to the 'play missions' button which you cannot select. **** I like the game! Just one thing...please update with more skins or goals to complete. I have acquired all the skins and met all the point goals. There is no reason to play the game now. please update.


The ads are neverending, and the game does not let you play offline for long. The ads are also always so inappropriate where as on other apps I use, the ads tend not to be so vulgar. Annoying game anyways, since the rounds are always too short. I highly recommend never getting this game, the small fun is not worth the shock of watching another one of those inappropriate ads.


Since last update I can no longer get into the game. It's opens to 'play mission' button. The button doesn't work. No other way to get onto the game. Edit: Thanks for response. I have emailed you a screen recorder of the error
Hi Simon, We are investigating this defect but we haven't been able to reproduce it, could you give us a bit more details about the steps you follow or any other aspect that could help us understand your current configuration? Also, could you try to reinstall the app? Thanks again for playing Crowd City!


This is literally just an ad game. The game will stop right in the middle for ads, giant ads in the middle of your screen while you're trying to play. I promise that you will have 10x more ads then you will actually get in game time..


EXTREMELY BAD GAME This game is so bad because nothing really works. First the mission system is broken. Mission timers do not work unless you are playing the game. Last night it completely wiped out all of my missions. Also it says watch a ad to get 10 extra guys but half the time you watch a stupid ad and do not get your 10 extra guys. No matter what you have to spend the first half of the match catching up to the stupid ai opponents. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR STORAGE SPACE ON YOUR PHONE.


The last time I enjoy a game that included mutiplayers was Goldeneye for Nintendo 64. This game is so much fun that I'm getting less sleep then ever. It's very addictive when people enjoy themselves with certian games like this one. Please keep this running for a longtime if possible. I haven't enjoy anything since the 90's. Why do a lot of users get to start off with 400 to 500 players, while other users only get to start off with 11 to 21?


I was enjoying the game for the most part until my game decided to act all wonky when it came to those "missions". It now won't let me finish and collect the xp from the final mission I have to complete. This game is garbage and the developers should fix the glitches but I know they won't. Don't bother with this game, choose a different one!


DO NOT WASTE MONEY OR TIME!!!!! This is the worst game in regards to ads. Even if you buy the ad free version, there's still an overwhelming number of ads. Even spending the points you earn on power ups. Somehow, I still have to watch ads to keep adding on to my power ups. It's extremely annoying and makes game play, not even worth it. And especially with no real update to the graphics or game play. Will be uninstalling this. The first version of this was way more fun!


Super fun. Wish there was an untimed mode. Also game becomes impossible once you get to upper ranks because the enemies start too big for you to ever catch. Eventually had to just reinstall to reset the game


I hated this game. I deleted it after using it less than half an hour. I played only 2 matches. And the amount of ads I got is like literally 10 just in 2 matches. The main issue is ads although I loved the game the ad issue needs to be fixed. After finishing 1 games a ad comes, in between a ad comes, after finishing 2 ads comes. I am very frustrated.


Fun at the start but you actually get punished for playing. Time is reduced the more you play, and enemies have 4x your startup size, no matter what. I had one match give me 15 seconds to play. Cant even get across the map in that time. Ads everywhere. Even after you pay for no ads, there is nothing accept ad clicks everywhere. Every menu, every notification, has something to do with advertising. Its basically TV with 2 minutes of shows between adverts. Not the game I remember. Not worth it


I enjoy this game, no lag and a great time killer (and fun!). It is easy to play, but, I have a suggestion: to add tournaments where the winner of each game progresses to the next round and the next if they win, et.c. Thanks!


Update...a bit better don't like the the new city but it's challenging....I've been playing for 2 months and purchased it.....but it's really glitchy when you get the most followers and try to get other players and is moving like ever milla second....that's when it's super slow though it was my Internet but even with full bars 5g it lags at that point....makes me not want to play it anymore........ awesome game super addicting but after so many times of losing do to the I don't know...


This game has too many ads. You have several each game, and it's not worth it. Other than the ads it's an okay game. I also wish that there was more to upgrade. Also, there's this thing where you start with like three and everyone else is in the hundreds or thousands. THIS IS SO ANNOYING! I play every once in a while, and you should get it if you're find with ads and like a challenge.


Downloaded organal version way back when it was fun to play. Do not waste your storage space with this game app. Would give zero stars now but can't. Where to start... Too many glitches to list. Heavy, heavy, heavy push ads. I get the need for ads but CTFO... that many?...really. Then there's the lag. The bigger your crowd gets the more the game lags. Can become unplayable because of the lag. Just another app where performance doesn't matter. It's the revenue from the ads. ...FOR SHAME!!!...


In 1 round you're guaranteed 3 ads. An ad at play start, a mandatory halftime ad, then an ad at completion. Too little gameplay for too many ads. When playing offline it stops and forces you to reconnect to the Internet to continue.


Shame on you! The developers have it so you get bombarded with ads the second you try to engage with another crowd! SO FRUSTRATING! It totally takes away from the enjoyment of the game and makes it impossible to advance. I understand they need to create revenue to keep the app going but they've gone way beyond what's necessary and they're just money grubbing at this point. Remove ads? Ha! I can't even tell if I like the game...DO BETTER VOODOO


Do not waste $4 to get the "ad free" version. It doesn't work. You still have ads if you want to increase number of players at start, ads befire special levels, ads connnnnstantly.. And it does not advance levels or crowd size at all. Should be way further, it just stays stuck on same size and level. Will not load for any reason unless I'm connected to wifi so the ads can run the entire time too. Disappointed because I do actually like the game as a time killer.


The latest map is the worst, and you can't even restore the purchases after reinstalling it. And why do we have to start from beginning if we uninstall and install again, couldn't there be a way to save the the game like connecting to google or just make a VOODOO ID which would store all data. The treasure box feature also doesn't make sense, it shows 2 keys and no clues for the third. The old version was much better than this. Kindly see what you can do.


How does this game still manage a 3.9 rating? This used to be a good, fun game. But thanks to the increase of ads Voodoo had decided to stuff in their games, this game has become virtually unplayable with the worst kind of pop-up ads that freezes the controls during gameplay. I've played a lot of voodoo games and found most of them quite enjoyable, but since their campaign of increasing ads into the games has made most of them complete garbage. Too bad greed is getting in the way. Uninstall