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Drive your worm in massively multiplayer online game!
Eat sweets, donuts and cakes to grow faster.
Cut off other players by letting them crash heads into your worm’s body.
Play with others all over the world.


Worms Merge to grow bigger&longer snake! Play the fun Idle&Merge io snake game!
More than other hungry io snake games, Worms Merge is full of surprises that have been upgraded and creative! Worm Merge: The Idle&io Slither Game is a creative arcade-style worm&merge .io game! If you like hungry games and synthesis fun idle&merge snake games, then don't miss snake merge .io game, this game has an unusual combination of two types of gameplay.Merge a little snake to get a bigger worm, and unlock a new and more powerful snake. Collect yummies and different powerups, defeat enemies, and become the biggest worm of them all! Slither the snakers around that you must eat as much food as possible to grow longer and stronger. Join and play Worms Merge io now! Challenge your friends and try to be the biggest snaker in worm hunt battles![Highlights of Worms Merge Game]- Classic PVP action hungry snake games, and also fun io&idle merge game- Multiple modes: Infinity-Mode, Time-Mode, Team-Mode, Survival-Mode, Speed-Mode.- worm game with smooth gameplay and mobile joystick controls- Multiple Game Modes – compete with your friend&family- Slither hungry snake rival game whether you’re..
Slither on the fun battle arena online with hungry little worms & eat big snake
This is snake game! Slither like a snake in the worm zone! Play time limited mode with shrinking play area or unlimited time mode in the huge snake game arena and become the Biggest worm.Features of the snake game: • Earn gold coins and gems for completing daily and calendar tasks; • Collect unique skins; • Improve your skills, collect bonuses and upgrade your worms; • Participate in themed and secret events with unique gifts and tasks; • The snake casual game can be played online and offline. 🎁 GIFTS EVERY DAY Your will definitely receive a reward. As a result can always improve his own worm and become #1 in the battle arena among many other snakes. 🗓 MISSION CALENDAR Every month players can complete exciting tasks to unlock unique worms skins with many skills and get big prizes. 🐍 ONLINE LEADERBOARD In worm game there are global and local leaderboards. Collect as much food as possible and become the biggest snake in the worm zone! Many other worms will get in the way of your battle royale but..
It's time to fight for survival in this exciting snake game!
In the world of greedy snake battle, everyone is a small worm at first, you need to worm your way through fields of food, eat sweets, donuts, cakes to grow faster, defeat every little big snake, expand your worm zone and win the worm io battle! Can you become the longest slither?[Simple Snake Game Rules]No matter what your age and gender, you can quickly understand the .io game rules and immediately start playing snake games.[Multiplayer Games]Addicting 2,3,4 player games to play with friends online or you can battle with players from all over the world![Online Leaderboard]Compete high scores with friends on the leaderboard.How to play Snake Games:▶ Swipe your screen to move your snakes, collect all the food you see, and grow your worms as big as you can imaginethere are no limits! ▶ Watch out for other players and try not run into them, otherwise you’ll have to start from scratch. Cut off other players by letting them crash heads into your worm's body.▶ Use your power ups wisely! It was never so easy to kill snakes and worms!Start..
Drive your worm in massively multiplayer online game!
Drive your worm in massively multiplayer online game! Eat sweets, donuts and cakes to grow faster.Cut off other players by letting them crash heads into your worm's body.Play with others all over the world. Game DOWNLOAD

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Fun game, but it needs serious updates. Like worms only a certain size smaller can kill you head on. Literally died from a worm i couldnt even see on my screen. The lag has become an issue too recently


glitches are frustrating sometimes but the game is so addictive.


I really love this 😋😄I have request to add in this game spectators option and also add teammates option, please 🥺 there's no updates no new skins please update this game, and the biggest problem is that, there's many times network ishu 😭 when I start the game, then IDK where is my 🐛 worm this is the biggest problem net ishu 😭 every time network ishu


It's a fun pass time for all ages simple but challenging all at the same time.


There's too many glitches. Freezes easily (I have super fast internet) It's not controllable when you make the worm go fast. It's not enjoyable. Update.. keeps crashing. Does not play


Never had a game make me hate everything, yet love every moment of it! Make big snake, die, repeat. What else do you need to make a great game!


new skins make it very laggy and also the fact people have the ability to zoom out without the magnifying glass is unfair


This game is so laggy that it needs to be fixed your worm break and go back together, and then you run into another worm and die FIX THE LAG!!!


This is a really fun and according game, I just wish they would fix the lags, it's frustrating when your doing so good and it glitches.


Fun game, except for the insane lag which has gotten worse in the past few weeks. The vast majority of my deaths have been due to lag...


I'm using a fiber to the home internet connection and the lag kills me every second game. There are too many players or it's not configured right either way poor form


The game is very leggy. The game will stretch my work into pieces and then bring me back, and then I hit another worm.


This game is so so so! annoying when it lags but the update is good but i have something to say would you like to fix the lag i the next update pls😔.I just want to play normally but no so that's it.


after an update last year they changed the way you can use the touch screen. I have a phone with a built in pen Samsung galaxy s22 ultra... I used to play this game with my pen. it wouldnt even have to touch the screen to get the direction i wanted and i would touch the screen to boost. but ever since the update my pen has to touch the screen and i cant boost at all.


Was a great game until I started running into other worms due to lagg issues. The lagg issues are not mine either because I can play Diablo Imortal with no issues and I have the greatest internet on the planet. If this issue keeps up I'll choose to Uninstall it. I Don't need a game on my phone that's not playable taking up memory. 2 stars for now. Stop asking me all the time to rate it this is my second rating after I said don't ask me again it asks every 10 game or so. Do better!


seems to bug and crash more since the update love the new skins but it would be nice to not loose control of the snake and crash so much maybe add more rooms to play in if there's a overload in 1 which is why it bugs like that


This game is best of all but There is a network problem in this game even my network is good. Please solve the issue.....


It's so laggy that it's really difficult to get high levels!! Literally, the worm will break into many parts during the lag and then go back together, and then I run into another worm!! Pretty dumb! You guys need to fix the lag!! And it's not coming from my end, considering I'm in 5g almost all the time while playing!! And I noticed you guys don't respond to any reviews, so it makes me wonder if you guys even bother trying to fix bugs!!


Since upgrade for Halloween version it's been terrible, glitching really bad and keeps freezing to go with it , shockingly bad


As a game it's an awesome concept but the disconnetion and the freezing is not bareable i plade it on many devices and it's the same i deleted it for some times and reinstalled it hoping it would be fixed yet the same .... this is nerve consuming.... i would give it 5 for the concept and the game graphics but 1 star for the application stability sorry