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Football results and statistics
all about football
Watch Ski Classics live!
SC Play is the official app for Ski Classics. Here you can watch your favorite athletes and Pro Teams live during the events. You also find an archive with events from previous seasons. Ski Classics is the long-distance cross-country skiing championship consisting of the most traditional and prestigious ski events in the world. The tour is produced for media by state-of-the-art technology including helicopters and snowmobiles. Ski Classics concept combines unique winter events with professional and recreational skiers in picturesque winter landscapes around Europe.Have fun!Terms of Service: Policy:
A free golf score management app that makes an outstanding performance on golf courses! Measure flight distance and remaining distance with GPS course map navigation! Learn professional swings with golf lesson videos to help you practice
Easily register your score while playing, and check the total score immediately with automatic calculation!In addition to the easy-to-read graph analysis function, it also has a convenient function that allows you to measure the flight distance and the distance to the green with GPS!"GDO Score" is a score management / analysis app created by a golf company with a focus on ease of use! ● Features and main functions of GDO score 1. Score input is easy anywayYou can easily enter the score with one hand while playing, and the total score is automatically calculated! You can choose from two types of score input. You can also enter performance information for each hole, such as the number of OBs and bunker shots, and you can centrally manage multiple score data. It can also be used outside the service area.In addition, it covers more than 2,400 golf courses nationwide, making it easy to search for golf courses.2. Course map navigation function (only for premium plan users)You can switch the display to the course map screen with one tap from the score..
Hokies fans, score EXCLUSIVE access to your favorite Hokies team.
Calling all Hokies fans –Whether you’re on campus or on the go, this Virginia Tech HokieSports app is a must-have for ALL fans. With FREE LIVE AUDIO, social media streams, and all the scores and stats surrounding the game, this free HokieSports application covers it all! Features Include: + LIVE GAME AUDIO – Listen to free live audio for football games and other sports and events throughout the school year. + SOCIAL STREAM – View real-time Twitter feeds within the app on gameday. All your favorite Hokies accounts are pulled into our gameday Twitter feed. + SCORES & STATS – All the live scores and stats that you need and expect during live games. + NOTIFICATIONS – Personalized alert notifications – game reminders, score alerts, team updates and more – to the sports you want to follow! + GAMEDAY INFO – In-depth team information including rosters, bios, and team & player season stats.”
Third Put Virtual Brake
Participate in Ponle Freno Virtual. With this app, in addition to recording your training, you will virtually participate in the race and your time will be in the official classification.Collaborate with the second virtual solidarity race Ponle Freno, which will be held between June 19 and 20.
Champions League online
This application allows you to follow all Concachampions matches live from your mobile device. In turn, it provides all the information about the Champions League: positions, results, fixture, scorers and more.Follow your favorite soccer team during the qualifying phase, as well as during the Champions League play-offs.Teams participating in the Concachampions 2020 edition:- Alianza FC- Atlanta United- Club América- Comunicaciones- Cruz Azul- Leon- Los Angeles FC- Montreal Impact- Motagua- New York City- Olimpia- Portmore- San Carlos- Saprissa- Seattle Sounders- Tigres UANLImportant:This is an UNOFFICIAL application about the Concacaf Champions League created by football fans. All trademarks used in the application are made under "fair use" for the sole purpose of identifying the respective entities and remain the property of their respective owners.
“蚂蚁足球”为您提供最新、最全面的足球实时比分、赛事数据、赛果预测和名家方案。您可以获得AI数据对所有比赛的赛前分析,以及世界各地的最新足球新闻。无需再找其他应用,蚂蚁足球有您想要的一切!💞💞特色功能【足球比分 ⚽️ 快速准确】🔸实时比分:可视化的足球比赛直播,进球、攻防走势、红黄盘提醒。半场/全场比分和角球。🔸盘口变化:提供核心公司的亚盘、欧盘、大小球赔率,可视化变化图表。🔸球队阵容:对阵双方赛前最新阵容、球员信息及身价。(包含了梅西、C罗、姆巴佩、哈兰德、内马尔、哈里凯恩等球星身价及转会动态)🔸历史数据:比赛双方球队历史交战记录和结果。【核心AI算法 🌐 实时比赛预测】🔸蚂蚁足球是一款以数据AI算法为核心的足球预测APP,数据覆盖全球95%的足球赛事。 我们的目标是基于AI算法的不断学习,为您提供更科学的赛前预测。🔸AI算法通过历史数据实时计算并提供预警:如指数异动、主队危险、客队信心、博平预警、同赔信心等。所有数据均来自核心公司。【名家方案 👨💼 最佳解读】🔸我们目前招募超过 4,000 名全球的顶级足球专家,他们对自己感兴趣的联赛/球队有很强的洞察力和预测能力。前十的专家准确率超过89%,关注他们可以获得更多的提示和收益。【足球数据 📈 更全更有效】🔸来自世界上98%足球联赛的统计数据,包括西甲、英超、意甲、德甲、法甲、美职联、中超、冠军联赛、欧罗巴联赛等,还有亚洲杯、美洲杯、欧洲杯、世界杯等大型杯赛,还有女足相关赛事。🔸国际足联最新全球排名、俱乐部积分榜(包括切尔西、利物浦、曼联、阿森纳、热刺、巴塞罗那、皇家马德里、尤文图斯和巴黎圣日耳曼等)、联赛升降级、射手榜等。【📲 通知和提醒】🔸比赛开始、阵容、进球——您不会再错过任何一个重要事件。您只需关注最喜欢的比赛,然后等待移动设备通知。🔞 使用条款这个应用程序只是一个信息来源,只为观赛者提供更多的数据支持。本说明中的“投注技巧”一词仅用于类别排名目的,我们的应用程序并非为投注而设计。⛔ 免责声明:仅限 18 岁以上。不是为儿童设计的。
Works in conjunction with Convergent “Bullet HP” for a complete calling platform
Predator Pro is a professional-grade predator hunting toolkit designed to specifically work with the Bullet HP electronic callCoyote hunters, fox hunters, and really anyone hunting predators of any kind will see the effectiveness of predator hunting with the Predator Pro mobile app.**NOW WITH 50 FREE PREDATOR CALLING SOUNDS!!Predator Pro by Convergent Hunting is designed to work in conjunction with the “Bullet HP” (special purpose Bluetooth controlled speaker/decoy) to help you get professional predator calling results. Together, the Convergent Hunting apps and Convergent Bullet HP, combine the latest in technology to provide you with a complete predator calling platform that is unique, versatile, all wrapped-up in a high performance package. All predator hunting sounds packaged in Convergent Hunting’s Mobile Predator Calling Apps have been recorded in High Definition and are digitally mastered to provide you with sounds that will elicit responses from even the most wary animals.This app is designed to be easy-to-use and powerful with expansion options so that you can continue to grow your sound library with the latest and greatest sounds as they become available.Large buttons for sound..
Live results, video and entry lists for Equestrian Show Jumping events.
App created with riders and fans in mind.EcuestreDigital is the first system in México, EUA, Panamá, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Argentina that integrates management, jury, registry, account statements, live results and LED screens/leaderboards for Show Jumping events.We are innovating with light technologies that allow events of all sizes to take advantage of cloud-based technology.With this app you can get live results for your favorite riders.**Some delay may occur if the show ground experiences internet issues
Football Skills Workout
Munich. From the football center of Germany, the most innovative training method for the world's 265 million football players is now coming onto the market as a digital APP.Football 3.0 is the first holistic method for football players. It consists of the elements technique, fitness, body strength, mental strength, health and motivation. Only those players who consistently develop in all six areas have the potential to become a professional or an internationally successful player in football.It reflects the recent development in football that the player's mental strength and integrity are critical to his success. The most successful football players in the world like Christiano Ronaldo or successful coaches like Jürgen Klopp have been concentrating on these areas for years.In addition, the Football 3.0 offers the opportunity to improve topics such as "shooting power", "opportunity evaluation", "strength in a duel", "feint", "injury resistance" and others. Of course, there are also fitness exercises specifically tailored to the needs of football. Football 3.0 is designed as additional (home) training to the regular football training. With 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week,..
Get ready to live your new passion
The time has come for a new adventureGet ready to live your new passion

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