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iParts NTN-SNR is the application that allows you to see the catalog Automotive Aftermarket on your Android device.
Download the application and can be updated in real time on our news and you’ll have access to all our products.
iParts is the solution developed by Sofinn Italy for major Italian and foreign manufacturers who want to bring Android on their electronic catalog.


Buy And Sell Used Car In Korea
USED CAR IN KOREA is an application that collects any website for buy and sells used cars in Korea. Everyone can use this application to find a used car in Korea.
LELANG BEBAS RIBET Market place untuk menjual atau membeli barang melalui lelang
LELANG BEBAS RIBETDapatkan puluhan hingga ratusan pilihan berbagai jenis dan merk kendaraan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda. Aplikasi Legoas adalah aplikasi mobile terbaik untuk mengikuti lelang kendaraan tanpa ribet dan diciptakan untuk memberikan solusi serta kemudahan untuk mendapatkan kendaraan (barang/produk) sesuai kondisi dan budget yang dimiliki.Pilihan yang banyak dan kejelasan kondisi kendaraan melalui hasil INSYS (Inspection System) akan menginformasikan kualitas kendaraan melalui pengecekan pada 80 titik sehingga Peserta Lelang akan yakin atas unit yang akan dibeli melalui Lelang.Dengan pilihan yang banyak dan beli unit melalui Lelang secara online telah menjadi trend sebagai salah satu alternatif membeli used car tanpa perlu repot mendatangi berbagai showroom, mencari unit yang diingini, dan mendapatkan harga yang terbaik. Melalui aplikasi LEGOAS, Anda hanya perlu melihat dan mengikuti lelang dimanapun Anda berada! Mendapatkan kebahagiaan itu mudah!.Features- Mendapatkan jadwal lelang.- Registrasi menjadi peserta lelang dan keanggotaan.- Bergabung dalam lelang.- Memeriksa spesifikasi unit yang dilelang.- Melihat fisik kendaraan. - Mengikuti lelang.Mendapatkan informasi-informasi terbaru atas barang/unit yang dilelang.
Mando BTGPS is a medium that can communicate through the GPS port of a black box using Bluetooth on a smartphone.
Mando BTGPS Introduction1. Safe driving DB can be downloaded wirelessly for free.Application Download: Free
iDrive is the pioneer of car sharing in KSA. Drive conveniently
iDrive is the first car rental and sharing app in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Our advantages: Free petrol - Rent your car at any time. Finish your ride and deliver the car anywhere. Pay as you go. Download the application and enjoy a unique experience and an exceptional price
Simulate Wheels - Rim for your car
With the wheel simulator you can add different wheel designs to your car and be able to visualize how your car looks, share your best version of your car. Have fun changing wheels, add them from the gallery without restrictions, as a gift we have included 50 designs of preloaded wheelsSave your designs to your mobile phone or share with your best friendsAdd more wheels from your gallery and trim them with the design tool that is included in the App
A Turbo with a Blow Off Valve for your car, through your AUX!
A Turbo with a Blow Off Valve for your car, through your AUX!Directions:1. Connect your phone to your car.2. Hit the gas & shift.3. Click one of our blow off valve sounds4. Have your neighbours think your car is boosted!-Choose from a wide range of blow off valve sounds!-Unlock spooling feature! Your are now able to spool your turbo and recirculate the pressure! Just click your blow off valve sound to fully depressurize your system.We have taken our previous app of 400,000+ downloads and remodelled the whole design. Bringing new layouts, sounds and features!What is a turbo blow off valve?Cars that are equip with a turbo usually have a blow off valve. The purpose of this valve is to take the pressure that has been built and either recirculate it back into the engine or simply just depressurize it creating a sound that all car lovers desire.ALL COMMENTS WILL BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION FOR IMPROVEMENTS!This is a Turbo BOV app with a spooling feature. More Turbo BOV features will be added from your suggestions! So please let us know what..
Most of the 12 cards to pass the oral test of the motorcycle license!
Cette application a pour but de vous aider dans vos révisions pour passer l'épreuve oral du permis moto sereinement. Les 12 fiches du permis moto y sont résumées : 1) Risque routier en moto et comportement en présence d’un accident2) Cas d’accidents les plus caractéristiques3) Les facteurs de risque en moto4) La prise de conscience des risques5) La conduite préventive6) Les équipements de sécurité pour les motocyclistes7) Les éléments mécaniques du motocycle liés à la sécurité8) L’assurance9) L’alcool et les stupéfiants10) La fatigue et la route de nuit11) Vitesse et freinage12) Stabilité et trajectoireElles sont aussi disponible en format audio hors connexion.Pour chaque fiche, une évaluation est disponible.Cette application ne vous dispense pas de votre formation avec un pro.Bonne révision et à bientôt sur la route !
Diagnostic application for cars with OBD interface.
DIAGOBD helps to find problems from your car. It displays current values from several sensors, also minimum and maximum values are saved when appropriate.This app works with ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth adapter (or clone) which is connected to the car.Used protocol is by default Automatic selection. If you have connection problems, protocol can be changed via menu. If you do not know which protocol is supported try all protocols one by one. You can also use app INFOOBD, it displays which protocol(s) your car supports.
Application for Mobi7 installers
Using this app, Mobi7 installers have a much easier time getting the job done! It is possible to follow the entire step by step to make installations, assistance and withdrawals, giving technicians much more autonomy, safety and quality throughout the process.
- Commission 50 rub/day - 7 years - 60 cities - SMZ connection - 24/7 support
EXPERT PARK is the largest certified taxi partner.Advantages:- More than 60 cities- Gold status for drivers (only in the SURFO)- Instant payments (bank cards / Qiwi)- Commission 50 rubles / day- Certified control rooms- 24/7 technical support- Buying shifts without a park extra charge- Refueling from balance- Go to the park with ratings and priorities saved- Registration of SMZ and IP driversRegistration in the application10 minutesDocuments for registration:- Driver's license category B- Age from 21 years old- Driving experience from 3 years- Registration certificate- Phone number
Catalogue Automotive Aftermarket NTN-SNR
iParts NTN-SNR is the application that allows you to see the catalog Automotive Aftermarket on your Android device.Download the application and can be updated in real time on our news and you'll have access to all our products.iParts is the solution developed by Sofinn Italy for major Italian and foreign manufacturers who want to bring Android on their electronic catalog.


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