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■ What is URUCA?
Just select the brand name of the item you want to sell, select the genre and condition,
“How much will you sell now?” This is a brand assessment app that shows the purchase price at Brandear.

Before purchasing home delivery, using flea market apps, or bringing it to a brand purchase shop or thrift shop
Recommended for those who want to know the market price of the purchase price.
Please try it with branded clothes that are no longer used due to changing clothes or decluttering!

URUCA offers a branded goods purchase service,
Brandear’s official app.

■ Do you have such an experience?
・ I packed it hard and sent it out for home delivery, but it was an item that I couldn’t buy after all …
・ I had an appraisal done at an appraisal specialty store, but I wasn’t satisfied with the amount …
・ There is no guarantee that flea market apps will sell, and I’m worried about high-brand transactions.
・ Even if you try to declutter, you will not be motivated unless you know the approximate amount.
・ At recycle shops, etc., the purchase price is cheap because it is treated as a bulk purchase.
・ Purchasing apps and reuse apps for branded products seem to be complicated to use.

■ In such a case, first go to URUCA!
・ When you open the app, just select the brand name and select the genre and status.
・ Many brands we handle! Not only high brands but also a wide range of brands can be examined
・ Results will come out immediately! Speedy when you want to check multiple points!
・ If you are satisfied, you can apply for home delivery or make a reservation to visit the store as it is!

Let’s check the purchase price you are interested in!


Brand bags, brand watches, brand wallets, brand clothes, brand jewelry, brand accessories, brand accessories (* conforming to Brandia’s handling genre)

Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Christian Dior, Cartier, Bvlgari, Tiffany, Prada, Celine, Loewe, etc. (* Based on Brandia’s brands)
* This is a partial excerpt, but we also handle a large number of brands as well as popular brands and high-end brands.

Brandear has created a system to purchase customers’ goods at a higher price by having overseas brand sales destinations.
In addition, market data is updated daily! We are working on even higher-priced purchases by combining abundant purchase results and market price data.

In particular, Louis Vuitton purchases have a track record of valuing and purchasing more than 50,000 items annually, and have brand valuation power that is comparable to thrift shops and flea market apps!

In addition, we are holding plans and limited-time campaigns to help customers declutter and organize and store them at any time!
Check the official Brandear website for details!


■ What is Brandear?
A home delivery purchase service for branded products, familiar from “Brandear if you sell brands”.
The total number of users exceeds 4 million, and we handle not only high-end brands and popular brands, but also casual brands and overseas brands.

From 2020, we used not only home delivery but also over-the-counter purchases and video call assessments.
Expanding Brandia Bell for online purchase, etc.
We are expanding the range of services to make it easier for customers to purchase brands.

In addition, we aim to “present the purchase price in an easy-to-understand manner” more than anywhere else.

■ URUCA is especially recommended for people like this
・ Those who have a lot of closets and want to create an opportunity to cut them off.
・ Those who are thinking of selling, recycling, or disposing of items purchased by mail order because they have different images.
・ Those who have experience of being hit cheaply at recycle shops, reuse shops, etc.
・ Those who are tired of selling on flea market apps (Mercari, Rakuma (formerly Frill), and other apps that sell disused items)
・ Those who are frustrated by listing on auction sites (Yahoo Auction, etc.)
・ Those who are not satisfied with other brand purchase assessment services (Daikokuya, KOMEHYO, Namboya, Purchasing Kingdom, etc.)
・ Those who are making a phase estimate with other purchase apps or appraisal / purchase assessment apps (KANTE, brand fans, CASH, etc.)
・ Those who are far from the purchase assessment store or reuse shop, or who feel uncomfortable with face-to-face assessment
・ Those who want to know only the approximate purchase price in order to cut off the high-class bags and wallets that they used in the past.




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