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Artistspoken アーティスト特化型Podcast App DESCRIPTION

Let’s listen to the stories of creative creators and artists full of imagination!
“Artitstspoken” is a radio app that allows you to listen to the exclusive stories of various artists such as musicians, comedians, actors, and film directors.
You can enjoy various audio transmissions with background playback while commuting to work or school or doing housework.
The lineup is
・Comedians (A Masso Kano, Dr. Heinrich, Commandante, Yoneda 2000, Natsuko Yokozawa, etc.)
・Actors (Hayato Isomura, Yuki Izumisawa, Kentaro Ito, Saki Aibu, Yui Ichikawa, etc.)
・Film director (Shinichiro Ueda, Yuka Eda, etc.)
・Novelist (Yasushi Machida, Masahiko Katsuse, etc.)
・Models (Maki Nishiyama, Mai Watanabe, etc.)
・Contemporary artists (AKI INOMATA, Scripkariu Ochiai Anna, Yantsu etc.)
There are more than 100 people who are active on the front lines of various fields!
New artists are also appearing one after another.
I’m sure you’ll find a story that you want to hear or a story that will help you.
In addition to over 300 free episodes, if you are a member of the Artistspoken “Unlimited Listening Plan”,
Enjoy unlimited listening to over 5,000 stories from over 100 artists.

・ While getting dressed in the morning
・While commuting to work or school
・When you are casually watching SNS
・Studying or working
・While running
・When thinking about ideas
・Before going to bed, after turning off the light
・ I want to find entertainment that I have never touched before

・More than 100 artists are talking only here
・ You can learn about various worlds from learning to living and entertainment
・”Listen while listening” anytime, anywhere with background playback support
・You can send letters to your favorite artists with the “letter function”. Let’s send your impressions and questions about the audio you listened to.
・You can directly support your favorite artists with the “Gift” function.
・ Anyone can freely listen to the audio set as “free delivery” for free. Enjoy meeting new artists.
・ An all-you-can-listen plan for participating artists is now available. Unlimited listening to over 100 artists for 1,200 yen per month.
・Sales will be returned to the distribution artist, excluding some fees, so listening to the artist will also support the artist.
* There is no “automatic billing”. You can enjoy all sounds for free as long as you do not perform the prescribed billing procedures.
* You can listen to some of the audio set as “paid distribution”.

・ I want new ideas
・ I want to listen to stories about unknown worlds
・I usually listen to radio and podcasts on Radiko and voicey, and I want to listen to various other stories.
・I listen to novels such as audio books, but I want to listen to the story of the author
・ I want to know what creators and artists are thinking
・ I want to get various information in my spare time
◆Various inquiries◆
・Operating company: Hakuhodo DY Holdings
・If you want to talk as an artist, click here
・Click here for requests and bug reports


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