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楽クラライフノート App DESCRIPTION

◆ What is Raku-Kura Life Note?
・”Assets” and “household budget” can be managed collectively
・More than 1,500 banks, credit cards, electronic money, points, etc. can be linked (*1)
・ You can see the money you need in the future with “cash flow simulation”
・ Understand the approximate amount of inheritance tax with “inheritance tax simulation”
・You can write down your thoughts and information such as “health”, “nursing care”, “inheritance”, and “funeral”.
・ You can write down “contract information” that requires post-processing, such as services that you continue to use.
・By registering “my history”, you can leave your history for yourself and your family.
・ You can check your life log such as “step count”, and if you share it with your family, you can use it as a casual watch.
・You can create a “contact list” and “family tree” in case of emergency
・You can “share” information such as assets and thoughts that you have registered with your children and grandchildren.
・It is possible to set in detail “who” and “what information” to share
・The user’s monthly fee can be paid to family members such as children and grandchildren.
(*1) As of November 2022

◆ It is recommended for such people
・Those who want to easily and efficiently manage assets and household finances
・ Those who want to grasp the overall picture of their assets
・ Those who want to know the funds they will need in the future
・ Those who are interested in “shukatsu” but do not know where to start
・ Those who want to tell their family about their thoughts soon
・Those who want to think about who should inherit what
・ Those who do not know how much it will cost if “nursing care” is required
・Parents who want to casually convey their “energy” to their children and children who are concerned about their parents’ “energy”

◆ Function introduction

・Automatically manage asset balances by linking with banks, credit cards, and securities accounts
・Automatic management of household account book income and expenses for each item
・Cash flow simulation to estimate the amount of money and assets needed in the future
・Using an inheritance tax simulation, estimate the approximate amount of inheritance tax

You can register the following information with a simple function that is easy to use even for “Shuukatsu beginners”
・Health: Register information about illnesses and medications under treatment
・ Nursing care: Select a nursing care facility or service from the list and register your preference
・Inheritance: Register what you want to inherit and to whom.
・ Funeral & Grave: Register your wishes and expenses for funerals and graves
・ Contract service: Manage information such as contracted services
・Personal history: Register “my progress” for yourself and your family
・Lifelog: Automatically manages “step count” (*2), “last application date” and “charging status”
(*2) Step count management requires permission to connect with Google Fit

・In addition to information such as registered assets, inheritance, and nursing care, life log information can be shared with family members.
・You can set in detail which information is shared with whom.

・ Unlimited reading of rich content articles related to money and life
 Published genres: “End of Life”, “Assets”, “Family Budget”, “Inheritance”, “Funeral & Grave”, “Nursing Care”, “Health”, etc.
・Enjoy learning end-of-life knowledge with the “End-of-Life Quiz Dojo”, a question-and-answer session from a wealth of articles
・It is also possible to introduce specialists according to the user’s concerns
・ Free consultation over the phone is also possible at the “Shukatsu Anything Consultation Desk”

◆ Security measures for safe use
・Entrusted data adopts the highest standard of encryption during transmission and storage
・Strengthen security with biometric authentication and passcode lock
・Regular security diagnosis by a third-party organization
・The only information required to view your usage details is the login ID and password for the website provided by financial institutions, etc.
*We do not keep your account number, PIN number, etc.

◆ Monthly fee
・ 300 yen per month (tax included)
・By selecting “Family payment”, you can also pay your family members such as children and grandchildren.
・You will be charged via your Google account
・ If you do not cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the contract period for each plan, the contract period will be automatically renewed.
・Auto-renewal billing will be done within 24 hours after the end of the contract period.

◆ How to check the billing status and cancel
You can check, change, or cancel your membership status by following the steps below.
・Open the Google Play app
・Select “Payment and Subscription” > “Subscription” > “Rakukura Life Note”

◆ Precautions regarding automatic update
・We will not refund any usage fees that have already been paid.
・Even if you cancel in the middle of the contract period, the usage fee for the current period will be charged in full, and there will be no refund according to the remaining period.

◆ Note
・Be sure to read the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” before using.

◆ Contact us
・Please send your comments and bug reports here.


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