Bug fix
・The save slot is reset to number 0 when the save window is displayed after starting the game.

SAKURA School Simulator Game SCREENSHOT

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SAKURA School Simulator Game DESCRIPTION

*Recommended environment for smooth playing:
Over 3GB RAM and over Snapdragon 820
If your device has not over this specifications,
this game doesn’t work smoothly.
“Becoming laggy”, “Shut down”, “Low memory problem” will occur soon.
If these trouble occur soon after you started the game,
restart the game or the device,
change setting “decrease students and people” are effective for smooth playing.
This game playing uses a lot of CPU and GPU,
close other applications as much as you can.

There are two ways to enjoy this game.
Make friends and lovers as you like.
Enjoy a brilliant school life!
Go on the rampage as you like.
Before do that, borrow the weapons from YAKUZA office.
You can get them easily if you don’t stop “flying”.

Read “HELP” in the game when you have some questions for playing.

This game is a “simulator”. So, there are many ways to defeat enemies.
Of course, if you want to defeat them by yourself, you can do it easily.
On the other hand, if you want to defeat them without weapons, of course you can.

There are no descriptions of blood in the game.
The people in the game world will be only “stun” but will not die.
The concept of death does not exist in this game
so that the people who were stun will wake up next day, and they will hate you.

You can control and change 4 players in the same stage (The two are valid after watching ADS.).
You have some choices for talking (sentenses will change randam).
You defeat enemies through simulations.
You need not to fight to enemies.
Look for the ways.

There are no end in this game.
Please make the situations as you like, and find favorite way for playing.
We hope you will enjoy the game.

The contents of this game will be added when we made the new game elements.
The additional contents will be shown as a “new” context in this page.

Although we used the charactor models of AOI and TAICHI in this game,
AOI is a NOT-FREE asset and TAICHI is a FREE asset.
Everyone who want to make a game contents and so on can use these assets.

Many Thanks!
Scrub-chan (C)Bijuu Mike


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This game was so fun and beautiful because you can do what everything you want but I suggest some places will add and I wish if you drive a car from the sakura motors you can save it and it will appear in your house, more pets, more hair style for boys. I love this game so much thank you for making this cool game!!(⁠。⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠。⁠)


I love this game..its just perfect...but I wish there were some more features like 1.Some new clothes 2.another school..I would love if there would be a different school so that we can make a different storyline too..and we could make some new friends.. 3.some new places 4. I would really love it if you could change the cat butler to another character like the Girl I hope you would look forward to these in your future update


The pictures look exactly like the game and it's a really fun experience if you don't want to watch an ad in order to get the outfit hairstyle or accessory want you could just press okay and then the ad would pop up but then exit the game and then rejoin and then you'll have a free hairstyle outfit accessory without any ads you could also play without the Wi-Fi


I love this game but the problem is there are too many adds when you want to wear clothes ther is some adds when you die you can watch add again and why do we cant see insides other houses l also thought that I can get inside to other town on the tunnel but its block or something there are also a problem that I want you to fix it the glich so oi my opinion I like this game soo much if there is no adds I hope you fix these thank you I will never stop playing this game I love it so much💙💙💜💜🤎


This game is very good! But please add more updates to clothes,places etc more frequently.And try to add more passerby which would make the game more realistic .And give one daily mission everyday which will make it interesting And provide more ways to spend your money on And build new building with more new features.... Please do add these as soon as possible 🙏 In addition to it please make more rooms in the luxury all too...💗


Its 200% recommended but can I request something? Can you add make up, nails, and some trending clothes and accesories like necklace and earings, can we add like bus and taxi and ofcourse train station, and other structure like mall with staffs and the convenient store can we buy whatever we want like that and btw, I really like the update and keep up the good work. (Edit: super love the update and it's getting better and better)


This game is really awesome and cool I was expecting more updates will come I recommend some ideas for the next update 👇 - New poses or animation - New cute clothes for both characters - More maps or you can enter some lock houses - zombie mission - More features and the game, improve the graphics and renovated all the citys some changes - More music from music club or new things stuffs, and also add some beautiful npc or any character


• Multiplayer events: Create special events that encourage players to team up with each other and compete in challenges or battles. • New game modes: Introduce new game modes that offer different challenges and objectives. For example, a survival mode where players must fend off waves of enemies or a racing mode where players compete to be the first to complete a set course.


Fun gameplay, unique characters, full of choices and creative ideas, it's already PERFECT as it is. Though, I would like some things to change a bit. 🙏 [1] I hope you can change the Cat Butler to something else like another girl playable character (same model as the main girl) because I prefer to have more human (girl) character to play. [2] it'll be more interesting to have another school (or other places) to go, meet new students/npcs. 🙏 I know it's a lot to ask but it's more interesting.


I got idea but I think it's going to be a little bit hard... Can you add skateboards into the game or some more playable characters or give you some name ideas for your character Etc. Hope you add these into the game! Plus really good game


This is a very nice game, me and my sis love this game and we are like obsessed with this! I gave it a five because it deserves it and maybe you can add more hair styles and hats and eye colors! Maybe black eyes would Be awesome! More cars and more people and more shops and airport railway station and whatever other places you can make! And i hope you can add atleast one of these is the future! Thank you that's all! ✨


I love this game a lot but I would give it 4 stars as if there were more things like zoo, malls and another city too like tokyo and airport. There should be more clothes and hairs. There should be secrets and role-play too! And everything should be unlocked (clothes, hairs, accessories etc. More eye colours. That's a lot. Thankyou


Very beautiful game!!i wish only that you make new hairs example:curly hair,ladybug buns,and the 3(raibaru pigtails) we can change color of Scrunchies.this will be so beautiful!!!and like more students.or also costumized pose!and new clothes:ripped jeans,.one thing that i wish a lot is to changing texture of clothes.and more eyes color,and also importing images for making pictures for props. thanks for reading!!


I LOVED IT! The developer must really work hard to make this realistic,school and "action" game! I like the hair and clothes physics tho! i just play this game to pass time and release stress or sometimes i miss school days..BUT there's a few bugs and glitches THAT doesn't bother me...but ONE bug that does bother me...It's the Vehicle Bug like u go to MENU-Props on a gameplay and u see vehicle...right? Then u spawned it and u ride it...when u get out ur character is getting wide and thin Pls fix


This is literally the best simulator game that I have played although there are some problems and glitches like when u place an object and it has physics on then it will go under the ground and when you try to reset it there is a tapping noise even after resetting the item and maybe you could add some new places, houses and gardens and the Chinese ver. becoz I cannot download the Chinese ver. so maybe you could add some Chinese things and maybe some Indian and other traditional dresses


I like this game because it has the ability to do so many things, especially when it comes to adventure. This game is the best time killer, and it's a good thing that this game is offline and has a low storage cost. But one thing I wanted to suggest is that the boy's uniform must have the ability to change colors too, just like the girl's. Also, I suggest more medium- to long-length hairstyles for boys. Lastly, more rides in the amusement park HAHAHA!


Definitely not a game for phones, in my opinion. To get the best experience, it's meant for a tablet, I'd presume. +Mixture of grand theft auto and the sims, along with lots of outfit options if you put up with ads +Design opportunities +Ads are worth it in this game, unlike many others +Drive cars, fly jetpack, do missions, go to school/work, cause trouble, AI romance, & more lol +Highly detailed +I am slightly addicted to this adorable, kawaii, precious, free choice, type of game...


Could add a few more dialogues. The whole school period is rushed with classes, it would be nice to have breaks before classes for a better rp experience. I'm very much aware of the game's lore. Though, more pedestrians would definitely make the game more lively. Also do add better clothes for the characters, more for more occasions. The game is quite fun, if we look at the market at the moment.


Super nice app💗💗. I'm one of those people that when they play a simulation they / we always look for new places like new new like have an adventure, I hope that this game will have more places to visit like there will be no more borders in the near future , For short I just want this app to have more places to be explored💗💗,and for building something , anything , there should not be a limit to what you want to build like infinite builds.


My main problems w/ it are: [1] The cars I took doesn't save. They return to their original place at a certain point in time (a hassle when you try to settle someplace else). [2] I can't move the map whenever I look at it, so it's hard to navigate. [3] Moving “props” to certain location takes time. I wish there was a mechanic where we can set them down easily but still have the option to adjust it however we want. I would also love to have a grid too so I'll know if something isn't aligned.