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【图】eFootball™  CHAMPION SQUADS(截图1)【图】eFootball™  CHAMPION SQUADS(截图2)【图】eFootball™  CHAMPION SQUADS(截图3)


Introducing the most famous footballers from around the world, now with photo-realistic likeness!
Play at your own pace with auto matchplay and high-quality 3D graphics!
Use the best players and tactics to take on world-class opponents on the pitch!

– Player Cards with popular real life players!
Players from the world’s top national teams are here, including Argentina, France and Belgium, as well as stars from some of the most popular club teams, including FC BARCELONA, AC MILAN, MANCHESTER UNITED and FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN.
*Player cards featured in the screenshots/cutscenes may include player cards that were previously available but can no longer be signed.

– Accessible gameplay in high-quality 3D!
Experience CHAMPION SQUADS with all-new high-fidelity 3D animations. Get ready for realer-than-ever graphics to go with authentic stadium sounds and pro commentary!
Implement your choice of formation built around your choice of players and tactics, then leave the rest to the AI to handle. This is what managing football is all about!

When you feel like gauging your team’s progress, you can do so by playing matches in real time against rivals from across the globe.
With the new ‘Elevens Match’ feature, you bring your squad’s top star to the changing room along with 10 other users to form a full team of 11 players.

– From the annuls of footballing history…A legend is reborn
Relive the most exciting moments of footballing history with SHOWTIME!

– Team up with friends in eClub Mode!
A new feature where you get to build a club from the ground up with a friend.
Collaborate in-game with the chat feature to build the best squad and play against other opponents!

– Join your friends from around the world in frequent festivals!
In CHAMPION SQUADS, the Championship is a mammoth tournament held regularly to determine the very best team. With a range of campaigns and special draws, festivals have something for everyone.

– Recommended for those who are looking for:
A football game anybody can play, and free-to-play
A football game you can play while watching football on TV
A football game with smooth match controls anyone can enjoy
A football game with real football action featuring your favourite players’ real faces
A popular football game app

Also recommended for PES fans

– About the PESCC Pass
The PESCC Pass is a monthly subscription that comes with lots of benefits.
Payments and renewal of the subscription period are performed automatically every month.

— Service Details
・Play Special PESCC Pass Missions
・Play Exclusive Weekly Missions
・More Funds from Selling Players

— About Automatic Renewals and Payments
・Payment of the PESCC Pass and renewal of the subscription period are performed automatically every month using your Google Play account.
・If you do not cancel your subscription using Google’s official procedure at least 24 hours in advance of when the subscription is set to be renewed, the subscription period will be renewed automatically.
・Payments are taken using the payment method registered to your Google Play account, and upon successful renewal of the subscription, a receipt is sent within 24 hours of the renewal.

— Viewing the Expiry Date and Cancelling a Subscription
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1. Open Google Play
2. Tap the menu icon, then “Subscriptions”.

Please read the Subscription Usage Agreement before making your purchase.

Requires Android OS version 5.1 or later

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Provides the best graphics & realistic match-engine! Create your club now!
■ DREAM SQUAD 2Soccer Manager's Game FeaturesGame performance service proven in previous work!DREAM SQUAD 2 has been released with more realistic graphics and systems!▶ Live competition with players worldwide!▶ System to create your own player with various stat distribution!▶ The best realistic graphics in mobile game!▶ Perfect match engine to react instantly to strategy!▶ Various leagues and game mode!▶ Continuous content and event updates!▶ Enjoy all this for free!As a more advanced soccer game, it offers the pleasure of a victory and a vivid experience like a real soccer game. When you are playing soccer clubs of different nationalities and character, and you create your own players and strategies, you will get the best honor. The main character is you!★ Facebook★ Contact [email protected]
Realistic 3D Football Manager Game. Be the boss of the league champion!
Join millions of football managers worldwide and build your team of eleven football stars!Do you dream of coaching a team of eleven football stars hungry to be champions? New free football club sim Top Football Manager 2024 puts sports fans like you in charge! Bid on and scout for premier players, build and train a team with special skills, test tactics and formations against real opponents from around the world, and watch the match in live 3D simulation.BEAUTIFUL GAMEPLAYTop Football Manager's immersive 3D graphics and a powerful game engine bring your coaching fantasy to life. Watch stunning games play out in real time as you command your eleven players or bet on other matches in your league. Every goal is a step further on your journey to victory.MANAGE & TRAIN YOUR ATHLETESAs club head, you will test different formations, adjusting player line-up and tactics during play in response to your opponent. Pick a promising player to groom into a hero with special skills to score in the ultimate showdown. Build a team of champs to climb the leader board.HUNT FOR..
A soccer game full of stars! Be THE ONE and win the football league!
Soccer Star 23 Top Leagues is one of the best football games in the world. Become the best soccer player and build your career.To become a great and popular player, win over your fans to get a higher reputation. But be careful, if you lose the ball your fans will boo you and you will lose points. To avoid this, use techniques such as scoring chances, or special defence.Besides, lean on your teammates and improve your relationship to receive more passes and scoring chances. Try to have a good relationship with your sponsor to be able to get good deals or even bonuses per game. To be a star, you must improve your lifestyle. You can get it by buying vehicles, houses or properties in the VIP store. This will give you points and increase your reputation.As your level increases, your team, fans and coach will become much more demanding. Show your worth!This is a great football games, addictive and with good graphics. We know it because we created the level of quality and graphics, enjoy and live this unique..
Fast-paced penalty shootouts with real goalies!
Enter the StadiumYour Ultimate Soccer Challenge Awaits!Dive into the heart-pounding world of Live Penalty, where precision meets passion in every shot. Ready to experience the thrill of the ultimate penalty soccer game right at your fingertips?MASTER THE ART OF PENALTY SHOTSUnlock the secret to becoming a penalty kick legend. Craft your dream team with unique Cards and step onto the pitch ready for intense soccer challenges. It's you against the goalkeeper – may the best player win!COLLECT AND UPGRADE OVER 200+ CARDSCharge headfirst into the action with an extensive collection of Cards showcasing soccer athletes from around the globe. Win challenges, progress through diverse Stadiums, and unlock new, exhilarating levels. Every card is a new opportunity to bolster your team's strength and strategy.RISE TO THE TOP THROUGH FIERCE CHALLENGESThe journey to glory is paved with challenges. Climb the level map and face off against the most skilled players worldwide in a quest for supremacy. Fight for glory and incredible rewards in the ultimate soccer showdown. Only the best will rise to the top – will it be you?PLEASE NOTE!Live Penalty..
Mobile Football Game
Pro League SoccerSelect and upgrade your club!After tough weeks, advance from the lower leagues to the upper leagues. Every season, join the league's national club cup and After a good season, get the chance to appear in the league of stars!Become the king of the continent with your national team!Join the league of nations and combat for the cup. Also, take part in many cups with play-offs and show yourself!Gameplay:Provide 360-degree flexibility of movement with fluent controls and character physics. Feel the reality with directional passes and shots.Ball Control:Throw curvilinear shots with improved ball physics. Provide instant ball control and shots with accurate timings.Artificial intelligence:Play against compeller and tiring, realistic Artificial intelligence modes. Fight opponents who are constantly looking for your deficit and looking for opportunity.Edit All Data:You can edit all Competition, Team and Player names in the game according to your preference. You can also load unique to yourself logos for teams from the internet.Club-LeaguesEnglandSpainItalyGermanyFrancePortugalNetherlandsTurkeyRussiaBrazilArgentinaMexicoUSAJapanSouth KoreaIndonesiaClub-TournamentsDomestic Club CupsEuropean Stars LeagueEuropean Major LeagueAmerican Stars LeagueAsian Stars LeagueNational-LeaguesEuropean Nations LeagueAmerican Nations LeagueAsian Nations LeagueAfrican Nations LeagueNational-CupsWorld CupEuropean cupAmerican CupAsian CupAfrican Cup
Score goals playing football like a soccer star! Soccer games
Become the best player in the world with our new game, Soccer Star 2024 Super Football Games! Start building your own career as a professional. Play the brand new game with which you can become the next best player in history.Flick your finger across the screen and kick the ball! In Soccer Star: Super Football Games it is very easy to learn game controls. Prepare your strategy and split defences if you want to win the match. You’ll need good scorers but also a great defence and a goalkeeper. There are few soccer games like this one with which to become the best player in history building your own career. You can also win prizes such as countless houses, cars or different types of clothes in the lifestyle section and feel like a real football. You will start playing in an amateur soccer championship with dreams of the greatness of being a professional legend. Gradually you will become a professional player. New teams will contact you to play with them in championships. When you are at your fullest, the best..
That power pro is in soccer! Success in soccer! Aim to win the national tournament on the stage of the high school soccer club!
☆☆☆ Game features ☆☆☆☆★ Success ★☆“Create your own original player! ”This is a mode where you develop players while progressing through the scenario.Earn experience points by repeating practices and games and improve your players' abilities!It's up to the player to decide which abilities to upgrade! Let's train many ideal players and create the best team!"The stage is high school soccer"The stage of "Pawasaka" is high school soccer! Full of laughs and tears filled with events depicting passionate friendships with teammates! Sometimes she even falls in love with her manager!?Aim for the national tournament championship with each soccer club while enjoying the unique training system of each school!“The key to player development is event characters”Characters included in the "Event Deck" will appear as teammates, and various events will occur with them.The higher the rarity and level of the "event character" (event character), the more experience points you can earn from the event.Aim to become the strongest player by practicing with event characters, improving your practice effects, and being taught special abilities!"Various operating styles possible"Match events that occur during success play can..
See your favorite game characters in the form of picture logic puzzles!
Solve the puzzles and collect fun pixel art of your favorite characters![ FREE PUZZLE GAME! ]No in-game purchases or upgrades--this game is entirely free from beginning to end!Solve picture puzzles as if you were filling out a coloring book!Complete puzzles to uncover full-color characters from iconic nostalgia games!Loads of puzzles to play, and tons of collectable pixel art on the go!Take on Boss Puzzle challenges and collect small puzzle pieces to complete one jumbo pixel art piece![ FEATURED TITLES ]Frogger, Contra, Bomberman, Mystical Ninja, Castlevania, Parodius, Life Force, Gradius, Block Hole, Sunset Riders, Nemesis, Track & Field, Star Soldier, TwinBee, Milon's Secret Castle, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Crazy Crossand more![ About pixel logic puzzles ]Also known as nonograms, pixel logic puzzles are absorbing and addictive puzzles that use number clues and easy-to-follow logic to reveal awesome color pictures! If you love old-school games and enjoy puzzles games such as number place, crosswords, jigsaw and other brain teasers--this is the game for you![ Compatability ]Supported OS version: Android 5.1 or above・Please note that even if your device fulfills the system specifications required..
BEMANI series latest music game app appeared
# スペシャルに書き下ろした新キャラクターが登場。# アーケード版の最新バージョンの曲も含めた、約1000曲のゲームプレーが可能。(全曲をプレーするためには、月定額サービスへの契約が必要となります)# アーケード版を再現したオプション設定、さらにはモバイル端末で遊びやすい同時押しの譜面を制御する特殊設定も可能。# 楽曲を攻略することに特化した譜面ビューワー、直感的に操作できるループ再生機能を搭載。# MUSIC PLAYERで、BEMANIシリーズの歴史がわかる数千曲の楽曲が聴き放題。(月定額サービスへの契約が必要となります)◆搭載モード◆・GAME PLAY 基本無料でアーケードで人気の楽曲を中心とする約150曲のプレーが可能。 さらに楽しみたい方は月定額サービスへ契約すると約1000曲のプレーが可能になります。・GAME VIEW GAME PLAYで選曲できる約1000曲の譜面を自動再生。 直感的に操作できるループ再生機能も搭載し、攻略に大いに役立ちます。・MUSIC PLAYER - これまでのBEMANIの歴史をここで - 月定額サービス(アルティメットサービス)へ契約すると、beatmania IIDXシリーズの曲をはじめとする、数千曲のBEMANIシリーズの楽曲が聴き放題!・ULTIMATE LEAGUE 各リーグごとに選別された課題曲をクリアして、リーグ昇格を目指すモードです。 ここでプレーの腕前を磨こう!・SHOP 各種アイテムの交換、月定額サービスへの契約、有償アイテム(DX DIAMOND)の購入ができます。◆ゲームジャンル音楽シミュレーションゲーム◆基本無料・GAME PLAY/初期楽曲(NORMAL譜面まで、AP[スタミナ]制限有り)・ULTIMATE LEAGUE(所属リーグに応じてプレーできる曲が変動、AP[スタミナ]制限有り)・GAME VIEW/全楽曲 (一部楽曲は除く)◆サブスクリプション『月定額サービス』について【価格と更新間隔】スタンダードサービス・価格:月額480円(税込)・更新間隔:1ヶ月毎サービス内容・GAME PLAY/全楽曲(HYPER譜面まで、AP[スタミナ]制限無し)・MUSIC PLAYER/beatmania IIDXシリーズの全ての楽曲(一部楽曲は除く)※初回のみ「スタンダードサービス」は選択できません、「アルティメットサービス」の「無料トライアル」をお試しいただいた後に、「スタンダードサービス」の購入が可能になります。アルティメットサービス・価格:月額980円(税込)・更新間隔:1ヶ月毎サービス内容・GAME PLAY/全楽曲(全譜面、AP[スタミナ]制限無し)・MUSIC PLAYER/全楽曲(一部楽曲は除く)【無料トライアル期間について】・「月定額サービス」のうち「アルティメットサービス」は初回のみ購入日から7日間の「無料トライアル」がお試しいただけます。・「無料トライアル」が終了する24時間以上前までに「アルティメットサービス」を解約しなかった場合、更新日に自動的に有料の「アルティメットサービス」が開始します。・「無料トライアル」中にスタンダードサービスへの切り替えを行った場合、残りの「無料トライアル」の期間は失われます。【自動更新の詳細】・次回更新日の24時間以上前までに「月定額サービス」を解約しなかった場合、自動的に「月定額サービス」が更新されます。・自動更新が行なわれると、更新日から24時間以内に領収書が届きます。【次回更新日の確認と月定額サービスの解約方法】更新日の確認やサブスクリプションの解約手続きは、以下の[定期購入を解約]ページで行うことができます。1. Android スマートフォンまたはタブレットで、Google Play ストアを開きます。2. 正しい Google アカウントにログインしていることを確認します。3. メニュー アイコン [定期購入]をタップします。4. 解約する定期購入を選択します。5. [定期購入を解約] をタップします。6. 画面の指示に沿って操作を行います。個人情報等保護方針「beatmania IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE」サブスクリプションコンテンツ利用規約 ※ご購入いただく前に、必ず『月定額サービス購入』ページの注意事項と「beatmania IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE」サブスクリプションコンテンツ利用規約をご確認ください。◆環境本アプリは一部サービスがオンラインとなります。通信可能な環境でお楽しみください。◆動作環境対応OS:Android6.0以降動作環境を満たす端末でも、端末の性能や仕様、端末固有のアプリ使用状況などにより、正常に動作しない場合があります。
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
The iconic game from the beloved Castlevania series finally comes to mobile. This direct port of the classic console action RPG lets you jump, dash and slash your way through Dracula’s vast castle as Alucard while encountering a unique array of enemies and characters along the way.Rediscover the world of Castlevania with one of its original groundbreaking games and renowned music and graphics.□FeaturesFully compatible with game controllersNew continue featureUnlock achievements with hard-fought battle milestonesAvailable in 6 languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian,Spanish□Notes・Pixel 4Turn off "Smooth Display".
J League official soccer game! Aim for the top of J with the club you love!
Basic play is free! KONAMI's "J League Official" soccer game app for all J League supporters! !Equipped with team and player data for all 40 J1 & J2 clubs for the 2024 season!J League players will appear in the game depending on their performance in the game!Collect and develop real name and live-action cards of players belonging to all 40 J1 and J2 clubs, and enjoy online matches with players from all over the country and various events with your proud club team made up of your favorite players!●Create your dream club!Build your formation by acquiring players who played an active role in actual J League games, players selected by user votes, and legendary players who have etched their names in J League history!Train players and create your own strongest club filled with reality and dreams!●Easily play matches with automatic controls!Once you have gathered your players and formed a formation, the match will be played automatically, so even beginners can easily operate the game.●Aim for victory in the regularly held “J League”!The in-game tournament "J League" is held regularly to..
This application suspended its services from September 9th, 2020.
■An All-New Castlevania Game!The beloved gothic fantasy series returns with an original game exclusive to mobile with "Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls"!■Action-Packed CombatThe side-scrolling action game features an astonishingly wide variety of attacks, weapons and unique character moves. Hack, slash, whip and blast your way through Dracula’s army! Game controllers supported as well.■Iconic Characters Play as Alucard and unlock other legendary characters such as Simon Belmont, Charlotte, Shanoa, Maria and more to come! Master each character’s unique combat style to annihilate fearsome enemies and bosses!■New Multiplayer ModeIntroducing the exciting new multiplayer mode Bounty Hunt! Race against other players to defeat as many enemies as possible within the time limit. Compete against other players from around the world in real time!■Classic Sound & VisualsImmerse yourself in the rich world of Castlevania with the work of renowned artists from its long-running history – featuring character designs from Ayami Kojima and music by Michiru Yamane. Experience a new original story spanning the Castlevania universe!*Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is free to play with optional in-game items available for purchase. *Internet access and compatible devices required.
This software token can be used for the KONAMI OTP (One-Time Password) Service.
This software token can be used for the KONAMI OTP (One-Time Password) Service. In addition to this application, - Acquisition of a KONAMI ID and confirmation of the receipt of an e-mail sent by Konami- Purchase of the Right to Use the software tokenare required for using the token for the OTP.The KONAMI ID can be registered through the following link. more information about the KONAMI ID, visit the following website. more information about the KONAMI OTP, visit the following website. see the Terms of Use on the KONAMI OTP Service, visit the following website.* Add the URL of the Terms of UseTerms of Use on the KONAMI OTP Service is designed to reinforce the authentication of OTP-supported online services, with which the KONAMI ID is used.
Hot acting by serious dance and gorgeous voice actors! Heated boy dancer training game "Dankyra !!!-Boys, be DANCING!-"
ダンスが身近になり、誰もがダンスを踊れる時代。ダンスとキラートリック(オリジナリティを出せるアピール協力技)によって勝敗を争う競技『ダンキラ』が全世界で大フィーバー!ダンキラは世界中に中継され、オーディエンスをより多く魅了した方が勝利する対戦ダンスエンターテインメントである。世界中の人々はみなダンキラ界のカリスマ・ダンキラマイスターを目指し、信頼するチームの仲間と、火花を散らす好敵手と、日々熱いダンキラを繰り広げている……。▼△ストーリー△▼青春をダンキラに捧げた少年たちの「絆の物語」舞台はダンキラマイスターを目指す若者たちの学び舎“名門・紅鶴学園中学高等学校”。学園に通う幾千の学生ダンサーから選ばれた“ゴールド生”たちは時には競い、時には協力しながら日々ダンキラ技術を磨く。コーチ科に通う“あなた”は、ダンキラや日常生活を通して彼らを一人前のダンサーに育てあげることを目指し、彼らと共に歩んでいく。今、あなたの目の前で少年たちの想いと絆が燃え上がる▼△ゲーム△▼【ダンキラ(ダンスバトル)】個性豊かな18人のダンサーから3人を選んでチームを組み、ダンキラで勝利を目指せ!ゲームが苦手な方もオートプレイ機能で進める事が可能。【ストーリー】・ダンキラの頂点を目指し、仲間と共に奮闘する青春の物語「メインストーリー」・ダンサーの学園生活や私生活、ダンサー間の交流を見られる「カードストーリー」・好きなダンサーペアの[魂の繋がり度]を上げて見られる「ソウルリンクストーリー」・過去に開催したイベントを楽しめる「イベントストーリー」様々なストーリーを見て、ダンサー達の素顔や関係性を見てみよう!▼△魅力的な『ダンキラ』の世界観表現△▼・本格的なダンス!・多種多彩なキラートリック!・様々なジャンルのダンス楽曲!・豪華声優陣による熱い演技!・メインストーリーは全編フルボイス!▼△ゲームジャンル△▼少年ダンサー育成ゲーム▼△登場ダンサーチーム紹介△▼【メリーパニック】『幸せパニックではじけるカラー』得意ダンス:ヒップホップダンス朝日 ソラ(CV.梶原 岳人)夜野 零士(CV.室 元気)日向 まひる(CV.児玉 卓也)【エトワール】『天よりいでし、高貴なる絶対王者』得意ダンス:バレエ月光院 ノエル(CV.松岡 禎丞)紫藤 晶(CV.立花 慎之介)影宮 蛍(CV.豊永 利行)【シアターベル】『劇場に響くベルの音が刺激の始まり』得意ダンス:ジャズダンス八神 創真(CV.浪川 大輔)椿 聖人(CV.杉山 紀彰)三木 望(CV.榎木 淳弥)【三千世界】『戦い舞え! 舞士道の表現者』得意ダンス:武術ダンス源 光国(CV.古川 慎)若草 ゆかり(CV.永塚 拓馬)霧山 おぼろ(CV.増田 俊樹)【TOXIC】『この毒は何人たりとも逃さない』得意ダンス:ヴォーグダンス蛇ノ目 シキ(CV.平川 大輔)紅 アゲハ(CV.興津 和幸)毒島 九十九(CV.前野 智昭)【B.M.C.】『魂燃やす、夜明けの反逆者』得意ダンス:ブレイクダンス破走 ギンコ(CV.武内 駿輔)愛宕 蓮太郎(CV.小林 千晃)椿 賢人(CV.田丸 篤志)▼△こんな方にオススメ△▼・好きなゲームジャンルは、ダンスゲームやダンスバトルゲーム・個性溢れる少年たちを自分好みに育成したい!・イケメンが沢山登場し、イケメンを育成するアプリが好き・新しいオトメ系無料ゲームアプリを探している・女性向けの恋愛シミュレーション、恋愛ゲームのアプリで、できれば人気男性声優がボイス担当しているアプリを探している・アイドルが活躍する音ゲー(音楽ゲーム)やリズムゲームが好き▼△対応OS△▼Android 6.0以降▼△推奨環境△▼一部機種では動作が不安定になる場合があります。推奨端末であってもご利用状況により動作が不安定になる場合があります。推奨端末以外での動作はサポート対象外となります。
Koami's music game can be played easily by anyone with the touch of a panel!
◆ What is jubeat?Immerse yourself in the "comfy" of the beats and the "touch" of our touchscreen! New axis music simulation!You can find many familiar songs!And more is coming soon!◆Features◆-GameplayThe rules are simple!Touch the marker that appears to the music!Touch at the right time to score higher!-Song GachaUse the coins you get from playing to get any songs you can play!・Jubeat Lab.Have fun creating your own music!-Music playerListen to some of the songs from the jubeat series' soundtracks!-Music shopTrade jBlock and Music packs to get more songs to play!※ This app is completely free to play, but some jBlock and coins are available for real money.◆ System environment ◆This app requires an online environment.[Supported OS]Android 5.0 or aboveEven if you satisfy the operating environment, it may not function properly depending on the device performance and specifications and the unique usage of the app.JASRAC License Number:908060267Y43030908060 37Y45112NexTone License Number:ID00000125ID000006510
Enjoy AR shooting and VR viewing!
いつでも、どこでも。カノジョに会える。ラブプラスシリーズの最新作「ラブプラス EVERY」がモバイルゲームに登場。3人の女の子、高嶺 愛花(CV:早見 沙織)、小早川 凛子(CV:丹下 桜)、姉ヶ崎 寧々(CV:皆口 裕子)と恋人になり、AR撮影で一緒に写真を撮ったり、VRで間近に“カノジョ”を感じることが出来ます。□プロローグあなたは新しく引っ越してきた街“とわの市”で、女の子との運命的な出会いを体験します。そこで「ともだち」として、2人だけの思い出を積み重ねていきます。そして訪れる、“告白”という名の運命の日……しかし、あなたと彼女の物語は、これで終わりではありません。ここからは、「恋人」としての2人のストーリーが続いていきます。□キャラクター高嶺 愛花(マナカ) CV.早見 沙織主人公と同学年で、テニス部のチームメイト。文武両道の優等生で、箱入りのお嬢様。周りから注目される半面、少し距離をおかれていて…小早川 凛子(リンコ) CV.丹下 桜主人公の下級生で、同じ図書委員。本と音楽が好きで、一人でいることが多い。他人と関わろうとしないのには、何かわけがありそう…姉ヶ崎 寧々(ネネ) CV.皆口 裕子主人公の上級生で、バイト先のファミレスでも先輩。容姿、内面ともに大人びているせいか、周りから過剰に頼られてしまうことも…□出来ること・カノジョプラスAR撮影、撮影、VR鑑賞を行うことができます。 「カノジョプラス Lite」用に用意されたファッションを自由に利用できます。 「撮影」機能で撮影した画像は端末のストレージに保存されます。・VRアルバム下記のVRイベントを再生することができます。〇夏の放課後(TGS2017) 〇ビーチでお昼寝 〇マイ・スイート・バレンタイン 〇カノジョの部屋で・プロフィール/カノジョの設定カノジョ、カノジョの呼び方、自分の呼ばれ方、髪型、髪色、性格、メガネなどを設定できます。2020年8月5日以前のオンラインサービスから継続してプレイされているお客様は、2020年10月31日までの期間限定で、「設定の読み込み」ボタンを押すことで、オンラインサービス時のカノジョの状態、プロフィールを「カノジョプラス Lite」に反映することができます。 □注意事項・機能は予告無く変更させていただく場合がありますので予めご了承ください。 ・オンラインサービス時に入手したカードを見ることはできません。・VR機能は、市販のスマホ用VRゴーグルを使ってお楽しみ頂けます。VRゴーグルを使用しない場合は、ジャイロ機能やスワイプ機能を使ってお楽しみ頂けます。□動作環境本アプリは通信環境がなくても遊べますが、「設定の読み込み」など一部機能をご利用の際は通信が必要です。・対応OS:Android6.0以降・推奨環境: ※一部機種では動作が不安定になる場合があります。推奨端末であってもご利用状況により動作が不安定になる場合があります。推奨端末以外での動作はサポート対象外となります。□VRモードをプレイする際のご注意・画面の点滅等の光の刺激によって、まれに、目の痛み、頭痛、けいれん、意識障害、不快感等の症状が起きることがあります。こうした症状が出たことがある方は、ご利用前に医師にご相談ください。・プレイ中に、吐き気、めまい、目の疲れ、乗り物酔いに似た症状などの体の異常を感じた場合は、直ちにVRゴーグルの使用を中止し、十分な休憩をとってください。・プレイ後に不快な症状がある場合は十分な休憩をとってください。休憩をとっても症状が回復しない場合は医師の診察を受けてください。・プレイ前に周囲の状況を確認し、安全な環境でご使用ください。・プレイ中の移動や大きな動作はお控えください。転んだり、周囲のものにぶつかるなどで怪我をする恐れがあります。・ご使用のVRゴーグルの取扱説明書をよくお読みいただき、使用方法を守ってプレイしてください。また、VRゴーグルからの落下によるスマートフォンの破損については補償いたしかねますので、ご注意ください。


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Give so bad impression earlier. Blank screen before Konami logo appeared.and also need download data at earlier game without telling how much need to download.better make the all data already download in play store, instead scam new user with 79MB, but need download all data after that


The game is good, but these repetitive events are becoming very boring...... So, try to add new game new game modes... Also, try to entertain the players more by bringing some prime ball events( similar to efootball)


The game is a total flop even though,the graphics is world-class but there are a lot of problems with it especially with My League the controls are bogus and also they keep manipulating the opponent players, they score from offside position but from the same position your players are flagged offside and you know you are playing say professional all of a sudden the game changes to say legend which isn't part of your game plan. Please correct those mistakes. Thank you.Most stupid game ever


It's crashed so many times in my Samsung S24 Ultra,please help to fix it.


The game is really fake I have tried but it only shows a black screen. I really now hate it and I feel like I want to throw away de phone


One star for thanking you upload such rubbish 🤮it just keeps displaying "communication error".. don't waste time downloading it


Poor this useless thing need to be drop on playstore wasting of time and data very irritating it automatic by AI I hate all this not like before total mess


Great game, gives the flashbacks to fifa mobile with the 100+ cards back then.


This game is actually terrible, I downloaded the game and opened it and it was just blank, please how would i make it work on an Infinix hot 8 lite


The game is fun for the bigger people destroying young people at there level


I have never try to play the game, because when ever i enter the game it shows me a blank screen. Please if there is a way you can help me, 🙏🙏🙏please help. I am using a tecno pop 5


I have been playing this game for a while and I used to like it but now I don't know what is wrong. The pass and cursor change is a mess and it really bore me a lot.When playing with an opponent online and I first score, then my controls with start f**king up. If you can check that I would be very glad.


Played the game for a few years and took a break from playing it for a while. When I came back, nothing was saved and lost all my data. I tried signing into my account yet was told I don't have one. Everytime I download a new game it asks me to sign in with my Google account. I know I had an account not just for that reason but also because I logged in with my Google account on multiple devices. Game is worthless if nothing saves.


The match engine of this game makes no sense. You can have a far better squad than the other team and still lose every single time. You watch the matches and the other team has skills that activate every single time while your team doesn't activate ever. Do better Konami, why even play this game when we can't win against other people when your team is significantly better. Update: still terrible, I play against teams with lower stats, skills, and overall suck compared to my team, still can't win


I can't believe I wasted 98mb only for AI to help me play the game while I watch. Very poor encryption. I was deluded honestly. I'm uninstalling the app right now


It's like dragon ball legends but, in football version.About the game- I like this game very much and it's very fun to play but the graphics can be little bit more better. I'll give it a solid 4.4


hi Konami I would like to ask you if you can make my device to be able to play efootball 2024 pls Incase you want to know what phone it is it is an itel make all itels able to play pes pls I like that game so much. every time I play this game I always think of playing efoootball 2024 pls can you do that that's what I want for Christmas.Mary Christmas and I'm 11 years old


gameplay are just worst💩.it should be soccer star type of gameplay and also the looks of jersey are just bad🤕,but I still giving it 5star⭐ because we can easily get players😍,cards look are great😝 ,player animation is cool🥶& it gives so much of suspence that make game perfect👍🏼🧊


Needs the ability to be able to switch player positions and formations during game. Especially if a player is sent off or during half time. Should also allow you to see when your friends are online. Extremely poor player attainment (unless you spend silly money)... And still no custom formations. All in all great if you're a (young) football fan who'd like to play a mindless game. otherwise...


The gameplay itself is nice. But need to pay a lot to get Top cards. Anything below 95 or extras are rubbish, but the chance of getting a player over 95 without paying is virtually non-existence. Also, getting the training items are not easy (need a lot of GP, and GP is expensive), and training process is slow. Other than the above problems, I think this game is ok.