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LINE: Calls & Messages App DESCRIPTION

LINE is transforming the way people communicate, closing the distance between family, friends, and loved ones—for free. With voice and video calls, messages, and a limitless variety of exciting stickers, you’ll be able to express yourself in ways that you never thought possible. LINE is available all over the world on mobile, desktop, and Wear OS devices.

◆ Messages, voice calls, and video calls.
Enjoy voice and video calls and exchanging messages with your LINE friends.

◆ LINE stickers, emoji, and themes
Express yourself just the way you want with stickers and emoji. Also, find your favorite themes to customize your LINE app.

◆ Home
Gives you easy access to your friends list, birthdays, the sticker shop and various services offered by LINE.

Discover posts and accounts that catch your fancy, and start following them to stay in the know.

* We recommend using a data plan or connecting to Wi-Fi as you may incur data usage fees otherwise.

* Please use LINE with Android OS versions 8.0 or above to enjoy LINE to the fullest extent.

If your network speed is too slow or you don’t have enough device storage, LINE may not install properly.

If this happens, please check your connection and try again.


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No verification message, no verification call. Impossible to sign up so impossible to use. And it's neither my phone nor my number, the number definitely is correct and I can send and receive messages and place calls without any issues.


I needed to download the app to join a group chat for a friend's wedding - which is the primary medium that the bride and groom wished to use to communicate with their guests. Unfortunately, even after contacting LINE customer support (which is just a bot btw), the answer was that they don't allow users from Germany to join the group chat feature. No reason given for why we should be excluded from such a basic function of the app. Don't worry, I will delete this app.


I use this app every day to share information and chat with friends...but lately I have been having trouble opening images on the first try, it's a bit annoying when there are quite a few messages in the chat, have to go out and back in to see a pic, then scroll back up to the image to open, sometimes this is hundreds of chat messages.


Indonesia region numbers barely login. The number got blocked for a month every time. And that is still not enough, they still give us a random error that attacking us randomly at any time and the duration is also random. Easy to use, but i would give the worst score for the system and management.


This app stopped giving me notifications inside and out of the app on May 7th 2023 at 9:38pm, and hasn't sent one since even after updating. Plus it would be much more convenient and space friendly if we could move the app to external storage such as a mini SD Card in our phones/tablets. MAKE EXTERNAL STORAGE POSSIBLE FOR MOBILE DEVICES.


Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Frequent dropped calls. Probably due to poor WiFi signal from Japan, or because of carrier interruption or spotty service. Strange "friends" chat posts whom have emoji identification only. Strange posts for chat, or sharing or links often pop up. Strangers posting odd requests. However when actually connected and working, the call can be clear and distinct. Free calls are great to foreign countries without exorbitant or long distance charges.


this app used to have the function to select all chats to delete, but now need to select one by one, which is kind of frustrating. even the delete all data function from the settings does not delete chat content in text at all. when try to reinstall the app, it takes forever to get back the chat history and group list....very bad experience.😱😱 last, there is no logout function 😰😰


After the lasted update. When you tap for see pictures nothing will happen. If you want to see pictures in full size you have to go back to chat list menu or close application and re-enter. Problem on Android miui 13 version


awful migration experience , I've used this app for almost 10 years and purchase tons of items and I moved to a new phone number because I lost my old phone and I'm unable to transfer my account over . it asks for verification on a phone I don't have, now its blocked my number from trying to get a text it voice call. I've had line with jp,kr,euro, cell services in the past 10yrs but they are awful with USA numbers no tech support options


Completely not reliable and full of bugs. This app is not suitable for reliable business If you transfer one account to another phone, it's pure luck if it works. Really lucky if you just lose all your chats (WhatsApp has an automatic backup) You never know if your message is really send. I had cases where people stopped receiving my messages without any reason. I had tried to send a message from a new personal account to my old existing account and nothing showed up.


This app needs to learn to follow the phone number, NOT DEVICE! My other phone died without warning, swapped sim, had to change PW, when Line came up, I was seeing conversation from August 1 2019! WTH guys, can you make this app work for idiots too? I happen to be technically challenged and app won't give me an option to get conversations back on first phone, it just offers "CLOSE" or "DELETE" 😖😡 Uninstalled from device, only option, reloading it now, if I've lost everything .... 🤬


Sorry but I got a lot of troubles just in one day with this app. I cannot join into a group, I wondering whats wrong with it. I ask my friends and they said "reconnecting the wifi, restart your phone, or maybe it's just an error" I do everything my friends told me but it didn't make anything. So I decided to uninstall this app and then I'm gonna install it again. But after that when I'm about to log in my verification is temporary blocked until next 6 days


when my phone is connected to a Bluetooth headphone, and I make an outgoing call ( audio or video call ), the app inexplicably defaults the audio output to the phone speaker instead of the headphone. I have to manually change it to headphone every time during call. Why is it doing this? Incoming calls do not have this issue.


Line has no way for share both pictures/files/text WITH stickers posted to a chat to another chat - sticker posts CAN'T be forwarded, annoying! Line replaced the system camera with its own, producing worse pictures! Forced to exit to take a photo with the system camera to get the best image quality. Line removed the much-needed local backup and restore of individual chats, too! No easy way to jump in time to a specific month+ year in the chat or keep photos, only scrolling. Two stars off!


It used to be amazing but with the new update store stopped loading and just shows white blank screen :/ and now this app doesn't opens up the image after clicking the image. This app is becoming worse after each update, urgh!!!!


Not only is the app more or less a basic IM interface. But there is a common issue in being able to verify your phone number, since the app fails to send verification codes. They also fail to mention that despite this being an issue they'll block your number from further verification for irrational periods of time despite never trying a code that wasn't received. It's close to impossible to contact customer support and there is no open dialogue, just standard CYA apologies.


I have followed every step of every help article out there. I have a Galaxy S22 Ultra and everything is updated. I never once received a verification code; not even in my spam messages. I gave up after I reinstalled the app and it still didn't work after 50 minutes of trying, even with the phone call option. Never got a call, either. If it is this awful to even CREATE an account, I don't want to see what it is like having one. Signal is a MUCH better app.


Not being able to answer a call on my watch but I can end the call is very annoying. I'd like to be able to answer. Much better recently probably the only call app that hangs into the call for dear life and doesn't drop when switching from wifi to 4g. Just has a few annoyances when it doesn't want to connect the call or gives an error.


Everything is alright before, but since about a year ago, every time I open the app, it doesn't refresh by itself, and there's also no way to refresh it. It really bothers. Because of this problem, I missed lots of messages and news. Please work on that, cause it's pretty ridiculous that it takes SO LONG for those new messages to show up.


I like line app, it has lot of good features even better than whatsup. But it has major weaknesses, here are few possible improvements. 1) it's headache to move your account and all the content of chats to a different phone. It has to be user-friendly and straightforward. 2) give the option to not show status read, existing in lot of apps 3) for whatever reason, pictures and videos disappear after certain time. Not good These are most important improvements necessary. Thank you