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COCCHi 本格的なカーナビをアプリで体験 Pioneer App SCREENSHOT

【图】COCCHi 本格的なカーナビをアプリで体験 Pioneer(截图1)【图】COCCHi 本格的なカーナビをアプリで体験 Pioneer(截图2)【图】COCCHi 本格的なカーナビをアプリで体験 Pioneer(截图3)

COCCHi 本格的なカーナビをアプリで体験 Pioneer App DESCRIPTION

COCCHi is a full-fledged car navigation app that can be used with a smartphone. Pioneer’s [Carrozzeria Car Navigation] can be used as an app! Driver assist functions are also available.

・Compatible with Android Auto. Large screen provides easy-to-read and easy-to-use navigation
・One-touch search for nearby toilets as well as parking lots and gas stations [Driver assist function]
・Wide and safe optimal route suggestion [Carrozzeria car navigation system learns]
– [Safely check the route] with voice guidance and screen at just the right time, as if you were right next door.
・Even at difficult-to-understand junctions, illustrated directions to turn right and left and clear audio guidance help you avoid getting lost and feel safe.
– Visualize driving CO2 emissions, gasoline costs, and highway tolls while driving
・Real-time updates of map information of newly opened roads, changes in traffic regulations, and traffic congestion information
– Notify you in advance when approaching Orvis [Remind you to drive safely and not rush]

・I want to use the in-vehicle display like a car navigation system *Available only for eligible models
・I want to experience the world of Carrozzeria car navigation with an app.
・I don’t have confidence in driving on roads I’m not used to driving on, and I want to drive on wide roads.
・I want to avoid traffic jams, and I want to decide on a route by checking the total of expressway tolls, gasoline costs, and CO2 emissions.
・I want traffic information (traffic information, traffic regulation information, orbis) warnings and notifications.
・The car navigation system map is old and you want to use the car navigation system with the latest map.
・I want to know the latest updated road and traffic information
– Not satisfied with free car navigation apps
・It is on a car that is not equipped with a car navigation system.
・I want to use a car navigation app from a car navigation manufacturer.

[Large and easy-to-read navigation]
– Compatible with Android Auto for easy-to-read map and text display even on large displays
・With the combination of a large screen and easy-to-understand voice guidance, you can drive safely without having to keep your eyes on the screen.
・Accurately indicates right and left turn points such as traffic lights and railroad crossings according to signs
– Guidance on recommended driving lanes at the appropriate time
・Signboard display for general roads
・Enlarged intersection map display
・Urban expressway entrance illustration display
・ETC lane display

[A wealth of driver assist functions]
・Search for nearby gas stations
・Search for nearby parking lots and provide information on vacancies
・Search for available toilets nearby

[Optimum route suggestion by Carrozzeria car navigation system]
・Optimal route suggestions based on Pioneer patented technology and accumulated data are available.
・Suggests wide, safe and optimal routes, avoiding narrow and difficult roads.
・Enables you to select the shortest, cheapest, and shortest route depending on the purpose of your drive and vehicle type.
・Proposing a dedicated route that takes into account the total cost including expressway tolls and gasoline costs
・Real-time information display such as parking lot availability information
・You can rest assured that the map information is always updated with the latest information, such as traffic jam information, newly opened roads, and changes in traffic regulations.

[Easy-to-understand instructions from the passenger seat]
・When turning left or right on the road, guide the driver using visible signals, railroad crossings, etc.
・Voice guidance on recommended driving lanes after turning right or left at the appropriate time
・Specific voice guidance on which lane to take and which direction to head in
・Easy-to-understand guidance is achieved by combining an enlarged intersection map and audio guidance.

[You can feel safe even at complicated junctions]
– Detailed illustrated maps and voice guidance support safe driving at complex intersections and highway junctions.

[Supporting eco-driving that is friendly to the environment and your wallet by visualizing driving]
・Visualize CO2 emissions from driving
・Comprehensive display of gasoline costs and expressway tolls, along with the total cost of the route.

[Real-time information on Orbis information]
・Display of Orbis information nationwide
・Display of Orbis installation location and audio guidance

COCCHi is a car navigation app from PIONEER CORPORATION.

For information on how to use COCCHi and information, please see the help site below.

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Major Version Up (4.5)- Add Functions : Data auto upload, Data auto delete. Delete data are uploaded data and too short data.- Improve Functions : Add graphical display on [Graph] tab for GPS accuracy.- Bug Fix : App was quit when long recording on [Navi] tab.OutlineUsing this application, only the smartphone put on the vehicle dashboard, road bump can be detected. It can use for road maintenance in usual time, and earthquake damege research after the disaster.When the recorded file is uploaded, road bump location map can be displayed by following URL by on your browser. you want to contact us. : Twitter @BumpRecorderHow to use?1. The smartphone put on the vehicle dashboard on horizontally or vertically, don't put on diagonally. [attention!!] We are strongly recommend you, the smartphone should fix on the dashboard for your safety.2. Press [REC] button, then road bump detection will be started. The vehicle is driven as usual.3. Road bump size is displayed on the screen. [attention!!] DON'T look at the screen, when you drive the vehicle for your safety!4. When measurement is finished,..
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원하는 목적지까지의 이동을이젠 고민말고 하이무브로 쉽고 빠르게!1. 다양한 이동수단 서비스하이무브는 다양한 이동 수단을 이용하여 빠르고 쉬운 길을 찾아서 추천하고 있습니다.지하철/버스/택시/자전거/킥보드/카셰어링/공항픽업/주차장2. 실시간 예약/대여/호출 가능하이무브는 추천 이동수단의 예약/대여/호출 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.3. 취향저격 추천경로 제공어떻게 가야 할지 고민이신가요?하이무브는 이용자의 취향에 맞는 추천경로를 구분하여 제공해 드립니다.4주변 모든 교통수단을 한번에 주변 지하철역, 버스 정류소, 대여 가능 자전거, 카셰어링 대여소, 주차장 위치를지도에서 한눈에 확인하세요※하이무브(HIMOVE)는 현재 서울, 경기도 및 수도권 지역만 서비스합니다.더 많은 지역으로 서비스 하기 위해 준비중 입니다※서비스 및 제휴 문의는 으로 연락 바랍니다.길찾기 지도 경로 길안내대중교통 지하철 버스 노선도 출발 도착킥보드 고고씽 지빌리티 플라워로드서울 자전거 따릉이 고양 일산 자전거 피프틴 공유 자전거 공공 자전거카셰어링 카쉐어링 그린카공항 셔틀 리무진 인천공항 김포공항 벅시주차장 공영 주차장 아이파킹택시 호출
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Elegant and smooth 3D compass
Compass Steel 3D is an ad-free and easy to use marine-style compass app. With Compass Steel 3D app you get:• No ads. • No trackerswe do not collect any data. This app is supported by donations.• Multiple color themes to choose from.• 2 compass modes to choose fromTrue mode (based on True north) and Magnetic mode (based on Magnetic north). • Sun and Moon positions.• Sunrise and sunset times.• Moonrise and moonset times.
Application for tracking the Pegasus Tracker platform
If you are a Pegasus Tracker customer who has the Tracking service contracted, with the application you can track your vehicle, and much more🚩Great coverage area;🚩 Tracking;🚩Monitoring;VirtualVirtual Fence;Velocidade Speed / movement warnings;🚩 Vehicle lock;🚩Unlocking the vehicle.* Live monitoring;* Personalized Information Windows;* Reproduction;* Report;* Notification;Track control and monitor your vehicle 24 hours a day through Pegasus Tracker Vehicle Tracking.Characteristics:- Quickly and conveniently view your vehicle's position in real time on the map.View your Vehicle's Location history.- Lock and Unlock your Vehicle (Application and Computer).Note:- Pegasus Tracker, is an application for customers, who have registration on the Pegasus Tracker tracking platform.PROTECTION HAS A NAME, Pegasus Tracker!
Sound Tune will make your car metamorphose in the listening room !!
■"Playlists" on the library screen (bottom menu "Library") may no longer be available on Android 12 or later devices. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.■ Important notice about Google Pixel 6 seriesWe have confirmed that the Google Pixel 6 series does not work properly when connected to the product.Please update your system to the latest version.Pioneer’s Sound Tune app is a great way to bring the sound of high-end audio to a basic factory car stereo and speaker set.All operations are performed easily through a smartphone and a wide range of settings are accessible.For USB connections- This function is compatible with a phone that runs Android 5.0 up to 7.1.2 and also supports AOA (Android Open Accessory) 2.0, but the compatibility depends on the smartphone.- Some Android devices connected via AOA 2.0 may not work properly or emit sounds due to their own software design, regardless of the OS version.Representative function31BAND GEQTime alignment3-Way network mode Super "Todoroki" SoundLive simulationCompatible modelsDEQ-S1000ADEQ-S1000A2Compatible OSandroid version 5.0 or higher
Music Cruise channel 2 (MCC2) is a music application that provides a new music experience.
◆ご案内2021年3月末をもって「ミュージッククルーズチャンネル」を終了することとなりました。なお「RecMusic ライトプラン」のご契約は自動的に継続されますので、同一ID/パスワードのまま株式会社レコチョク提供アプリにて音楽ストリーミングサービスをお楽しみいただけます。詳細につきましてはパイオニアHPをご覧ください。ミュージッククルーズチャンネル2(MCC2)は新しい音楽体験を提供します。「ミュージッククルーズチャンネル」の特長 1.音楽はより楽しく、刺激的に、ドライブ最適な新音楽配信機能 2.MIXTRAX搭載によって途切れることなく音楽と出会い続ける 3.多彩なチャンネルとダイレクトにつながる 4.車内でカラオケが楽しめる 5.ドライブやシーンにマッチしたチャンネルを提案◆ミュージッククルーズチャンネルの特長は、こちら◆「ミュージッククルーズチャンネル」とは株式会社レコチョクの音楽ストリーミングサービスに、パイオニア独自の楽曲レコメンド技術等を融合した車載用音楽ストリーミング機能です。カーナビに、スマートフォンをBluetooth接続して、車内に楽曲を持ち込まずとも多彩なチャンネルから音楽を楽しむことができます。切れ目なくノンストップミックスで再生するMIXTRAXモードや、音響エフェクト技術を活用したシーン切換え機能で車室内の音響空間をリアルな臨場感で満たします。また、RecMusic ライトプランをご利用の場合は、「SingNow」や「チェックチャンネル」などの機能もご利用できます。◆「RecMusic ライトプラン(旧レコチョク Best ライトプラン)」とは?株式会社レコチョクがコンテンツ調達・番組編成を行い提供する「月額300円(税別)」の音楽ストリーミングサービスです。・登録にはクラブレコチョクIDの取得とキャリア決済またはクレジットカード情報の情報が必要です。◆推奨端末※Android5.0以上 (必ずしも最新のOS、端末の動作保障をするものではありません。)※Android5.0未満及び、接続対応機種一覧に記載された機種以外は、正常動作しない場合があります。 接続対応機種一覧は以下をご確認ください。◆注意事項※安全のため、運転者は走行中に操作しないでください。※Bluetooth/Wifi通信機器が近くにある場合は電波が干渉し音切れが発生しやすくなります。※「RecMusic ライトプラン」は、株式会社レコチョクが運営するものであり、当社は本サービスの提供を保証するものではありません。※「レコチョク Best ライトプラン」は、2019年3月より、「RecMusic ライトプラン」にサービス名が変更となります。 「レコチョク Best ライトプラン」をご利用の場合は、そのまま、継続してご利用頂けます。※ 「RecMusic ライトプラン」は、株式会社レコチョクが提供する「RecMusic」とは別のサービスです。「RecMusic」に移行すると、MCCのサービスが利用できなくなりますので、ご注意下さい。※ ご利用中のサイバーナビによっては、AVソース画面の表示が「レコチョク Best ライトプラン」の表示のままとなります。◆ご案内スマートフォンとサイバーナビのBluetooth接続が出来ない方、その他、使用方法がご不明なお客様はお手数ですが以下のテクニカルサポートをご覧いただくか、問い合わせページよりご連絡下さい。 【テクニカルサポート】【お問合せ】著作管理団体番号 license numbersRecMusic ライトプラン (旧レコチョク Best ライトプラン)JASRAC許諾番号9014985149Y58351NexTone許諾番号ID000005035ミュージッククルーズチャンネルJASRAC許諾番号9012951011Y38029NexTone許諾番号ID000005038
COCCHi is a full-fledged car navigation app that can be used with a smartphone. [Carrozzeria Car Navigation] can be used with the app! Driver assist functions are also available.
COCCHi is a full-fledged car navigation app that can be used with a smartphone. Pioneer's [Carrozzeria Car Navigation] can be used as an app! Driver assist functions are also available.・Compatible with Android Auto. Large screen provides easy-to-read and easy-to-use navigation・One-touch search for nearby toilets as well as parking lots and gas stations [Driver assist function]・Wide and safe optimal route suggestion [Carrozzeria car navigation system learns]- [Safely check the route] with voice guidance and screen at just the right time, as if you were right next door.・Even at difficult-to-understand junctions, illustrated directions to turn right and left and clear audio guidance help you avoid getting lost and feel safe.- Visualize driving CO2 emissions, gasoline costs, and highway tolls while driving・Real-time updates of map information of newly opened roads, changes in traffic regulations, and traffic congestion information- Notify you in advance when approaching Orvis [Remind you to drive safely and not rush]・I want to use the in-vehicle display like a car navigation system *Available only for eligible models・I want to experience the world of Carrozzeria car navigation with an app.・I don't have..
Pioneer Smart Sync for Tablet connects Tablets and compatible accessories.
Pioneer Smart Sync for Tablet connects Tablets and Pioneer’s compatible accessories.You can conrol various functions of the accessory device via your Tablet. Enjoy the latest unique functions.- Audio AdjustmentE.g. 13Band EQ, Time Alignment, LPF/HPF settings, etc- Illumination Color■Compatible Pioneer products:- SPH-T20BT
Pioneer Smart Sync will give you a smarter experience in the car!
Pioneer Smart Sync helps you to utilize your smartphone’s functions.It connects your smartphone and Pioneer’s compatible car stereo.■Supporting safe usage of smartphone apps in the car.- You can call apps with one touch button on a connected hardware device.- The app helps you by reading out your messages.etc.■You can enjoy the latest unique functions.- Various adjustment tools for smartphone audio.  ex) 31Band EQ (Pro setting), time alignment, sound effects, etc.- Safety support functionsex) Parking assistant (only compatible with SPH-C10BT/SPH-C19BT/SPH-10BT/SPH-20DAB and ND-PS1), voice recognition, and more!■Compatible Pioneer products:[North-America]SPH-10BTFH-S722BS/FH-S720BS/FH-S52BT/FH-S520BTDEH-S7200BHS/DEH-S6220BS/DEH-S6200BS/DEH-S5200BT/DEH-S4220BT/DEH-S4200BT/DEH-S6100BS/DEH-S6120BS/DEH-S5100BT/DEH-S5120BT/DEH-S4100BT/DEH-S4120BT/DEH-S31BTMXT-S3166BT/MXT-MS316BT/MXT-S3266BTMVH-S720BHS/MVH-S622BS/MVH-S620BS/MVH-S522BS/MVH-S420BT/MVH-S322BT/MVH-S512BS/MVH-S312BT/MVH-MS512BS/MVH-MS310BT[Europe]SPH-10BTSPH-20DABFH-S820DAB/FH-S720BTDEH-S720DAB/DEH-S520BT/DEH-S42BT/DEH-S420BT/DEH-S410BT/DEH-S41BT/DEH-S320BT/DEH-S310BT/DEH-S510BT/DEH-S315BTMVH-S620BT/MVH-S520DAB/MVH-S520BT/MVH-S42BT/MVH-S420DAB/MVH-S420BT/MVH-S510BT/MVH-S410BT/MVH-S41BT/MVH-S31BT/MVH-S310BT/MVH-MS510BT/MVH-MS410BT[Other countries]SPH-C10BT/SPH-C19BT/SXT-C10PSFH-S820DAB/FH-S725BT/FH-S525BTDEH-X5000BT/DEH-X5000BR/DEH-S720DAB/DEH-S5250BT/DEH-S4280BT/DEH-S4250BT/DEH-S3290BT/DEH-X500BT/DEH-X500BR/DEH-S5150BT/DEH-S4180BT/DEH-S4150BT/DEH-S31BT/DEH-S3190BTMXT-X3162BT/MXT-S3262BT/MXT-S3162BT/MXT-S3161BTMVH-X7000BR/MVH-X3000BT/MVH-X3000BR/MVH-S628BT/MVH-S425BT/MVH-S329BT/MVH-S325BT/MVH-X700BT/MVH-X700BR/MVH-X300BT/MVH-X300BR/MVH-S315BTDXT-S4162BT/DXT-S416BT/DXT-S4161BT*This application is not supported on the Android Go Edition OS.
Cyclo-Sphere Control App for Pioneer cycle devices.
By pairing your Pioneer GPS cycle computer with Pioneer Pedaling Monitor Sensors, you can customize the display and visualize your pedaling technique.Cycle Computer link functionFor initial setup, a simple and easy settings wizard provides step by step instructions to help setup of your web based Cyclo-Sphere Analysis account. The wizard includes user settings, sensor connections, Wi-Fi settings, page set selections, map management, notification settings, and more.In addition, detailed cycle computer settings such as bike information and system settings can be edited at any time. All settings are reflected in real time when connected via Bluetooth Low Energy.When editing a page set, you can search screen layouts, the items you want to display, and check them on the graphic screen to select it. Detailed customization of data fields is also possible.Log data saved on your cycle computer can be transferred to your Cyclo-Sphere account via Bluetooth Low Energy transmission. If you use Cyclo-Sphere's web transfer function you can automatically transfer rides to other services such as Strava and TrainingPeaks.You can automatically transfer training menu's and Ride with GPS routes from Course..
This app is an app that works with the compatible Pioneer Dash Camera.
" Dash Camera Remote " is an application for connecting and using a compatible Pioneer Dash Camera.By using this application, you can operate "Manual Event Recording", "Photo Shooting", "Transfer Video to Smartphone", "Video Editing", "Change Drive Recorder Settings", etc, from your smartphone.* Whilst maintaining the Wi-Fi connection with the Dash Camera, a ѴРИ connection is internally executed to communicate with the smartphone's Internet. For ѴРИ connection, when notified allow "Change system settings", and if the "Connection request" is displayed at the start-up, press OK. The message "To monitor network traffic" maybe displayed, but please be assured that our App does not monitor any traffic data and or collect any data. ■ Main functions・ Check the real-time video of the dash camera・ Manual event recording / photographing・ Video check / Video transfer to smartphone・ Video editing・ Update of transferred video to SNS etc.・ Dash camera setting change■ Supported productsPioneer Dash Camera・ VREC-DH200■ Supported OSAndroid 6.0 or higher■ NotesWhile using this application, the communication with the Dash Camera will be interrupted, so the communication with the smartphone will be interrupted. You will..
This application works with the target Pioneer dash camera.
"Dash Camera Interface" is an application for connecting to the target Pioneer dash camera.By using this application, you can operate "manual event recording", "photo", "transfer data to smartphone" and "change settings of dash camera" from your smartphone.Check the streaming video of the dash camera.Take manual recording and photo.Download the recording data.Change the settings of dash camera.Pioneer dash cameraVREC-DZ700DCVREC-Z710DHAndroid since version 4.4Smartphone network will be interrupted while using this application. You will not be able to use(including sending and receiving) applications that use networkWhen Bluetooth of the smartphone is ON, the network speed with the dash camera may be slow. If the network speed is slow, please turn off the Bluetooth function.
"Wireless Hi-Res PlayerStellanova ~" is a music player application supported various music such as Hi-Res, Audio CD, AAC, MP3 etc. In addition, It includes "Master Sound Revive(MSR)", "Random Skip" and "Recommended Play" .MSR allows you to revive sound quality close to Hi-Res for Audio CD, AAC, MP3 etc."Random Skip" allows you to listen to only chorus and listen to only one chorus. "Recommended Play" allows you to listen to funky songs and sad songs etc. continuously.It is a new type of music player application that allows you to enjoy music that you do not have.◆Hi-Res, Audio CD, AAC, MP3 etc. Play High-quality sound!As well as AAC and MP3, Hi-Res such as FLAC and DSD can also be played! Any sound source can also be played together in one playlist. With MSR, you can play back music other than Hi-Res with high-quality sound that approaches Hi-Res.Furthermore, because it supports Hi-Res wireless audio "Stellanova", it does not compress both Hi-Res and MSR songs. You can play it wirelessly with high sound quality! It is also recommended to connect HDD to use like..
The Music and Video Player for Pioneer AppRadio Mode.
Experience your music library in a new way.When connected to an AppRadio Mode compatible in-dash multimedia receiver, Pioneer CarMediaPlayer allows you to swipe, drag, and directly touch the desired artist, song, album, podcast, audiobook, and video in your library from the larger in-dash touchscreen. CarMediaPlayer also makes it easy to find what you're looking for with Alphabet Search and Album View functions.For your safety, the viewing of video content with this application while connected to a compatible Pioneer multimedia receiver is only available when the vehicle is stopped and the parking brake is engaged.Not compatible with AppRadio One or AppRadio Mode USB. Instead, please use the AppRadioLIVE app for Media playback.SPH-DA100/110/210 and AVH-X8500BT/BHS users who have a Samsung phone and who experience constant screen blackouts can avoid them by turning off hardware overlays in the developer options of their phone.Software End User License Agreement

COCCHi 本格的なカーナビをアプリで体験 Pioneer App DOWNLOAD

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アップデートを行ったら起動に数分かかるようになった また、ナイト画面が無いと夜は使えない あと、横画面対応も必須
COCCHiにレビューをお寄せいただきありがとうございます。 ボタン文字表示や音声機能につき、ご期待に沿えず申し訳ございません。 お寄せいただいたご要望は開発チームに共有いたします。 COCCHiには至らない点が多くございますが、今後もお客様からのご意見・ご要望を元にアップデートをしていく所存でございます。これからも引き続きCOCCHiのご利用をご検討いただけると幸いです。


Google MapやYahooナビなど色々を試した結果、最も車載ナビに近いレベルだったからナビタイム(有料)を使っていましたが、乗り換えようと思います。 車載ナビの代わりを探しているならオススメです。 グーグルみたいにただ道を案内するだけでなく、右側の車線を走ってください、とか、3つ目の信号を右折、とか案内してくれます。また、ナビタイムで不満だった地図が縮小しすぎるという点も、こちらは丁度いい感じで見やすいです。 ただ、出来たばかりかつアプリがあまり得意でない会社なのか、アプリ自体の出来にはまだまだ粗を感じます。UIの操作性やデザイン、設定できる項目、案内音声の滑らかさ、などなど。ここら辺は今後の改善を期待します。 あと、使っててモヤッたのが、目的地に着いても案内終了にならないこと。目的地の店の駐車場が入れた住所より少し手前だからとかその辺なのかな。ナビタイムはどうやってるのか到着にはなるので、この点も今後の改善に期待です。
COCCHiにレビューをお寄せいただきありがとうございます。 オススメとのお言葉及び案内面でもご評価をいただき大変励みになります。 一方で、UIの操作性及び目的地着後の案内終了に関してご期待に沿えず申し訳ございません。 お寄せいただいたご要望は開発チームに共有いたします。 COCCHiには至らない点がまだございますが、今後もお客様からのご意見・ご要望を元にアップデートをしていく所存でございます。これからも引き続きCOCCHiのご利用をよろしくお願いいたします。


アプリがかなり重いようで、起動ロゴのまま数分間に渡って待たされるのが致命的。 初回起動後、パイオニアのアカウント登録を要求されるので、すぐに使い始めることはできない。 某社がプライバシーポリシーとして、市町村どころか大字までの位置情報を韓国に渡すと名言した今、こちらが真打ちと思うので早期の改善に期待する。
COCCHiにレビューをお寄せいただきありがとうございます。 アプリが重く起動に時間がかかるとのこと、ご不便をおかけし申し訳ございません。 またアカウント登録までの流れについてもご意見をお聞かせいただきありがとうございます。 この度お寄せいただいたご要望は開発チームに共有いたします。 お客様から寄せられたご要望を真摯に受け止め、機能追加・改善の糧にさせていただく所存です。 ご不便をおかけすることもあるかと思いますが、引き続きCOCCHiのご利用をよろしくお願いいたします。