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Anger of stick 5 : zombie Game DESCRIPTION

Stickman Action Game – Anger of Stick 5 : Zombie

A strange group of enemies appeared in the city and captured innocent people to use them as experimental tool. Massive people have turned into zombies. The angry stick man and his friends are the only hope that they can save the town’s people and destroy enemies.

[RPG’s growth elements]
• The level up system through experiences (EXP).
• Get support by 6 reliable friends with different abilities.
• You can request for help up to 3 friends.
• Buy weapons and upgrade to enhance power.

[Game Features]
• You can enjoy both single and zombie mode.
• A variety of movements and realistic actions have been adapted
• Use helicopters and machine guns strategically.
• Buy powerful robots and unleash powerful firepower.
• Realistic effects on characters’ movement and objects are updated.
• It only occupies 30MB to install in your mobile.
• Enjoy its marvelous effects on your old mobile.

※ Data will be initialized when you replace the phone’s terminal or delete the game.


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Stickman Action GameAnger of Stick 5 : Zombie[Scenario]A strange group of enemies appeared in the city and captured innocent people to use them as experimental tool. Massive people have turned into zombies. The angry stick man and his friends are the only hope that they can save the town's people and destroy enemies.[RPG's growth elements]• The level up system through experiences (EXP). • Get support by 6 reliable friends with different abilities.• You can request for help up to 3 friends.• Buy weapons and upgrade to enhance power.[Game Features]• You can enjoy both single and zombie mode.• A variety of movements and realistic actions have been adapted• Use helicopters and machine guns strategically. • Buy powerful robots and unleash powerful firepower. • Realistic effects on characters’ movement and objects are updated.• It only occupies 30MB to install in your mobile.• Enjoy its marvelous effects on your old mobile.※ Data will be initialized when you replace the phone's terminal or delete the game.Homepage: page: Information: For additional support, please contact: E-mail : [email protected]

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An interesting and mind refreshing game to fight stickman with cool weapons, stylish friends and dynamic Mecha Robot. Appreciation for this game must continue till many years, that I mean my most playing and time spending game. Thanks for your hard work!


Awesome 😎 game.The only problem is you can't get more than three friends to help you on any mission, which sucks apart from that the game is very enjoyable.


Honestly fun 5 stars only wish that the zombies where different color and it was a little more realistic IK It's a stick game but bro they all the same and I think costumeable characters would take it to a whole new level.


This game is the best stickman game i ever played.My robot is strong,that big guy is powerful.I hope this game don't be delete in playstore.Omg i have 499,674 coins,just play it😂😂😂😂😂. Check their other game in Cowon. Update:its now 2024 and now i have 32,463,918 coins and i noticed that they changed the name of the game developer studio or something and i really like it a lot thx for reading this.


Great game but please make blood red and expression on hero and enemy face. Add some more actions nd levels. Great gameplay by the way.


Its litreally the best game and it was my childhood game, good to see its still getting updated altho why 4 stars, because there are some ads that say theres only 1 second left but it already ended thus making the game unplayable only when you click the ads.


It should be improved because I had played many times and uninstalled it should be improved because the weapon because when you want to fight the gun should be recharged and upgrade this should be improved


The game is very good but I like to suggest that please add more enemies which are unique or powerful and I also like to suggest that add few more friends with unique power and also if you can add one more robot So If you can add these things it would be the best action game ever.I request you to reply my review


I love the game 🎮 but can you guys put in like a online version of the game it would really be appreciated thank you though this game is just great and worth the time playing I would have given the 5 stars but I really want to play with my friends in this game instead of just sharing the phone so when this is added I will give you the five stars 🌟 so 4 stars for now Love the game keep up the good work and I hope you see to this and good day


Played a ton as a kid, still just as great, currently on a quest to get more friends, could you could add armor or customization for youre character and the friends?


The game is awesome. Nice interface, nice sounds.It is a great game. Only problem is that the ability to buy weapons like guns with gold coins should be added.


This game is great, I like it and the best part is it is an offline game. One thing I don't like about this game is that I defense mode the zombies have gans.


The game is great and I've played it since 2020. If you're looking for action you've definitely got it. But please check on: 1. The firing of weapons which are long in length such as the minigun through walls by enemies especially when fighting in buildings. 2. A confirmation should appear when upgrading weapons as I sometimes press the 'Upgrade' button by mistake and end up losing gems. 3. A feature should be added so that gold can be converted to gems since gems are more rare.


dis is my first time playing it and it got longer and longer to play i really like this game so much its my new favorite game of all of my games but i,am hearing that people wanted a multiplayer to play with friends so i really wanted that too if you want that too click the yes button down there if you like too i,am not begging


This is the best stickman games IVe ever played but I wish there was a multiplayer . To be more fun I,T's epic insane and cool 😎 moves I like it and I will never forget this stickman experience in ma live 🤞


I think this is the best action game I've played on phone... It runs smoothly and has no ads... But I think a little modification could be done on the guns.. Such that they should just aim at the enemy without stressing out. Otherwise it's an awesome👏✊👍 game..


I love the game so much I'm level 54 now I'm easily beating the enemies but the only bug I hate is my lives suddenly dissappear even tho I'm not dying please fix this bug I might be stuck in a random level


It's really fun and cool but I'd like the blood option back instead of water when you hit enemies it'll be more realistic and cool


Cool game but would be good if they add levels from sixty. Also I have accumulated a lot of gold coins with no use since I have fully upgraded my weapons ,, can I exchange for something else??


A very good game for free and combat but there's one thing I don't like it's when we find a enemy with a mini gun they do a lot of damage to our friends or us so please give our hulk more health and add a friend with a mini gun please 💚🟩